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Unwrapping Tumblr for PR Writers at Marquette University
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Unwrapping Tumblr for PR Writers at Marquette University


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Tumblr tutorial and tips for public relations students at Marquette University.

Tumblr tutorial and tips for public relations students at Marquette University.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Unwrapping Tumblr with ADPR 3600: PR Writing at Marquette University Jan. 24, 2013@myklnovak • •
  • 2. MU Class of ’92Marquette Journal staff photo • Source: ’92 Hilltop
  • 3. 20 years with Marquette MU Public Relations writer/editor from 1992-96
  • 4. 20 years with Marquette Currently: IT ServicesWeb Development Manager atMarquette University
  • 5. OverviewI. What is Tumblr?II. Posting on TumblrIII. Engaging on TumblrIV. 12 tips for writers
  • 6. $1,000 Jeopardy! clue (Dec. 16, 2011)
  • 7. I: What is Tumblr?• Place to “follow the world’s creators.”• “Tumblr makes it effortless to share anything you find or create.”
  • 8. So what’s Tumblr really?• “...a digital incubator for all things visually stunning.” (Christine Erickson,• “...a swirl of photographs, songs, inside jokes, animated cartoons and virtual warm fuzzies.” (Jeff Bercovici, Forbes)• “...the Lost and Found Department of the entire Internet.” (• “...the end of your social life.” (
  • 9. Easy posting
  • 10. Easy sharing
  • 11. Blogging hybrid longer posts scheduling multimedia pagesfollowers templates timeline tags retweets replies favorites
  • 12. Tumblr public view
  • 13. Undercover Tumblr
  • 14. Dashboard (dash) view
  • 15. Tumblr’s public dash
  • 16. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 17. Who’s on Tumblr?llbeanpr.tumblr.comWITHA BEANSLANT Image source:
  • 18. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 19. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 20. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 21. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 22. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 23. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 24. Who’s on Tumblr?
  • 25. 100+ Media Tumblrs
  • 26. Brands on Tumblrs
  • 27. Your favorite Tumblrs?
  • 28. Demographics• Top 15 websites in U.S. ranked 13th by• #2 U.S. mobile website• 56% female, 44% male• Especially attracts ages 18 to 24• College educated audienceSource:
  • 29. Tumblr hyperactivity 41.4 billion total posts on Tumblr 91.1 million total blogs
  • 30. Google search trends“Tumblr” surpassed “blog” as a Google search term in Dec. 2012 Google Trends:
  • 31. Tumblr culture“The core of Tumblr‟s „social‟ experience is how people consume and share content based on their interests, rather than through a conversation with their social circles.” (emphasis mine) — Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch
  • 32. Why Tumblr for Writers • Post your own stories and other’s stories • Mine Tumblr for story ideas • Engage your readers (Tumblr followers) • Connect with other writers on Tumblr • Group blogs allow multiple authors
  • 33. PR uses for Tumblr?
  • 34. Chronicle Books contest Tag:
  • 35. Marquette Tumblrs
  • 36. Curate/report news VictorJacobo
  • 37. Write
  • 38. Answer
  • 39. Post photo essays
  • 40. Go free-form/creative
  • 41. Cover a beat
  • 42. Seek/promote testimonials
  • 43. Other MU Tumblrs?
  • 44. II: Posting to Tumblr
  • 45. The Dash• Read posts• Post stuff• Interact
  • 46. Use top-right cornerIn dash...• Hover over a post’s top- right corner for date/time• Click to view post page
  • 47. Access Blog Settings• From dash, click Settings icon• In the left column, click your blog’s name
  • 48. Blog Settings• Upload your avatar photo to replace...• Replies – I suggest checking both: • Allow replies from people you follow. • Allow replies from people following you for more than 2 weeks.• Ask – I check “Let people ask questions” but I do not check “Allow anonymous questions”• Set the time zone (MU is GMT -6:00)
  • 49. 7 types of postsChoose wisely. Once selected, you cannot switch post types. If text should be a photo, you will need start a new post.
