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What is CHASSA

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  • Note = be sure to mention that the study is required by the General Plan Update and prompted by active sales of major landholdingsEach circle animated so Tim can bring them up as he mentions them. Revised order as needed
  • Use this to introduce team members present


    Project Introduction
  • 2. TONIGHT’S AGENDA16 November
    Community Introduction to CHASSA
    Community Forum #1:
    Community Question and Answers
    Consultant Working Session with CHASSAC
    Confirm Next steps/ Community Forum #2
  • 3. What is CHASSA?
    10 Month Study initiated by the City Redevelopment Agency
    Focusing on approximately 80 acres that make up the entry to Healdsburg
  • 4. What will the CHASSA produce?
    A vision and set of principles to guide development in this key area
    Design Guidelines
    Healdsburg Avenue street character
    New commercial and residential development form, character and pattern
  • 5. What will the CHASSA produce?
    Land use recommendations and organization for major landholdings
    Add to economic value of community
    Build on, not cannabalize other parts of town
    Promote resident serving uses while expanding visitor amenities
  • 6. What will the CHASSA produce?
    A Framework plan to guide public investment in streets, utilities and character building elements
    Specific recommendations for key elements of the study area:
    Five way intersection
    SMART station location and pedestrian crossings
    101 Interchange improvements Part of the General Plan Update and prompted by active sales of major landholdings
  • 7. What will the CHASSA NOT produce?
    CHASSA is not a specific plan to tell private landowners what they must do with their land.
    It is meant to provide a vision, and economic basis of what the ‘greater-sum-of the-parts’ could be if everyone works together constructively
  • 8. Who is Doing the Study?
    An inter-disciplinary team comprised:
    • Urban designers
    • 9. Economic development specialists
    • 10. Transportation planners
    • 11. Environmental consultants
    • 12. Civil engineers
    • 13. Landscape architects
    • 14. Specialists in sustainability, CEQA and community outreach
  • Who is Doing the Study?
    Team will be led by Community Design and Architecture out of Oakland, with over 12 years national experience in urban design, planning, street design, Transit-Oriented Development, station area planning, and sustainability.
    Team was selected after an 6 month process that garnered 20 submissions from around the state to develop this process.
    Project started November 5th with execution of CD+A contract and initial work session with CHASSAC to refine approach and key issues
  • 15. How will the community participate?
    Extensive community outreach process led by UrbanGreen of Healdsburg and San Francisco
    Five primary channels for outreach and input
    CHASSA Steering Committee
    Community Forums
    Stakeholder interviews
    Defining Character Surveys
    Civic Group presentations and Q+A
    Community Presentations of Plans
  • 16. CHASSA Steering Committee
    Grew out of grass roots ‘Imagine Healdsburg’ process
    Formed in September 2009 to guide process and consultant selection
    Meet monthly with Consultant team to provide guidance
    Made up of key community leaders and officials
    Tom Chambers – Committee Chair and City Council member
    Jerry Eddinger – Planning Commission member
    Phil Luks – Planning Commission member
    Jon Worden – Local architect and planner
    Ray Holley – former editor of Healdsburg Tribune
    Day-to-day management by Ron Bendorff, Planning + Building Director
  • 17. Community Forums
    Community education sessions on key issues that will shape the plan
    Meant to provide important background understanding for future alternatives to be discussed with the community in early 2011
    Four primary topics to be addressed over three months
    Transportation and Mobility - Tonight
    Urban Design and Making Great Towns – December 7
    Economic Development and Small Town Character – January 18
    Sustainable Communities - February 1
  • 18. Interviews and Stakeholder Input
    Direct meetings with Landowners November - February
    Meetings with agencies, commissions and community organizations
    December through January
  • 19. Defining Character Surveys
    ‘what makes Healdsburg unique’
  • 20. Civic Group Updates and Q + A
    Presentations to Civic Groups January through February
    American Legion
    Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
    Economic Development Coalition
    Kiwanis Club
    North County Realtors Association
    Rotary Club of Healdsburg (both)
    Seniors in Retirement
    Soroptimist International
    Other ??
  • 21. Community Presentations
    Community Presentation #1 - Alternative Futures (Mid February)
    Community Presentation #2 - Preferred Plan (April)
    Community Hearings - Final Plan (July – August)
  • 22. Keeping Informed
    Dedicated Website hosted by myHBG.tv
    Direct link from City Website
    Monthly update in the Healdsburg Utility Bill
    Media outreach
    Healdsburg Tribune
    Press Democrat
    North Bay Business Times