At MYKNOWLEDGE ARENA, we have experience working with a number ofclients in a range of market sectors both in Corporate & ...
Our Structured ProgramsEtiquette,Protocol &                                             Service QualityGrooming           ...
SYNOPSIS PROGRAMMESCORPORATE TEAM BUILDINGEach leader must take the opportunity to transform his/her ‘group’ into a ‘team’...
Consultancies                                Entrepreneurial              Strategic          Development              Plan...
glimpes of our programmes
Our Clients:* Perbadanan Usahawan              * Akademi Kastam DirajaNasional Berhad                    Malaysia* United ...
LEAD FACILITATOR               ZULKIFLEE ABDUL LATIFFZulkiflee is the Principal of MyKnowlede Arena . Zulkiflee obtained h...
FACILITATORSULEIMANMA Anthropology & Sociology (Uni. of Malaya) 1980BA Hons. (Uni. Of Malaya) 1974SULEIMAN was a Tutor at ...
FacilitatorMohamad Zaini Bin Hj BadronZaini is a Bachelor of Science in Human Development graduate from University PutraMa...
Profil syarikat (myknowledge arena)
Profil syarikat (myknowledge arena)
Profil syarikat (myknowledge arena)
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Profil syarikat (myknowledge arena)


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Profil syarikat (myknowledge arena)

  1. 1. At MYKNOWLEDGE ARENA, we have experience working with a number ofclients in a range of market sectors both in Corporate & Government. Theseinclude Oil & Gas, Banking, Telcos, Electronic, Medias, Business Consultancy,Professional Services, Manufacturing, Services, Managements, Health andConstruction.We work with clients in developing and delivering learning & developmentsolutions. MYKNOWLEDGE ARENA is an associate members with NUR LEMBAHPANGSUN RESORT GROUP, BAREFOOT INTERNATIONAL, ACTION TEAMCORPORATION SDN BHD, 1ORANGE SDN BHD, ACTION DRIVEN SDN BHD, BUDIANTARA SDN BHD and SIS CONSULTANCY.Our Aims and ValuesWhen we founded the company, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to be,the services we would offer, and how we wanted to establish and developrelationships with our clients.Of course, since then the world, the environment, our clients needs andexpectations and the economic conditions have changed! Like any business wehave evolved and developed but we believe our underlying values and beliefsare as valid today as they were then.Our aspirationTo develop long term learning relationships with our clients and to become amutual learning partner.How do we go about achieving those aims and expectations?It is a reasonable assumption that any business would have an aim of developinglong term client relationships! We understand that this relationship has to beearned. How? We believe by delivering value.Our Value is your learning & development partner … hence;Contributing to the on-going skills and knowledge of the people in our clientsbusinessesContributing to the achievement of our clients business goals and strategies, byensuring that the training and development we deliver is focused, relevant andaligned to their business priorities.
  2. 2. Our Structured ProgramsEtiquette,Protocol & Service QualityGrooming Improvement Program Program (NEW) Leadership & Corporate Team Supervisory Building Development Program Program Our Effective ClericalDevelopment Products Communication Skills Program Program Business Motivational Presentation Programs Skills ProgramMy Personal Personal Success Effectiveness Program Program (NEW)
  3. 3. SYNOPSIS PROGRAMMESCORPORATE TEAM BUILDINGEach leader must take the opportunity to transform his/her ‘group’ into a ‘team’status. When a ‘group’ has been upgraded into a ‘team’ status, then quality,productivity, and the work environment will significantly improve.LEADERSHIP &SUPERVISORY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMEInfluence & Inspire, an element for Leaders. People remain a core asset thatautomation nor machine can yet replace. To gain the competitive edge, thesecritical resources should be developed to its fullest potential systematicallyand in a structured manner.PERSONAL EFFIECTIVENESS PROGRAMMEThe future of every organization depends on its workforce. Organizations cannotsurvive if their workforce is not willing to adapt and adopt the strategies andexpectations designed to handle the economic and business challenges. Thisprogramme is aimed to train participants to critically analyse how the currentbusiness scenario might affect their organization, career, and personal life.MY PERSONAL SUCCESS PROGRAMMEPlay more positive roles by understanding and supporting newstrategies - policies - plans introduced by the company to overcomethe present economic situationCLERICAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMEThis programme touches important aspects of organizational excellence. Anyorganization would like to have its expectations of vision, mission, objectives andstrategies cascaded down to its staff efficiently and effectively. However this needsgood systems and people in the organization to play their roles in making theexpectations met. BUSINESS PRESENTATION SKILLSImage builds power, acceptance and respect. Life is full of moments when you don’tknow exactly what to do & become more confident when communicating with othersespecially when you are required to present in public. Besides learning how tomanage relationships, you will learn also how to properly structure yourpresentations, how to use visual aids, gestures and speaking postures using our 5-point approach.SERVICE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMMETo understand the organization’s challenges, vision, objectives & core values,and to create a new service mindset among the frontline staff.To internalize the importance of having the Service Mindsets in ‘Enriching &Delighting Guest Experience’. MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME Maintain high motivation level at all time and a self starter. Take a pro-active measures in anticipating its adverse impact to personal, family and organization. ETTIQUETTE , PROTOCOL & GROOMING PROGRAMME The mannerism; Good Manners; Protocol; Custom, & culture. Protocol - Personal Matters & Political Inclination, Religion and Organizational Regulations. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAMME To understand the importance of effective communication in an organisation and To come up with personal improvement plan to enable each person to increase his effectiveness.
