Decision Making Goals Presentation


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Decision Making Goals Presentation

  1. 1. Future Decisions/ChoicesHow to make effective decisions? Written by Barbara Mackessy
  2. 2. Steps of Decision Making• 1. Define or Identify the Problem/Want/Need• 2. Gather Information about the problem, want or need (think about it) Identify ways to deal with the problem• 3. Evaluate all of the Information (pros & cons) (the good and the bad)• 4. Select Best Choice for you (select a solution) Think about the possible results of each action• 5. Take Action – Do it - Make a responsible decision• 6. Review Your Choice (would you do something different next time?) make changes if needed
  3. 3. Think about possible results• Is it safe to me and others?• Is it legal?• Does it show respect for self and others?• Does it follow parent’s guidelines?• Would my parents and teachers approve?• Would it help me to have a better future?
  4. 4. How will my decisions change my…• Personal life/social life• Leisure activities• Community atmosphere• Learning attitude• Family• Work roles• Goals• Finances
  5. 5. Leadership & Decisions• Good decision making is an essential skill for career, financial and personal success.• If you can learn to make timely and well- considered decisions, then you can often lead yourself into spectacular and well-deserved successes.• However, if you make poor decisions, you risk failure.
  6. 6. Decision Making• Do not make decisions that are not yours to make.• When making a decision you are simply choosing from among alternatives. You are not making a choice between right and wrong.• Avoid snap decisions. Move fast on the reversible ones and slowly on the non- reversible.• Do your decision making on paper. Make notes and keep your ideas visible so you can consider all the relevant information in making this decision.
  7. 7. Decisions• Remember that not making a decision is a decision not to take action.• Trust yourself to make a decision and then to be able to accept and handle the consequences of that decision appropriately.• Before implementing what appears to be the best choice, assess the risk by asking "What can I think of that might go wrong with this alternative ?"
  8. 8. Decisions• Write down the pros and cons. It clarifies your thinking and makes for a better decision.• Make decisions as you go along. Do not let them accumulate. A backlog of many little decisions could be harder to deal with than one big and complex decision.• Consider those affected by your decision. Whenever feasible, get them involved to increase their commitment.• Recognize that you cannot know with 100% certainty that your decision is correct because the actions to implement it are to take place in the future. So make it and dont worry about it.
  9. 9. Think about it!• Youve probably been taught not to stereotype people based on race, religion or sex.• But when you make a career or business decision, do you still make decisions based on bias and stereotypes?• Remember you can be anything you want to be with the right education and training.
  10. 10. Decisions are made daily!• Do you use responsible decision making steps?• Do you think of the consequences before making your decisions?• How can you improve your decision making strategies?
  11. 11. Now, what decisions have you had to make this year?• Get in a fight or not? • Spend or save money• Yell at someone or not? • Wear a jacket or not?• Hit someone or not? • What to eat?• Fail my class or not? • When to eat?• Do my homework or not? • Bring my lunch or buy a lunch?• Get a demerit or not? • How to dress?• Run in the hall or not? • What to wear?• Be on time to class or not? • When to get up?• Get water or not? • What time to go to bed at night?• Lie to a teacher or not? • To talk in class or not?• Go hunting and kill an animal or not? • To bring all supplies to class or not?• Roll my eyes at people or not? • To run away or not?• Cuss or not? • To follow the rules or not?• Sleep in class or not? • Where to sit?• Be respectful or not? • What to watch on TV?• Make straight A’s or not? • Doing what I’m told or not?• Do my chores or not? • Cooking supper to surprise mom or not?• Do my class work or not? • To behave in school or not?• Study for my test or not? • To pay attention or not?• Have a good attitude or not? • To participate in activities or not?• Be kind to others or not? • To do my project or not?• Be careful or not? • Have appropriate attitude or not?• Listening and following instructions or not? • Read 25 books or not?• Working harder or not? • Take responsibility for my pets or not?• Turning in all of my work or not? • Use my agenda every day or not?
  12. 12. Those decisions were really your goalsfor the year.• Read 25 books or not to read 25 books• I will read 25 books this year at home to make sure that I meet the reading standard for my grade level.
  13. 13. Decision making linked to goals• Now think about yourself, what decision or goals have you set for yourself for the next few weeks?• Make a list of two goals that you plan to do within the next month.• Now use the steps of decision making to make sure that you are making the correct decision in both of those goals.• Show your work for each step of the decision making in relations to both goals.• This will be your assessment for your grade today.
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