15 Essential WordPress Plugins (and 5 That Will Just Blow Your Mind)


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Plugins are the power under WordPress’ hood. Are you using the latest and greatest? In this session you’ll get a rundown of 15 must-have plugins and why they’re important. You’ll also discover 5 more that go from essential to mind-blowing. Presented at Minnesota Blogger Conference 2012.

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  • There are many plugins but few of them are necessary sometimes . But these plugins shared here are really very necessary . . Thanks for sharing such nice plugins here
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15 Essential WordPress Plugins (and 5 That Will Just Blow Your Mind)

  1. Photo: j / f / photos on Flickr
  2. Photo: jrbrubaker on Flickr
  3. My Assumptions (And yes, I know the risk)•  You have great taste in session choice•  You know what a WordPress plugin is•  You know how to install & activate one•  You’re not here to hear about wordpress.com or multisite installs
  4. “Plugins are really the heart and soul of WordPress for many people.” - Matt Mullenweg
  5. But…which onesshould you use?
  6. Best WordPress Plugins 31,400,000 resultsEssential WordPress Plugins 1,770,000 resultsMust Have WordPress Plugins 6,280,000 resultsVital WordPress Plugins 1,660,000 resultsDesert Island WordPress Plugins 2,170,000 results Source: Google search results 9/22/12
  7. It’s ridiculously subjective Photos: dev null & waltarrrrron Flickr
  8. “The WordPress plugins you can’t live without are the WordPress plugins you can’t live without.” - Lorelle VanFossen, Lorelle on WordPress
  9. WP Plugin Search Results default to relevance
  10. My CriteriaI’ve included plugins that:•  I have used (or someone I trust has)•  solve a specific problem or meet a need•  are updated & supported•  are easy to use & configure•  are free (for the most part)
  11. Plugin Directory Plugins in the “official” directory are only bydevelopers who have agreed to play by the rules
  12. Updates toDirectory Listings Spring 2012
  13. Updates toDirectory Listings Spring 2012
  14. Do Your Homework•  Check compatibility•  Last updated•  Rating•  Support
  15. How Many is Too Many?Depends on if your plugins:•  Are extremely large•  Utilize 3rd party resources•  Are out dated or poorly coded
  16. Beware ofObsolescenceKnow when to say goodbye
  17. Keep WordPress Updated
  18. Keep WordPress UpdatedEven minor versions. They contain bug fixes and security patches.
  19. Keep YourPlugins Updated
  20. Or else… Photo: kevin.is.a.sadpanda.eu
  21. Changelog TabMakes it easy to view what has changed in new version
  22. 1. AkismetDuh, right? But it is vital.
  23. 2. WordPress SEO by YoastSEO smart so you don’t always have to be
  24. 3. ShareThisClean, simple sharing + analytics
  25. 4. After the Deadline Spelling, style & grammar police
  26. 5. Yet AnotherRelated Posts PluginEncourage deeper dives into your content
  27. 6. WP-PageNaviPage navigation as it should have been
  28. 7. Social Media WidgetAll your social links, all in one place
  29. 8. BackUpWordPress Um… backs up your stuff
  30. 8b. VaultpressAlternate premium option ($15+)
  31. 9. WP-DBManager Database care & maintenance
  32. 10. Contact Form 7 Easy, feature-rich, submission options,3rd party integration/add-ons, customizable
  33. 10b. Gravity Forms Alternate premium option ($39)
  34. 11. Find ReplaceBecause sometimes you need to
  35. 12. RedirectionQuick, easy, can be a life-saver
  36. 13. GoogleAnalyticatorStats on your dashboard
  37. 14. Maintenance Mode In case of emergency, activate plugin
  38. 15. Easing SliderSimple, easy, clean slider solution
  39. Photo: jrbrubaker on Flickr
  40. +1: liveblogMake any post a liveblog, viewers get new entries instantly & automatically with no refresh
  41. +2: editorial calendar Drag & drop post scheduling
  42. +3: widget contextShow or hide widgets based on page/post type
  43. +4: wp google fonts Crazy easy to add & use Google fonts
  44. +5: fluid video embeds YouTube auto-embed fix, full-width
  45. Now It’s Your Turn What are your favorites? Which do you hate?Need other recommendations? Have questions? Photo: a2gemma on Flickr
  46. Thank you! Mykl Roventine designer of things myklroventine.com @myklroventine Headshot: Glimpses of Soul Photography