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This summer season choose from the wide range of Khadi products for a perfectly glowing skin and silky shiny hair. …

This summer season choose from the wide range of Khadi products for a perfectly glowing skin and silky shiny hair.
You can find here huge collection of khadi products e.g. khadi hair oil, khadi shampoo, khadi soap, khadi gift pack and khadi face care products.

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  • 1. OnlineOrganic Store
  • 2. Online Khadi Beauty Products Generally, people use the beauty products which are generally highly promoted by the companies. But, it is very important to consider some points while going to purchase body care, face care or any bath care products. Many local companies are selling products which contain hazardous chemicals which can be very harmful for your skin.That is why; we established our store to promote the green living with the delivery of natural and healthy food and beauty products. We are offering new Khadi beauty products which contain natural ingredients and free from any kind of artificial chemical.This is the most popular brand for soap, oil, shampoo and other bath care products.
  • 3.  Now, we are presenting some new Khadi products online especially on the demand of our valuable customers:  Khadi Sandalwood Face Pack  Rose & Papaya Face Scrub  Khadi Aloevera Soap  Rose Honey BodyWash(SLS & Parabens free)  Jasmine GreenTea Foot Crack Cream (100g)  Herbal Spa Kit  Shikakai Honey Conditioner (SLS & Parabens Free)  Cucumber & Aloevera Cleansing Milk  Facial Massage Gel(Mint &Aloevera)
  • 4. These are just few examples which are great in demand. We have many other unlimited Khadi beauty products which are purchased by our online customers on daily basis.We are happy with the feedback of our valuable users who believe us. If you want to buy natural beauty products then welcome to our India’s leading online organic store at anytime.
  • 5. The whole of the world is going green and so are we. But the supermarket shelves are stacked with so many products that claim themselves to be natural and organic, we are not able to decide the right choice for us. If you have been struggling with the right choice of natural beauty products, then your struggler r has come to an end. Khadi, since long has been known for its range of Khadi fabrics and herbal products. Now that more and more people have become aware of the miraculous benefits that natural products offer, Khadi products have gained a lot of popularity. A wide range of Khadi products are commercially available.The products are all made from wonder exotic herbs, essential oils and all other natural elements coming straight form nature’s basket. Here is a list of wondrous Khadi products that you can choose from to maintain your daily beauty regime without having to think about the worrisome side- effects.
  • 6. To begin with skin care, Khadi skin care products are made from natural ingredients like lavender extracts, aloe vera, shea butter, honey, jasmine oil, sandalwood, avocado extracts and many more. For oily skin, you can go for aloe vera based Khadi moisturizers.Your skin will feel soft and supple without getting oily and greasy. Aloe vera also prevents acnes from cropping up. For dry skin, honey or shea butter lotions suit best.Your skins is instantly revived and the effect is good for dry rough skin breakouts. If you have sensitive or aging skin, lavender, rose or sandalwood oil based Khadi moisturizers work best.They help regenerate damaged skin cells and also remove scars and marks.
  • 7. For a luxurious bath experience, Khadi has an amazing variety of bath products. In addition to the natural ingredients above, there are also neem, tulsi, milk and saffron based bodywash that give you a refreshing bathing experience. The fragrance is absolutely natural and your skin feels rejuvenated and soft. Khadi uses no harsh chemicals that would make your skin dry or flaky. Khadi also has in its kitty wide range of bathing soaps that are 100% paraben free and contain no artificial ingredients. The soaps are available in all flavors ranging from mint, lemon, rose, chocolate and much more to choose from. If you are worried about grey hair, hair loss or dandruff problems, Khadi hair products are the way to go. Khadi has its own range of herbal hair colors that are made from natural henna.You can also go for Khadi herbal shampoos made from lemon juice, almond oil and many natural ingredients that are suitable for all hair types. Go for amla or shikakai based shampoos for effective hair loss and dandruff. In addition to conditioning of hair, they also retain the natural texture and oils in your hair for excellent nourishment.To retain the moisture in your hair, honey based shampoos are best.
  • 8. To keep your skin smooth and moisturized all the time, you can choose from numerous Khadi oils like almond oil, lavender oil, tea tree oils and many more. Khadi products are manufactured with the assurance that there is no compromise done on the quality of the products.The products undergo various tests like fragrance test, purity test and test against harmful elements to ensure consumer satisfaction and benefit.
  • 9. From skin to hair products and makeup and cosmetics, women use a whole lot of products starting from morning till night. So this means that we are surrounded by deadly and scary chemical elements all day long. Formaldehyde, phthalate compounds, lead and paraben are some of the deadly compounds that we breathe in everyday while using our personal care products. According to research, about 89% of the chemical ingredients used in these products are not tested for safety and quality assurance.You can now well imagine the level of danger you are exposed to each minute of your beauty regime. With the summer setting in, we tend to binge on more of water based and light products that refresh and hydrate our skin. All you need to do is balance the level of moisture and water for your skin.The extravagant and expensive beauty products would do no good to you. Switch to natural and organic products from Khadi. The products are all made from natural ingredients that can do miracle to your hair and skin.
  • 10. For moisturizers that suit all skin types, Khadi has an amazing range that will keep your skin well moisturized and nourished. Choose from aloe vera, jasmine, avocado, shea butter and honey based moisturizers from Khadi. These are rich in anti-oxidants that will heal the sunburns and summer rasheson your skin.Your skin will look supple and radiant without any wrinkles and ugly facial lines. For smooth and velvet skin this summer, you have an amazing rang of Khadi body oils to choose from.These are all free of toxic chemicals and extracted from natural herbs, flowers and roots. If you feel your skin will become greasy and oily in the summer heat, then its time you changed your mindset. Body oils from Khadi will absorb into your skin quickly and keep your skin moisturized all day long. For those who remain stressed or have a hectic work schedule, you can go for massage therapy as well with Khadi oils made from sandalwood, lavender, rose, tea tree and apricot essential oils.
  • 11. Along with your skin care regime, you need to pep up your hair care regime as well because your scalp is skin too. Before going for a head wash, make sure you massage your scalp with hair oil. Both natural and mineral oils smoothen your hair cuticles and nourish your hair from within. Oils from Khadi are all natural products based like amla, bhringraj, almond, tulsi and olive. Khadi offers an amazing and rich range of shampoos and conditioners for a lather full and luxurious hair wash. Khadi hair products contain ingredients that infuse your hair cuticles and strands with herbal extracts, natural oils and minerals. These stimulate hair growth, fight dandruff, protect your hair from damage and nourish your hair. Choose from Khadi shampoos and conditioners that have wonder ingredients like honey, amla, reetha, shikakai, lemon, tulsi and almond. This summer season choose from the wide range of Khadi products for a perfectly glowing skin and silky shiny hair. Hurry! If you want to take the advantages of heavy discount on our different products then take your phone and call us on +91-9810145540.You can also mail us your queries at
  • 12. You can reach us by: Phone: 011 26441352 +91 9810145540 (24 Hours 7 Days a Week) Email: Headquarters 9/5, Nehru Enclave East New Delhi 110019. Social Profiles: