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My First Yoga aims to give kids a head-start to a well-rounded healthy lifestyle

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My First Yoga Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Version 1 October 2011 Abbie Steinbacher CEO, Founder www.myfirstyoga.comConfidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  2. 2. The ProblemWellness concerns are on the rise costing the U.S. over $300 Billion per year Obesity 1 In 5 Children are Obese 1980 4.5MM $147 Billion 2010 2008 12.5MM Depression 1 In 3 Children Are Depressed 23% $104 Billion 2010 /Year Rate of Increase for children ADHD 1 In 10 Children Have ADHD 2003 4.2MM $43 Billion 2010 2007 5.4MM (Sources: 1. U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention 2. Institute of Medicine 3. Harvard Mental Health Newsletter 4. American Psychological Association (APA)) Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  3. 3. The ProblemChildren are taking drugs that could have serious side effects More than 25% of U.S. kids take prescription drugs Most medications prescribed to children on a chronic basis have not been tested specifically in kids Rx (Sources: 1.Medico Health Solutions Inc., 2. Danny Benjamin, Duke University Pediatrics Professor) Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  4. 4. The SolutionEasy-to-use, engaging and comfortable kids, mothers and teachers is a technology driven kids yoga platform that empowers kids with a head-start to a healthy lifestyleThe Know-ers The Do-ersResearch has proven the benefits Parents and teachers working withthat kids yoga can provide to Bridging The Kids Yoga Knowing-Doing Gap kids in realtime do not know how toimprove childhood wellness effectively implement this research Easy-to-Use. Engaging. Comfortable. Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  5. 5. kids are...Empowered Engaged Calm Balanced Focused Strong EntertainedPowerful Flexible Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  6. 6. What Have We Accomplished to Date? 50+ ® Characters Developed Book Sells 30 Stores Internally Funded Open Doors - Boston, MA Studio MFY at 2006 MFY Signs 6000+ 120x LIG Festival Boston Red Sox 2010 Books Sold more sold than average Publish Book $ 0 Advertising Budget self published kids book$40K Invested PARTNER Friends & Family Highlighted 2008 Boston Globe Highlighted NY Times Boston Globe Staff of PARTNER Parent Tested6 Instructors  2009 Parent Approved Award 85,000 Hits 100+ Expands Families iPhone impacted Develops Enrichment 2011 App Laun ches 2007 MFY 5000+ 5000+ in first year Curriculum  Kids/Month Builds Program For New England Aquarium Sponsored by New Balance 50+ Accounts Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  7. 7. In ActionWhere we’ve been 85,000+ YT Views Boston Children’s Museum Seals’ ‘Yoga With The uarium 2010 New England Aq Lululem on Bos ton 2010 2010 tival o d Fes s Go L ife I Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  8. 8. Who We Play WithCorporations, national organizations and global child care providers Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  9. 9. What Makes Us Unique?My First Yoga provides a practical and effective application SICAL PHY En AC te rtai S ES T nm IV ent WA R E N Y BOD IT LA ti on uca FU Y d C E ON N D TROL MI Healthy Active Learner For Children For Parents For Educators Engages through entertainment and fills Easy-to-use well-being products that Increases child care competitiveness natural need to be physically active meet lifestyle, taste, and budget and achieves measurable results in self- regulation and learning Repeated Use Self-regulation Classroom Self-Confidence Improvement Management Success Measured Success Measured Success Measured Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  10. 10. What Are We Building?Technology Forward Products for Use At-Home & In-School PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Website Rebuild Mobile Updates Licensed Accessories Social Teaching Tools Video Game Childrens Apparel EBooks Immersive Apparel Broadcast Mobile App Updates Phase 1 Updates Phase 1 & 2 Updates Tablet App National Awareness Global Awareness Awareness Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  11. 11. Yoga IndustryA growing market place in the U.S. and beyond$ 6 BILLION #1 Yoga saw the largest 2006 10.7MM 2010 US Yoga participation increase Services and of any sport in 2010 2010 20.2MM Accessories 72 % Of Yoga Participants Are 20.2MM YOGA Yoga Participants 2010 1 In 10 U.S. Adults Practice Women (Sources:1. National Sporting Goods Association 2. 2010 US Census Report 3. Yoga Journal) Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  12. 12. Market Size: Phase 1The market place for My First Yoga products is large and growingMobile Consumers iOS 13.3MM 40% Android Moms ages 24-45 Moms ages $52/ Year 65% w/ kids under 18, 24-45 w/ have Average Features Free Initial Download let kids use their Smartphone kids ages 2-6yrs Smartphone user spends ` Of App Revenue is In-App $179MM In-App Purchasers on mobile Apps Purchases Social Component Animated Stories Games/ActivitiesTeaching Tools Consumers Child Care Centers Features 11.7MM $100/ Child US Children Subscription Based enrolled in Child Spent on 25%/ $293MM Child Tiered Membership classroom Care Centers Spent on Monthly Lesson Plans Supplies in US Curriculum Activity Sheets Online & Social Community Up Sell Physical Products Lesson Tracking System (Sources: 1. Flurry 2. US Census Report 3. Leapfrog 4. Cnet) Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  13. 13. Target MarketWomen Ages 25-44: Affluent, Educated, Active Yogi Mom Yoga Mama E-Squared Mom She’s a dedicated yogi who is She’s focused on the fitness and She’s technology driven and will earthy and spiritual. She jumps at well-being of her child at any cost. spend top dollar for educational the opportunity to introduce yoga She is a busy and choosy gadgets for her child and then to her child. fashionista. spread the word to friends. School Teacher Yoga Instructor She’s on the look out for teaching Shes on the look out for trend- tools to help her students learn to setting child friendly kids yoga calm their bodies and minds. materials that make her stand out as an expert yoga instructor. End User 2-6 Year Old Boys/Girls Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  14. 14. CompetitionMy First Yoga has many unique strengths Online Market Place Kids Wellness Mobile Gaming Social Characters Competitors Perspective Focus Products Tools Baby Einstein Dora the Explorer LeapFrog YogaKids ItsyBity Yoga Angle Bear Yoga Wailana Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  15. 15. Our TeamWe bring yoga, start-up, technology, and marketing experience to the tableAbbie Davies Steinbacher Trevor SteinbacherFounder and CEO Chief Technology OfficerAB in Psychology from Harvard University University of Maryland UMBC, Imaging and Digital ArtStudied how exercise contributes to self-confidence Specializes in identifying key uses for technology within the marketplace to create profitable businessPrior to My First Yoga, Abbie was an investment solutionsprofessional at Fidelity. Creative lead with 15 years of marketing, social andDivision I Athlete & Captain, Harvard Swimming Team digital experience (BSSP, Mullen, Isobar, Planit)Holds the following industry certifications: Client List Includes: Columbia Sports, Priceline, and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) MINI Cooper, Adidas, Prana, Rock & Ice, Reebok, Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher (RCYT) General Motors, Virgin, Stanley Tools, Orvis, Certified Life is Good Playmaker Underarmour, Black Diamond,Timberland, and Disney Confidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.
  16. 16. Thank YouConfidential Document | Copyright©2011 My First Yoga, LLC.