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What will be the Social Media trends in 2014? Some of these began to blossom in 2013 but this will be the year that they come into fruition and stake their own claim as to a key pillar of your social media marketing plans over the next 12 months.

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mycleveragency social media in 2014 [whitepaper]

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2014
  2. 2. KEY STATISTICS INSTAGRAM 150 million users FACEBOOK 1.2 billion users VINE 40 million users GOOGLE+ 540 million users TWITTER 200 million users PINTEREST 70 million users SNAPCHAT 10 million users 60% of social media time is spent not on desktop computers but on smartphones and tablets Facebook drives 7x more engagement than Twitter Snapchat is a smaller network than WhatsApp but exceeds it in terms of time spent per user Sources: Business Insider Wikipedia Mashable Social Media Today
  3. 3. FACEBOOK CRM Why would you not want your current customer base to become social fans? Custom audiences allow brands and advertisers to send Facebook ads to a specific set of users with who they have established a relationship on/off Facebook. This allows businesses to reconnect with existing customers/fans/contacts. Differentiate your custom audiences based on the information you collect about your customers to serve them different messages. #myclevertip: Different users have different needs and respond better to different advertising messages. #myclevertip: Leverage ‘Lookalike’ audiences to find people who are similar to your current customers.
  4. 4. ADS & REMARKETING 1 A user visits the S/S section of the Curvy Kate website. 2 Ads partner tells Twitter that the user can be included in @CurvyKates’ In Market for S/S Lingerie audience. Social media advertising budgets will be on the rise, as there is more competition to get content. Great content doesn’t always achieve the visibility it deserves, which is why spend will be on the rise. Remarketing through Facebook and Twitter will give people that gentle reminder about your brand once they’ve been on the site. #myclevertip: If you’re running a microsite campaign, leverage ad aspect to retarget people who’ve been on the site. #mycleverfact: Play around with different targeting combinations to reach the maximum number of users. In Market for S/S Lingerie 3 That same user sees a highly relevant Promoted Tweet from @CurvyKate in their Twitter timeline. Curvy Kate @CurvyKate See our S/S Collection available now at with 20% off until Monday! Promoted by Curvy Kate
  5. 5. EMERGING PLATFORMS In 2013 we saw the rise of Snapchat and Vine, hitting the mainstream and showing off brand’s creativeness. As the larger social media channels become more and more saturated by brands and corporate messages, emerging platforms e.g. Snapchat and Vine, allow for brands to be ‘fun’ and ‘spontaneous’. Brands are going to compete for who can produce the shortest piece of content with the biggest impact on their fans. #myclevertip: Don’t worry if it’s not popular in 6 months or in a year. If people are using it now, think how to leverage it.
  6. 6. MOBILE... AGAIN Not the first or last time you’ll hear it, but mobile will be another key player in 2014. 24m daily users access in the UK access Facebook via their mobile, that’s over 83% of the daily audience. Facebook still doesn’t support custom apps on mobile browsers. Users on mobile devices who try to access an app from its Facebook URL will be redirected to the timeline of the Facebook page. Images will continue to play a massive part of social media but there’ll be a huge uptake of brands using video. #myclevertip: Create mobile friendly, responsive apps. #myclevertip: Utilise platforms that are mobile only e.g. Instagram & Vine.
  7. 7. G oogle + is no longer an option b u t a m u st Claims of 500+ million active users may be slightly exaggerated, but with recent changes to Google’s algorthim and the popularity of hangouts this could change. Also consider that YouTube’s comment section has been redesigned and requires a Google+ account to comment. Brands love Google+ because it’s so visual and GIFs are shown best on the platform. Lets be honest, everyone loves a GIF. #myclevertip: Use Google+ communities to find people who are interested in similar areas to your business. #myclevertip: Use Hangouts to show the personal side of the brand.
  8. 8. MULTI-PLATFORM INTEGRATION Running Facebook competitions just won’t cut it in 2014, unless it’s something very very good. Leverage social APIs, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ to create a integrated experience for the user. Benefit from the growing impact of social search by sharing campaign content socially. Tap into your own – and external – communities across multiple social networks. #myclevertip: Don’t fall behind and solely be a Facebook competitions brand, expand your ideas and be creative. #myclevertip: The more channels, the increased likelihood of engagement. #myclevertip: Depict what your goals are at the start of the campaign, as success is different to all stakeholders.
  9. 9. MORE UGC Brands love it when people create content with their product but other users are going to appreciate it more in the coming year. The more unique and interesting content that will be created will be more appreciated. Advocate your fans by sharing their UGC on your website. Product reviews are usually boring and over rational, UGC changes this. UGC is expressive, interesting and most of all fun. #myclevertip: User-generated content creates loyalty and puts the fan or customer in the driving seat, which generates sales!
  10. 10. RISE OF VIDEO Videos will continue their upward ascent in the social media marketing toolbox hierarchy. In particular short videos. People hate wasting time and decide whether or not to watch based on the length of the video. Brands may not be using YouTube as much as they once did but short video is here to stay (well, at least for 6 months). Try them out before 2104 sets in and then you should be ready to take advantage of this video marketing technique. #myclevertip: Link your Instagram account to your Facebook account
  11. 11. REAL TIME MARKETING It’s not the easiest thing to get right straight away but the benefits are worth it. The challenge is to ensure that the content is relevant to the audience, interesting and most importantly shareable. Fans increasingly access these real-time events on mobile devices, so make sure that your marketing works well in mobile channels. #myclevertip: Watch Twitter, news sites and other sources to know what’s going on and how your brand can leverage current events. #myclevertip: Need help leveraging current events? Check out our editorial content calendar for 2014!
  12. 12. OFFLINE & SOCIAL Billboards and offline integration with social really began to take off in 2013, but 2014 will be the year that we see more and more billboards include social aspects. Pay with tweet discounts will help smaller business’ spread the word and drive additional footfall to the physical stores. AMEX synced with Twitter in Feb 2013 but expect more banks and card companies to do the same.
  13. 13. 100% OF YOUR SOCIAL CHANNEL COVERED @mycleveragency