"I Got In" Webcast slides with Mary Ann Dennard
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"I Got In" Webcast slides with Mary Ann Dennard






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"I Got In" Webcast slides with Mary Ann Dennard "I Got In" Webcast slides with Mary Ann Dennard Presentation Transcript

  • I GOT IN!Helping your students build a “SmartList” for Acting and Musical Theatre audition-based programs
  • Who is Mary Anna Dennard?• My background as actress• Casting Director• Coach• Author
  • 20% Increase in performing arts applicants• University of Michigan stats• Glee Kool-Aid• BFA options are relatively new• Conservatory style training in a liberal arts setting
  • The audition changes the college acceptance stats• Academic categories do not apply• Program stats rule over academic stats• Define program acceptance categories of reach, fit, safety
  • Naviance is not a reliable guide for audition-based programs• Assessments that lead to standard college lists are inaccurate• Motivated performers already know what they want to do
  • What does Reach, Fit, Safety mean when there is an audition process?• Audition counts for as much as 80% in the admission• Traditional reach, fit safety categories do not apply• No such thing as a safety
  • Auditions for talent scholarships are plentiful• Good news for financial aid• Talent merit• Private schools may have the most to give
  • Grades and test scores still matter• Could be the deciding factor• Academic merit money
  • How competitive are these programs?• Carnegie Mellon stats• My stats for white females• Some types more in demand• Would Merrill Streep get in?
  • Importance of a balanced list• Yield the most acceptances• Visiting after acceptances• More offers, more bargaining with financial aid
  • It’s all about the audition• When to begin preparation• Summer programs• Coaching• Great gpa/test scores can’t trump a bad audition
  • College Audition Coach Online Prep college lists• Reach• Fit• Safety• Bargain• Brainy
  • Special offer• Online Prep FREE to mycca members• 90% discount for referred students• FREE copy of my book, I GOT IN!• College Audition Coach Online https://vimeo.com/46005456