  4. 4. Consultancies Entrepreneurial Strategic Development Planning Domestic Our Training Needs AnalysisInquiries & Dismissal Products Service Executives & Excellence Supervisory Interventions Development (NEW)
  5. 5. glimpes of our programmes
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  8. 8. Our Clients:* Perbadanan Usahawan * Akademi Kastam DirajaNasional Berhad Malaysia* United Engineers Malaysia * Dewan Bandaraya Kuala* Permodalan Nasional Berhad Lumpur* Pos Malaysia Bhd * Syarikat Perumahan Pegawai* PUSPAKOM Kerajaan (SPPK)* KTM Berhad * KEJORA* Alam Flora Sdn Bhd * Bank Negara Malaysia* Motorsikal & Enjin Nasional * Kementerian PerdaganganBhd (MODENAS) Dalam Negeri & Hal* Heitech Padu Berhad Ehwal Pengguna* Software Alliance * Kementerian Pembangunan* Malaysian Agriculture Resarch Luarbandar& Dev. Institute * PERDA* FELDA Palm Industries Sdn * SOCSOBhd * Lembaga Getah Malaysia* MARA Holding Bhd * Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan* Transnasional Express Berhad Malaysia* Harlow’s Malaysia Sdn Bhd * Lembaga Koko Malaysia* ABF Sdn Bhd * Jabatan Perancangan Bandar &* Arab-Malaysian Finance DesaBerhad * KEMAS* Institut Jantung Negara * Badan Pencegah Rasuah* PETRONAS Dagangan * Yayasan Pahang* PETRONAS Carigali • Kementerian Kesihatan, IMR* Dorsett Regency Hotel • MISC Bhd* Econlink Sdn Bhd • Prasarana Bhd* Martell (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd • Bank Muaamalat* Matshusita Electronics (M) Sdn • CARSEM Sdn BhdBhd • TH Properties* Matshusita HRD Centre • I & P Sdn Bhd* Toshiba Electronics (M) Sdn • Paycomm Sdn BhdBhd • Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd* Omron (M) Sdn Bhd • CIMB Bank* SIPRO Plastics Sdn Bhd • SME Bank* Metraplas Industries Sdn Bhd • JKR HQ* EP Polymers (M) Sdn Bhd* Island & Peninsular and still growing !!!!* Kolej Yayasan Melaka* Persatuan Usahanita Malaysia* Malaysian Tobacco CompanyBhd
  9. 9. LEAD FACILITATOR ZULKIFLEE ABDUL LATIFFZulkiflee is the Principal of MyKnowlede Arena . Zulkiflee obtained his first degree, BA (Hons) inMass Communications (Journalism) from MARA University of Technology and his Master’s inHuman Resource Development (Training & Development) from Putra University of Malaysia. The firstdegree and Masters degree was done during his working career.He began his working career as a Second Lieutenant. Working his way through the ranks, he wassubsequently promoted to Major and transferred to several Air Bases throughout the country. Amongthe Air Bases were; Kolej Tentera Udara (Alor Setar), RMAF Basic Training Center (Ipoh), KuantanAir Base, Subang Air Base, Kuala Lumpur Air Base and RMAF Headquarters.Zulkiflee joined the Royal Malaysian Air Force in 1992, a Malaysian Defence Force involved inManagement, Training & Development and Lecturing. It was during handling Public RelationsOfficers for the RMAF, Zulkiflee discovered that his true passion was for human capital development& Public Relations and was quickly entrusted to oversee the RMAF’s human resource training, publicrelations issues and administrative functions. Zulkiflee is a firm believer that a key function of thehuman resource department is to be able to unlock and realize each employee’s true and maximumpotential through human capital development. After leaving the RMAF, Zulkiflee lectured for theNational Service students in Gender and Culture programs for one year before joining FocusLearning.Zulkiflee was with Focus Learning over two years. Zulkiflee brings into his classes his prior exposureto the training world together with his wealth of experience in the field of human resource and training& development thus giving him the ability to make complex or technical information easy tounderstand, particularly with groups who have varying levels of knowledge hence offers andpresents a nicely balanced perspective to his participants. With a wide list of clients being facilitatedby Zulkiflee, from MISC Bhd, ABF Sdn Bhd, Bintulu Ports Bhd, Paycomm Sdn Bhd, SME Bank, CIMBGroup, Bank Muamallat, JKR, Ministry of Health (IMR), CARSEM Sdn Bhd, Elekrik Sola (M) SdnBhd, Perodua Sdn Bhd, Island & Peninsular Sdn Bhd, TH Properties, Prasarana Bhd and manymore.Zulkiflee is typically invited to conduct programs on Management, Public Relations, Gender andCulture programs for the Royal Malaysian Air Force, the National Service and Focus Learning.Currently, Zulkiflee has vast experience in over 12 soft skills programmes, namely Corporate TeamBuilding, Leadership & Supervisory Development, Motivational, Effective Communication Skills,Business Presentation Skills & Service Excellence.
