EPA & NCTCOG Symposium-Sustainability in a Changing World: Local Government Actions


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EPA & NCTCOG Symposium-Sustainability in a Changing World: Local Government Actions

  1. 1. Energy Efficiency –Local Government Actions in Texas Michael Myers August 28, 2012 Sustainability in a Changing World
  2. 2. Texas• Senate Bill 5 (2001) & SB 12 (2007) – Adopt a goal to reduce electrical consumption by facilities by 5% each year for 6 years, – Implement all energy efficiency measures for existing (20 – year payback)• Senate Bill 898: enacted on September 1, 2011 – Establish a goal to reduce electrical consumption by "at least" 5% each SFY for 10 years, beginning 9/1/11
  3. 3. Texas ProjectsEnergy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants• Direct Allocation: $163,293,300 (Cities over 35,000/Counties over 200,000)• State Allocation: $45,638,100 State Allocation (Cities under 35,000/Counties under 200,000) – Number of EECBG DOE Direct Grants – 88 – Number of EECBG Texas grants to Cities and Counties - @ 1053 – Funding Eligible Allocation Range: $23,030 to $172,730. – Texas has 254 Counties: majority have been funded (Direct and State Allocation). http://seco.cpa.state.tx.us/arra/
  4. 4. Texas Allocation Activities eligible for use of funds include:• Building energy audits and retrofits• Installation of distributed energy technologies including combined heat and power and district heating and cooling systems• Installation of energy-efficient traffic signals and street lighting• Installation of renewable energy technologies on government buildings
  5. 5. Energy Conservation MeasuresSB12 Commonly-Reported Energy Conservation Measures (Notin Rank Order)• HVAC Upgrades• Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)• Energy Management Systems and Automated Controls• Energy Audits (including SECO’s preliminary assessments)• Performance Contracting• Renewable Power• Sustainable Building Practices /Green Building Practices• Window Strategies• Staff Education
  6. 6. Trends - Highlights A Local Champion A Sustainability/Energy ManagerCommunity Task Force/Commission Public – Private Partnerships
  7. 7. City of IrvingProject(s) : Install Solar Power LED street lighting. The Cityplans to install 170 solar powered LED streetlamps, remove266 grid connected lights, establish a more uniforminstallation pattern, and eliminate energy consumption andenhance the Irving Boulevard corridor project.
  8. 8. City of RichardsonEECBG Activities:Retrofitted city buildings;LED lighting retrofit project;Retrocommissioning;Installed solar on the Huffhines Recreation Center.Current Activities:Continue to with ONCOR as part of the City Smart program toreceive and leverage rebates for municipal energy efficiencymeasures installed;Environmental Advisory Commission
  9. 9. City of LewisvilleProject (s): City of Lewisville achieved 38% reduction throughextensive lighting retrofit and replacement of pumps andmotors with premium efficiency units. •Upgraded traffic signals in 2010 and energy management systems for 3 large buildings for an 8% reduction. •In 2011 equipment was modified at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for a 4.5% reduction; upgraded electrical instrumentation in the Parks facilities resulted in 11% reduction
  10. 10. City of Allen Projects: Allen used a portion of their EECBG funding to install a 90-panel solar energy system on a municipal building, to produce 27,500 kilowatt hours of clean electricity annually. •Replaced HVAC system in police station; constructed entrance vestibule at community ice rink to reduce air infiltration; Ongoing projects include: Lighting retrofit Natatorium (metal halideThe system started replaced with High Bay Fluorescentgenerating solar energy fixtures), Replacement of Mercury Vaporon Feb. 15, 2010. Street lights with LEDs.
  11. 11. City of North Richland HillsProjects: City replaced a total of 40.5 tons with higherenergy efficient HVAC equipment; Completed light fixtureretrofits and changed to automatic lighting controls at (5)City facilities; Replaced all the windows and upgraded theentrances at (2) City facilities; Replaced main office buildinglighting as well as the exterior soffit lighting to LED lights
  12. 12. Red River CountyProject (s): HVAC and lighting retrofits in county facilitiesincluding the library and the courthouse annex.
  13. 13. City of El Paso Partnerships & PolicyContinue with phased retrofit project of Cityfacilities.Landfill gas recovery system RFP for a public-private partnership.Approved an $8M scope for LED street lighting -from SECO loan funding and Bank of America.El Paso County: 6 MW of solar on Countyfacilities using PPA’sAdopted Green fleet purchasing policy.
  14. 14. City of San Antonio Mission Verde Initiatives• Double Bottom Line Venture Capital Fund• Green Jobs Program• Economic Development Strategies• New Construction Building Code• Green Retrofit Program• Transportation• Green One Stop Center• Utility Partnership
  15. 15. City of DeSotoProject:The City of DeSoto installed a 65kWsystem on the roof of theirgymnasiums at Town Center locatedat 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd. The Citywas able to install the system withOncor rebates and DOE Block Grantfunds.
  16. 16. Concho CountyThe Concho County courthouse was built in 1886.Project: Replace and upgrade County Courthouse Lighting.
  17. 17. Fort Bend CountyProject (s): Conduct County facility audits and buildingretrofits, retrofit County jail with solar hot water systems, andthe County installed solar security lighting at County Parks.
  18. 18. City of BrownsvilleProject (s): Landfill Gas Recovery Project and retrofit airconditioning systems in existing city facilities. The landfillgas recovery system is in the design stage.
  19. 19. City of BudaProject: The City of Buda located in Hays County is expandingand will be renovating a building behind the current City Hall.The building is older and will be renovated the EECBG fundswill help to upgrade the building’s HVAC system with moreenergy efficient air conditioning.
  20. 20. Top Strategies & Trends• Hire an Energy/Sustainability Director BUILDING SERVICES 7%• Conduct building audits & AVIATION WATER CIVIC CENTER 10% 19% 3% LIBRARY commissioning WASTE WATER 23% STREET LIGHTS 1% 30% MISC.• Implement training & utility 1% partnerships PARKS 3%• Retrofit lighting, HVAC systems & TRAFFIC 3% water and wastewater systems• Utilize wireless technologies• Implement green building Initiatives• Implement Energy Assurance Plans
  21. 21. TEXASQuestions
  22. 22. Contact: Myers Verde Company 512-280-7569mmyers@myersverde.com