How Are Companies Using Internal Wikis

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  • 1. How are companies using internal wikis? by Thomas Myer Triple Dog Dare Media
  • 2. Key Practices • Listen • Talk • Energize • Support • Collaborate
  • 3. Listen • Listening is the first step in problem solving • Capture ideas and brainstorms from employees • Allow suggestions for improvements and innovation • Case Study: Bell Canada
  • 4. Bell Canada: ID-ah • Largest Canadian telephone/telecom company • Internal wiki for “idea exchange” • Employees submit and vote on ideas • Helped prioritize ideas from 40,000 strong workforce
  • 5. Talk • Share the rules of the road • Policy & Procedures manuals • Allow executive team to share their vision • Case Study: BT’s BTPedia
  • 6. BT: BTPedia • 160 year old provider of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries • Serves 20 million businesses in UK • BTPedia includes articles on procedures, policies, and product roadmaps • Part of overall intranet effort
  • 7. Energize • Spread positive thinking and ideas across the team and enterprise • Allow better communication of ideas and feedback between management and workers • Case Study: Best Buy’s Blue Shirt Nation
  • 8. Best Buy: Blue Shirt Nation • It’s a voluntary outlet where employees can share customer stories, tips, best practices, and ideas to help company grow • Over 25,000 regular users • Employees can share thoughts or comment on others
  • 9. Support • Employees helping each other • Get new employees up to speed fast • Allow easier integration between and across divisions/teams/branches • Case Study: Cisco’s CiscoPedia
  • 10. Cisco: CiscoPedia • Began as an internal wiki • Used to capture technical information on TCP/IP, IGRP, Frame Relay,VLANs, Ethernet, and more • Used to train employees and later support customers/partners/vendors • Now available as a product
  • 11. Collaborate • Work together on a number of projects • Proposals, FAQs, documentation • Presentations, specifications, support notes • Organize events, responses to PR crisis • Record meeting notes • Case Study: Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
  • 12. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein • An investment bank with 6,000 employees • HQ in London and Frankfurt • Used wiki to enhance collaboration • Wiki used by 2,500 employees • Reduced emails, increased quality of documents
  • 13. Takeaways for Success 1. Get executive buy-in early 2. A wiki champion or maven is key to staying on target 3. Identify those who would generate a lot of content 4. Seed the wiki 5. Provide incentives for using the wiki
  • 14. For More Information • Visit our web site: • Check out our blog: • Follow us on Twitter: @myerman