  • 50. Image driven of original posts are photos Source:, 11/14/11
  • 51. GIF: Word of the Year (as picked by Oxford American Dictionary)
  • 52. New feature: Panoramas
  • 53. Photo uploads• 10 MB limit for most images• Animated GIF limit is 1 MB• Use JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP• 500 by 700 pixel default for dash• 1280 by 1920 pixel limit for larger version
  • 54. 1. Posting a photo Click Photo
  • 55. Upload photo form
  • 56. Photopost Add caption (optional, but do it) Tag it (optional, but do it)
  • 57. Set URL (optional, but do it)Photopost
  • 58. Dashresult
  • 59. Blogresult
  • 60. Photoset Add multiple photos to a single post and arrange
  • 61. 2. Text post Click Text
  • 62. Text Post form
  • 63. Textpostingoptions
  • 64. Compose text post
  • 65. Styling the post italic (Ctrl-I insert/ number bullet block edit or ⌘I) edit link list list quote HTML bold strike- unlink read upload spell(Ctrl-B through more image checkor ⌘B) break
  • 66. Upload photo in text1. Place 2. Click & select photo cursor at insert
  • 67. Photo inserted
  • 68. “Read More” break read more break• If your all-text post fills more than your whole screen (5+ paragraphs), consider using the “Read More” break.• After your compelling intro text, the “read more” break offers a link to more.• It’s optional but good Tumblr etiquette.
  • 69. “Read More” break1. Place cursor at insert 2. Click “read more”
  • 70. “Read More” break 3. Read more break appears
  • 71. Set URL & photo reply Click gear Set URL Photo reply (optional)
  • 72. Tag the postAdd tags
  • 73. Tag the post• No pound sign needed; Tumblr adds the #• Spaces allowed in tags• Comma or return after each tag• No hyphens in tags• Search tags from dashboard or use a URL like
  • 74. Save draft
  • 75. Share draft for feedback • From your Drafts page, click the upper right corner to access an unpublished draft page. • Copy the URL of the resulting draft blog page and send it to someone for review. • Reviewer cannot make changes. After the post is published, that URL stops working.
  • 76. Where are my drafts? only appears if you have drafts
  • 77. From Drafts, let’s publish
  • 78. Textpost, Image is 125 px wide;dash must click to enlargeview Note“read more” link
  • 79. Textpost,blog view Full image appears Note “read more” link
  • 80. Text post, page view
  • 81. 3. Quote post“Be ignited,or be gone.” (Mary Oliver)
  • 82. 4. Link post
  • 83. 5. Chat postOverheard at Brew Cudahy Cafe:Barista #1: I’m really tired.Barista #2: You work in a coffee shop.Do something about it.
  • 84. 6. Audio post• One audio upload per day• MP3s only with 10MB limit• Toll-free number to record
  • 85. 7. Video post• Embed YouTube or Vimeo by URL• Upload 5 minutes of video per day• 100MB max per video file upload
  • 86. Post options • I mean, right now • Stagger your posts • Schedule your posts • Stockpile your posts • Only you or group members • See preview
  • 87.
  • 88. Pages• For FAQ, about, résumé or resource content• Followers cannot like or reblog pages• To create pages... • On public blog, click (usually upper right) • Scroll down the left column to Pages (click to open) • Click “+ Add a page” • Resembles text post creation
  • 89. III: Engaging on TumblrNotes• Reblog• Like• Reply• Answer
  • 90. Reblog• Before Twitter’s retweet, there was reblog• Quickly shares what you love on Tumblr• Creates a copy to your Tumblr blog• Allows you to add your own comments• Attributes to the original author• Adds to notes on the original post• Notifies author on dashboard (if set)
  • 91. Why reblog?• Share other’s ideas, stories and images• Strike a balance: creating vs. curating• Add your own comments and images• Engages followers; converts non-followers• Founder/CEO David Karp saw it as a more thoughtful way of engaging online...
  • 92. Visit the David Karp video link below.Start at the 8-minute mark and go for 4 minutes.
  • 93. Reblog from dashboard click here
  • 94. Reblog from blog page click here
  • 95. Reblogformappears If you like,add your comments here Add your tags here Click reblog post
  • 96. Reblogging longer text Tumblr maytruncate longer text posts to a link post to save space on truncated herethe dashboard. But you want the whole post...
