The Arts And Funding Cuts2
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The Arts And Funding Cuts2



Budget Cuts in Art Education

Budget Cuts in Art Education



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  • The cave drawing photo is a replica, is an actual historical cave drawing.
  • I wanted people to understand that art isn’t just a picture on a wall, art is so many different things, it can be in anything and everything if we just look around to see it.
  • These are the point main points that I wanted people to see, I took these from memory, so I don’t really have a source of information for this slide.
  • There was much more to the article, but I felt that this was a key point that needed to be touched on.
  • Art has always been important in brain development, some mothers even have their babies listen to music while their developing in the womb, because some studies say this helps the babies brain develop.
  • I wanted to show the viewer that art can be taught through other subjects as well, such as math, astrology and social studies.
  • These were just the quick facts from the website that I used to collect information about art education and it’s importance.
  • I feel like this is a very important foundation for the arts, they seem to have themselves out there more than the others – with commercials and a very useful website that anyone can use.
  • I wanted them to also know that there are many different foundations out there trying to help art stay in schools.
  • I just touched on the main points that I wanted people to take away from this powerpoint.
  • These are the resources I used for my powerpoint presentation.

The Arts And Funding Cuts2 The Arts And Funding Cuts2 Presentation Transcript

  • The Arts and Funding Cuts Is art really that important? By Kerry Myers
  • Art and Humanity
    • Art has been an important part of humanity since the beginning of man.
    • Art can be seen as a form of communication, for example cave drawings were used as a way of communication and observation. So that cave men could take note of what type of animal was in the area, and also what that animal fed on.
    • Source:
  • Art and Education
    • In educational, there is more than just visual arts, there is performing arts, music, and even literature is considered an art form.
    • The arts can also be tied in with nearly every other subject, such as math, social studies and in some instances science.
    • Recently the arts have been receiving less funding due to budget cuts in schools.
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  • Arts and Budget Cuts
    • Over the past decade art classes, such as visual arts, music, and drama have been receiving budge cuts.
    • A few schools have even removed art classes from their curriculum.
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  • United Arts Funds (UAF)
    • According to the article, “Seeking Policies for Cultural Democracies,” by Lewis and McKay, the UAF works together with Americans for the Arts in order to raise funds, not only for art education in schools, but also for local community centers that sponsor artistic activities for local residents to enjoy.
  • The Arts and Brain Development
    • According to an article in the Baltimore Times , “Arts Appear to Play a Role in Brain Development”:
      • Art can help with neuron development.
      • Playing an instrument can help with dexterity.
      • “ ...was that in those students who showed motivation and creativity, training in the arts helped develop their attention and their intelligence.”
  • Art and Other subjects Math Astrology Resource: Resource: 28634332@N05/
  • The Importance of Artistic Expression
    • Here are a few quick facts about art education, from Americans for the Arts:
      • 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
      • 3 times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools
      • 4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair
      • 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance
      • 4 times more likely to win an award for writing an essay or poem
  • Americans for the Arts
    • Is an organization that offers information about art education and is working hard to raise funds for art education. The spread information through:
      • Official Website
      • Widget
      • Collaboration with Disney
      • Television and Radio ads
  • Other Art Foundations
    • National Art Education Foundation
    • Dana Foundation
    • The Wallace Foundation
    • Foundation for International Arts and Education
  • Conclusion
    • Art classes have been losing their funding more and more recently.
    • There are studies that show that the arts could be having a positive affect on brain development
    • Thanks to foundations like UAF and Americans for the Arts art classes are receiving the financial support they need.
  • Work Cited Page
    • Bowie, Liz. "Arts Appear to Play a Role in Brain Development". The Baltimore Sun 18 May 2009.
    • Lewis, Lillan; McKay, Sara. "Seeking Policies for Cultural Democracy: Examining the Past, Present and Future of US Nonprofit Arts.". Studies in Art Education Summer 2008: 294-310.
    • &quot;National Arts Education Public Awareness Campaign &quot;. Americans for the Arts. 19 January 2010 < >.