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Fx edge quickstart_stp

  1. 1. FxEdge Quick Start Guide Master Assisted Trader Series SWING TRADER PRO
  2. 2. Welcome to the FxEdge Family!Quick Start Contents  Download a MT4 platform – FXDD installer provided  Guide to set up MT4 Demo Account  Download FxEdge Software– Master Assisted Trader Series Swing Trader Pro 5 (STP5)  Guide to Install FxEdge Software  Guide to FxEdge chart set-up  Your FxEdge Trade Plan
  3. 3. MT4 Platform Download Tap the button below to download your FXDD MT4 platform http://global.fxdd.com/en/forex-trading-software/metatrader.htmlDisclosure: You may download an MT4 broker of your selection; FXDD is provided as FxEdge productshave been tested on this platform. Please note, variations in daily bar close and base currency mayaffect results of your EA.
  4. 4. MT4 Demo AccountYou will be prompted to enter simple personal information to open a demo account.
  5. 5. MATS Download Tap the box below to download your FxEdge MATS.Alert: We recommend first trading all systems and EA’s from any source on a demo account.
  6. 6. MATS Set-UpYour MT4 platform should open automatically, as well a prompt for you EAP logindetails for your secured FxEdge trading softwares. You will find this in your welcomeemail (separate from your http://myfxedge.com login details).
  7. 7. STP5 Set-UpThe STP5 automated assistant is traded on the Daily Chart and is available for thefollowing currency pairs:1. EURUSD DAILY2. USDCHF DAILY3. GBPUSD DAILY4. GBPJY DAILY5. EURUSD DAILY6. AUDUSD DAILYYou may select the currency pair(s) you prefer to trade according to your own tradingplan.. Here we will use EURUSD D1 as an example:
  8. 8. STP5 Set-UpOpen or expand the EURUSD chart. Right click your chart and highlight “Template”;from the drop down menu select “FxEdge EURUSDSTP5 ”
  9. 9. STP5 Set-UpWith your EURUSD chart open, select timeframe of D1 (Daily) for this example. Youmay then apply your STP5 automated assistant by dragging this selection from theNavigator menu labeled below. A smiley face should appear in the upper right handcorner of your chart if the automated assistant is correctly activated.
  10. 10. STP5 Set-UpWhen applying your STP5 automated assistant to your chart you will be prompted forone more window to confirm your automated settings which should appear as below.Then select the “inputs” tab for adjustment of your settings according to your equitymanagement
  11. 11. STP5 Set-UpHere you may modify the equity management settings to match those of your tradeplan. Any settings not mentioned may be left at default. Once you have chosen yoursettings. Select “OK” and your STP5 will now be running on autopilot!
  12. 12. Congratulations!!!You are now running your FxEdge Master Assisted Trader Series on your free demoaccount and on your way to reaching your goals in the Forex. Happy Trading!! Your FxEdge Support Team Please remember to visit http://myfxedge.com for more information on your trading system and software. FxEdge Trade Plan FxEdge Power Hour Build Wealth – Get your financial freedom today