  • 97. Reblogging longer text Click here to change reblog type
  • 98. Reblogging longer text Click here to change from link to text
  • 99. Like• Marks what you like from Tumblr• Similar to Twitter favorites• Does NOT create a post on your blog• Adds to Notes on the original post• Likes may appear in a sidebar or link (if set)• Notifies author on dashboard (if set)
  • 100. Reply• Replies to your posts are off by default• Can allow replies from people you follow• Can allow replies from those following you for more than two weeks• For comments, use DISQUS add-on:
  • 101. Reply to a post• Reply to those you follow• Click Reply icon on dashboard posts• 250 character limit
  • 102. Answer a questionSeen in dash: a question post with answer box
  • 103. Making a question post• Start a text, photo, link, audio or video post• End a text post, headline or a caption with “?”• The ? prompts this option on the right• Check “Let people answer this”• Creates a question post with answer box
  • 104. Submit stuff to others
  • 105. Bowl of Real Chili in 1980: $1.40; Today: $5.74
  • 106. Ask others a question • Click avatar, ask link or go to /ask • 500-character limit;10 asks/hour • No web or email addresses • No “sent items” folder
  • 107. Send Fan Mail
  • 108. About Fan Mail• Must follow for 48 hours to send Fan Mail• Click mail icon in upper right of blog home (or click the avatar on the dashboard)• Unlike asks, Fan Mail allows URLs• Limit of 500 Fan Mails per day• Fan Mail cannot be disabled, but you can ignore the user to stop unwanted messages
  • 109. Your Inbox• Watch for the new message indicator• Inbox gathers asks and fan mail• Settings > Email > New Messages for alert• Fan Mail responses go to their Inbox• For asks, either publish response to your blog or answer privately to their Inbox
  • 110. Tie to Twitter/Facebook1. Set up in Blog Settings 2. Select when posting Integrates to Facebook’s Timeline, News Feed and Ticker. Shares replies and likes on Timeline.
  • 111. Promote this post Be careful with promoted posts;not all Tumblr followers like them.
  • 112. Pinned PostPinned posts stay at the top of follower’s dash for 24 hours or until unpinned.
  • 113. Highlighted PostHighlighted posts put a flag (“Answer this!”) next to the post on the dashboard.
  • 114. Following• Follow accounts that fit your interests• Click in the upper right of blog• On the dashboard, click + to follow
  • 115. Following suggestions• Spotlight: 55 categories• Storyboard:• Media Tumblrs:• Marquette Roster:
  • 116. Seedy side of Tumblr• Spam likes or reblogs (use “ignore”)• Beware of phishing for Tumblr logins• F-bombs, even on official Tumblr stuff• F***yeah blogs (100,000+ blogs)
  • 117. Tumblr loves bacon!26 F***yeah bacon blogs, as of Apr. 2012
  • 118. Check archive, likes
  • 119. Track topics with tags• Tracked tags on upper-right of dash• Search for tag• Results show a button• Click to track tag• Limited to 20 tags
  • 120. Curated tags (news)
  • 121. IV: 12 Tips for Writers
  • 122. 1. Identify yourself
  • 123. 2. Stick with a blog name
  • 124. 3. Add visuals to stories
  • 125. 4. The Tag Advantage• Only 10% of Tumblr users tag• Surfaces content for others• Focus on the first five tags Top 10 tags on postmarq
  • 126. 5. Consider length
  • 127. 6. Formatting matters• We read text 25% slower on screen than on paper.• Use subheads to emphasize your points and create a clean, visual structure.• Making several points? Consider a list.
  • 128. 7. Post often but stagger• Post too often and you may receive less notes• Post infrequently and you may not gain a following• study: One post per day
  • 129. 8. Post in the p.m.
  • 130. Tumblr prime times
  • 131. 9. Link your related posts 1. McCormick Hall 2. Mashuda Hall 3. Cobeen Hall 4. Abbottsford Hall 5. O’Donnell Hall 6. Carpenter Tower
  • 132. 10. Get Google Analytics Learn how at
  • 133. 11. Find a blogging niche
  • 134. 12. “Write about what you care about and do it often.Build up a portfolio of work. Eventually, if your work isgood, someone will notice, and if they don‟t, start pitching it to places and people you respect.”— Anthony De Rosa (
  • 135. Questions?
  • 136. Thanks! • @myklnovak •