Food Safety in China
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Food Safety in China



Food safety is a major concern in China. How can people optimize their health? As a family medicine doctor in China for 5 years, I've often discussed food safety on my blog at ...

Food safety is a major concern in China. How can people optimize their health? As a family medicine doctor in China for 5 years, I've often discussed food safety on my blog at Here, I offer my insights and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle.



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Food Safety in China Food Safety in China Presentation Transcript

  • Food Safety In ChinaRichard Saint Cyr MDGroup Director of Clinical Marketing & Communications, UFHFamily Medicine Doctor – Beijing United Family HospitalBlog: myhealthbeijing.comWeibo:
  • About Me Family Medicine doctor From USA Here for 5 years My clinic: 北京和睦家医院
  • My Blog:
  • Food Safety: The Main Problems Bacteria • Infections • Food poisoning Chemicals & Pesticides • Cause cancer? • Endocrine problems • Allergic reactions
  • Your Goals Minimize your exposure to toxins Control what & where you eat Control what & where you buy Live SUPER-healthy • Antioxidant lifestyle • Don’t smoke • Exercise • Stay slim
  • DON’T SMOKE Smoking is China’s #1 public health problem – NOT food safety
  • Part 1: At Home
  • Water SafetyBig Water jugs? Maybe not• 50% counterfeit water• Bacteria in water• Cheap plastic leaches into it• Good brand? Beijing Kangtai Gaoke Co. 
  • Install A Water Filter Tap water – add a filter • Aquasana highly rated (many others)
  • Milk Scandal #1: Formula Melamine in infant formula • 300,000 sick, a dozen die  Kidney failures • MULTIPLE recurrences since then! What to do?
  • #1 Choice: Breastfeeding
  • Best Dairy Brands? Local: Green Yard Wondermilk Imported? $$
  • Make Your Own Soy Milk!
  • What About Seafood?
  • Fatty Fish = Great Health
  • Everyone should eat fatty fish at least twice a week!
  • I’m Nervous About Seafood… Most rivers polluted Farm-raised: chemicals, runoff Oceans: polluted Antibiotic use (my skin allergies!) What body of water (or fishery) in China is famously clean?
  • I Mostly Trust… Muslim/Dalian seafood restaurants Japanese sushi restaurants • The popular famous ones • Top: flown from Tokyo Imported frozen fish • @ hypermarkets Supplements (fish oil) – imported Sardines in a can -- imported
  • Where To Get Omega-3 in China? SAFE salmon, sardines, tuna… • @Hypermarkets Supplements • • Costco… • Imported @ hypermarket
  • Good Source Of Health Goods (USA)
  • Food Handling Is A Major Issue!
  • c
  • Wash Your Produce! Store brands Citrus Salt Vinegar Chlorine
  • Basic Tips If it can be peeled, peel it! • Less nutrients Leafy greens -- SOAK
  • Part 2: At The Market
  • Organics --Yes/No? Yes! • Traceability = accountability • Less pesticides/chemicals • More oversight by govt/NGO • NOT automatically more nutritious • Yes, many labels are not true organic…
  • Organics: Do You Know Your Labels?
  • iPhone App: “Dirty Dozen” & “Clean 15”
  • Where To Buy? Hypermarkets!
  • Why Hypermarkets? Experience Reputation International standards Cold-chain trucks/storage Supply chains Organic suppliers
  • My Favorite: Metro Frozen fish Organic produce Clean, quiet
  • Part 3: At A Restaurant
  • Don’t Share Chopsticks! Loaded with bacteria, viruses… Carry your own (metal) for lunch Wooden – poor washing
  • Buy Collapsible Chopsticks
  • Takeaway Boxes: BEWARE!
  • NEVER Store Food in Takeaway Boxes! Only use safe plastics
  • Cling Wrap: Beware Cling wrap: never microwave on food Only use PE brands
  • Glass Is Best
  • Gutter Oil 10% of all restaurants in China? • Smaller shops • Cafeterias • Street vendors • You get what you pay for…
  • Street Vendors: Buyer Beware Where is toilet with soap & water to wash hands? How is meat preserved cold? Where is oil from, and how new? Where is meat from? Fake lamb?
  • Great Website:
  • The Bottom Line You have control over what you eat Minimize your toxins Live super-healthy Exercise Don’t smoke
  • Thank You Family HealthcareAddress: #2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District,Beijing 100015 P.R.C.Tel: +86 (10) 5927 7000 Fax: +86 (10) 5927 720024 Hour Emergency Hotline: (010) 5927 46