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Virtual Resume

  1. 1. HEY THERE! Hi THERE! HO THERE! My name is Kristin Esteves And this is an extension of my resume!
  2. 2. UCLA’s I recently graduated from For the two years I’ve been learning about how people learn and teaching Kinder, second, and third grades. I am wrote my Master’s Inquiry on how to best teach English Language Learners the craft of writing. I also took an Immersive Entertainment Design class taught by the head of Disney Imagineering. Graduate Education Program GO BRUINS!
  3. 3. I’ve realized that while I enjoy education in the classroom, what I am really passionate about is the role of storytelling and design in informing, entertaining and motivating people. And being a part of the creative process in that mission.
  4. 4. Before UCLA, I lived in Shanghai, China for 15 months. Where I fell in love with Chinese culture, Chinese language ( 中文 ), and Chinese food. 我爱 上海
  5. 5. And it’s where I taught these wonderful kids at Disney English.
  6. 6. And before this, I got really lucky. I was hired as a roadie by PBS series “Roadtrip Nation”, and I started off by traveling all over the United States. 7000 miles, 6 weeks and 3 days of promoting.
  7. 7. During this 7000 mile loop I did over 25 speaking events at college campuses, drove a 38 foot RV, and conducted documentary style interviews for Roadtrip Nation. After I came back from this trip, Roadtrip Nation hired me full time to run the educational grant program. In short, I empowered and taught college students to film documentary shorts to be produced as web content and short television pieces.
  8. 8. Other jobs held at Roadtrip Nation included: I was a Casting Coordinator for the PBS Series. I assisted in the creation of Roadtrip Nation educational material. I Was featured in educational videos and books. I was a part of the team that handled the marketing and outreach campaigns.
  9. 9. Even before all that, I got one of my dream jobs. I was a Disneyland Guest Relations Hostess and Tour Guide. - Yes, that’s me. - I was also a Disney University Trainer. - I also facilitated the Youth Education Series tour on Physics at California Adventure. Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour | Segway Tour | Holiday Tour | VIP Tour Guide | Guest Relations duties
  10. 10. Cal State Monterey Bay And even earlier than all this, I went to Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Human Communications and a minor in Communications Design Like I said earlier, I’ve always been curious about how we inform and communicate with each other through different media. I wrote a long thesis on Disneyland for my capstone project. I attached an excerpt for you to browse at your leisure. GO OTTERS!
  12. 12. PHOTOGRAPHY and TRAVEL I am innately curious and love to see new people, places and things. Here are some photos from my adventures. Everest Valley, Nepal London, UK
  13. 13. Goofy,Disneyland,CALosAngeles,CA KingsCross,London Pumori,Nepal
  14. 14. Shanghai, China London, UK Disneyland, USA, CA
  15. 15. Shanghai, China Mono Lake, CA You can view more of my photography at My Flickr just search my username: myjedilightsaber
  16. 16. Concept Development, Information, and Graphic Design Last year at UCLA, I had the opportunity to participate in the second quarter of the “Imagineering” class. I lead my team on concept development for a immersive design project titled “Nexus 24”. I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder, and felt prouder. Here is a poster I designed, and some of the speaking points I wrote for this project. On December15th, we realized what livingwithoutenergy could be like.And our group understands the importancethatNexus plays inourdaily lives. We know what Nexus needs is to connect it's consumers. Makethem realizehow importantenergy is. To rebuild theirtrustinNexus, and know that afterthe events ofDecember15th, Nexus is ready to help makea positive changeintheglobalcommunity.And thatthis willredefine the nexus brand and image in the public's eye. In response we present Nexus24.It is a 24 hourendurance event thatis being held in 24 cities on November24, 2012. It willbringawareness to participantsaboutenergy poverty, and allow them to interact withenergy ina unique, positive, and entertaining environment. The participants willstay engaged witheach other, with Nexus and ourpartners, all while stayingawake throughthe whole event.
  17. 17. Illustration, Vector Art, and Graphic Design Print Design
  18. 18. So, when it comes down to it... I am sharing this with you because I’d like to use my past experiences, my skills, my interests, and hobbies to work with The Walt Disney Company. I think we’d work well together. If you think so too, feel free to contact me at my: E-mail: Thank you for your time!