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Social Web - Unconference Session @ MinneWebCon09
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Social Web - Unconference Session @ MinneWebCon09


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Social Web: An unconference session by Meg Canada and Mykl Roventine …

Social Web: An unconference session by Meg Canada and Mykl Roventine
Presented at MinneWebCon - April 6, 2009

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • Wikipedia: The social web can be described as people interlinked and interacting with engaging content in a conversational and participatory manner via the Internet.Since social web applications are built to encourage communication between people, they typically emphasize some combination of the following social attributes:Identity: who are you?Reputation: what do people think you stand for?Presence: where are you?Relationships: who are you connected with? who do you trust?Groups: how do you organize your connections?Conversations: what do you discuss with others?Sharing: what content do you make available for others to interact with?In 1998 the term \"Social Web\" was introduced in an article by Peter Hoschka in a related context to describe the shift from using computers and the web as simple cooperation tools to using the computer as a social medium.
  • blurring of lines between networksfinding solution for aggregating content from disparate networksWikipedia:The concept of Social Web as a future network - Instead of linking documents, the Social Web will link people, organizations, and concepts.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Web An unconference session by Meg Canada and Mykl Roventine MinneWebCon - April 6, 2009 Photo by the waving cat on Flickr
    • 2. What is the social web? Photo by alexkess on Flickr
    • 3. Source: Comscore,, TechCrunch, November 2008
    • 4. Source: RapLeaf study July 2008
    • 5. Is the traditional web still relevant? Photo by zen on Flickr
    • 6. Source: Nielsen Online March 2009
    • 7. Source: Techrigy SM2 March 2009
    • 8. How can organizations interact on a social web designed for individuals? Photo by billaday on Flickr
    • 9. What is the changing role of designers and developers in the social web? Photo by Bluedrakon on Flickr
    • 10. How is open source driving the social web? Will this continue? Photo by mag3737 on Flickr
    • 11. What is the future of the social web? Photo by Vermin Inc on Flickr
    • 12. Our contact info Mykl Roventine Meg Canada Blog: Blog: Twitter: @myklroventine Twitter: @megcanada FriendFeed: /myklroventine FriendFeed: /megcanada Extendr: myklroventine Extendr: megcanada