  10. 10. FACILITATORSULEIMANMA Anthropology & Sociology (Uni. of Malaya) 1980BA Hons. (Uni. Of Malaya) 1974SULEIMAN was a Tutor at the University of Malaya before joining the Prime MinistersDepartment as a Research Coordinator and later spent almost 8 years as a Trainingand Research Consultant at the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN).He was serving Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as the Management Training Controller whenhe appointed a Resident Trainer with Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad(PUNB) and MARA Holding.SULEIMAN is also a Licensed Instructor for Kepner-Tregoe’s Problem Solving &Decision Making Workshop and owns a Professional Instructor’s Certificate from IATA(Geneva).SULEIMAN’s major interests include Organisational Development, Human Behaviourand Motivation, Teambuilding and Counseling.He had conducted many training programs for both the private and public sectorsincluding Permodalan Nasional Berhad, Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad,United Engineers Malaysia, Pos Malaysia Bhd, KTM Berhad, PUSPAKOM, Alam FloraSdn Bhd, Motorsikal & Enjin Nasional Bhd (MODENAS), Heitech Padu Berhad,PETRONAS Dagangan, Martell (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Matshusita Electronics (M) SdnBhd, Matshusita HRD Centre, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs,Ministry of Youth and Sports, and many others.
  11. 11. FacilitatorMohamad Zaini Bin Hj BadronZaini is a Bachelor of Science in Human Development graduate from University PutraMalaysia. Began his career in the training field, he’s involved in training management andcoordination for various corporate training programs. His passion in studying the mind andlearning technologies have earned him the confidence in delivering training and helpedhim improve his skills in developing programs.Zaini managed to work closely with international speakers such as Roy Ashworth ofSCQuARE International, Valentina Stolar of Aspire International and Steven Lesser ofInfoWorks International. With this exposure he continues to focus on improvinghimself in developing and delivering training modules on Personal Development, ServiceExcellence, Creativity & Innovation, Leadership and Teambuilding.With his experience of more than 10 years, Zaini has been delivering training for Personal &Professional Development, Leadership & Supervisory, Creativity & Innovation, ServiceExcellence and Teambuilding for various levels of staff. Zaini’s impactful, dynamic and livelydelivery won the heart of clients such as AIROD, Securities Commission, Malaysia AirportsHoldings Berhad, Petronas Management Training Academy (PERMATA), Institut JantungNegara (IJN), Bank Pertanian Malaysia, Saujana Consolidated, International IslamicUniversity of Malaysia, Syarikat Air Terengganu (SATU) and Radicare.In the international arena, he had conducted training sessions with PT Bank BuanaIndonesia Tbk (BBI) and Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) which have benefited from hisvast knowledge in Service Excellence Program. With his sound people and managementexposure, he managed to blend the two disciplines effectively and relate it to the actualbusiness practice.A certified trainer with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB). For the record, hewas also appointed as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Service Excellence Programduring his career with Focus Learning Corporation Sdn Bhd. (2002-2008). 14