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 Beat Recession With SharePoint Link
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Beat Recession With SharePoint Link


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SharePoint Link is best software for email management, email tracking, email achieving. You can use it like a email manager.

SharePoint Link is best software for email management, email tracking, email achieving. You can use it like a email manager.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. SharePoint Link Itopia
  • 2. SharePoint Link SharePoint Link is e-mail management softwarefor businesses of all sizes. SharePoint Linkseamlessly integrates Microsoft Outlook &Microsoft SharePoint, allowing users to map anyMicrosoft SharePoint location to their MicrosoftOutlook email client. Executives & middlemanagement can view Business Intelligence (BI)& Key Performance Indicators (KPI) directlyfrom Microsoft Outlook.
  • 3. Saves Time & Increases User ProductivitySharePoint Link helps your employees save time.Simple tasks such as saving emails and attachments canbe reduced from 7-10 steps down to 1 step. Relocatingdocuments and emails is also easier, allowing for fasterrevisions and quicker time to market for projects.Managers and C-level executives can see KeyPerformance Indicators (KPIs) and other BusinessIntelligence (BI) reporting pages in one location,without having to log in and out multiple times andnavigating to multiple locations & directories to locatethe information.
  • 4. Lower Total Cost Of OwnershipSharePoint Link helps reduce your total cost of ownership forEmail servers by helping reduce the total email server size.SharePoint Link provides a simple way for users to move emailcontent from email servers to a content management system.Space is freed up on email servers, making it easier to managethem and saving businesses money for operating them. Emailservers are typically expensive as they often have complexarchitecting and implementation usually on top of high endhardware for performance reasons. Increasing demand andstorage of large volumes of user emails lead to increased costsdue to support, maintenance, upgrades and migrations.
  • 5. Maximizes Sharepoint & Outlook ROIBusinesses that already have SharePoint & Outlook inplace are looking for ways to get the most out of theirinvestments. SharePoint Link’s seamless integration ofSharePoint & Outlook allows businesses to re-utilizetheir existing investment and resources in SharePointand Outlook. Businesses can implement more businessprocesses that they weren’t able to previouslyimplement, increasing business efficiency, with existingresources, thus maximizing their return on investment(ROI) in SharePoint & Outlook.
  • 6. Improves Collaboration & OrganizationTeam members can have centralized access to emailsand documents for projects. Users can better organizeemails and documents for a given project, while addingtheir own user field data such as comments. Teammembers can then spend less time forwarding everyonemultiple emails or documents, instead moving thecontent to one shared location with the appropriatecomments. Other team members can then quicklyknow which emails from clients requested projectchanges and managers can stay on top of both emailsand project documents from everyone in one location.
  • 7. Better Data Retention for Legal & Financial Auditing SharePoint Link aides in legal and financial auditing policies, helping organizations save time and money. Users can save emails and documents related to specific projects in the respective project site. Litigation costs can be very high because document discovery can be a lengthy process requiring many business resources. By storing all the email and documents together, legal audits can be simplified to one location containing all artifacts, thus significantly saving time and resources. Similarly, users can keep track of all receipts for expense reimbursement, whether paper based or online transactions and store them in the appropriate location.
  • 8. Contact USFor More Information Call us: 212-366-5040.Visit us: www.myitopia.comFor Latest News Read Our