Ravi's portfolio # 11 eukanuba, an integrated, digital, social media campaign, myintuition@yahoo.com

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  • 1. EUKANUBA ‘STAR QUALITY’This is a promotional campaign that also serves as a brand campaign.It has a direct response component, a promotional component and a presscomponent. The campaign also serves to capture data and to form the beginningof an on-line community for the brand.A case study for the work of Ravi Prasad.
  • 2. AN INTEGRATED DIGITAL AND OFF-LINE PROMOTION FOR EKANUBA.The strategy was to build an on-line community around this pet food brand.I created 6 promotional concepts, with each promotion lasting for two months and the whole campaignlasting for one year.Entry into the promotions required consumers to create content – however the creation of contentwas not to be a complex exercise, the idea was to make participation simple.Press ads, banners and point of sale directed consumers to a micro site. At the micro site they enteredand permission to market was acquired.We also made it easy for the consumer to involve other consumers, friends or family – using a ‘friend-get-friend mechanic’.The nature of the promotions, their creative direction, was dictated by qualitative research whichindicated the kind of prizes and interaction that consumers would most likely participate in.Once acquired, the consumers would then be bought into the on-going CRM activity.The promotion served to drive sales, build brand and to also grow a database. The nature of thepromotions providing a platform for a user generated content based community.The next page contains two press ads for one of the promotions.
  • 3. The next page contains a point of sale poster for the same promotion.
  • 4. The next two pages contain images of the landing pages for two more promotions in the series.
  • 5. For this campaign I did the strategy, developed the creative concepts, provided creative direction and did my ownart direction. The lovely design was from the talented Errol who was at the time a designer at Triad.
  • 6. END. THANK YOU.For more information contact Ravi PrasadEmail: myintuition@yahoo.comTwitter: @myintuitionAustralian mobile: 0414 235 325Credits for the Eukanuba campaign:Ravi PrasadStrategy planning, content, communications and digital strategy.Company Credits: TriadCreative Team: Errol at Triad, Ravi PrasadCreative Developers/ Triad Studio