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This presentation showing a little story about Cebu Creative Programme by British Council and The Government of Cebu as The Delegates from Indonesia

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  • hey im from Philippines. im glad your promoting our country despite of controversies we're facing. i hope all foreigners are like you. very respectful man. god bless your soul
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Cebu in My View

  1. 1. v i e w i n m y c e b u don esia diman* | in m. arief bu * executive creative director pt. petakumpet creative network | chairman adgi jogja chapter | secretary pppi jogja chapter
  2. 2. there always be the first for everything it’s the first time i go abroad visiting cebu province in philippine during creative enterpreneur programme held by british council as a delegation’s member from indonesia
  3. 3. hello world - tiger wood, in press conference before his first international golf championship -
  4. 4. about me and my beloved company: |
  5. 5. ve sha re what i ha he re i want to ays in cebu . en d learned here for sev ss. more and le
  6. 6. life is a great book to learn, a complete one.
  7. 7. be a leader without title* always doing your best even no one sees what you're doing. god never sleeps and his angels never stop recording. * headline from robin sharma
  8. 8. the poor is the opportunity for the rich to contribute for making a better life creative people see problems as opportunities. a bigger problem means a bigger opportunity.
  9. 9. building friendship from not knowing each other before
  10. 10. building trust with so many nice friends we've never met before
  11. 11. respecting other's achievements
  12. 12. challenge ourself to take risks & getting better than before
  13. 13. see the uniqueness of others
  14. 14. women will never go home without these high class art of jewelries
  15. 15. mactan has a very beautiful beach, being there makes me feel that heaven has just landed on earth
  16. 16. enjoy the amazing lightning show
  17. 17. a great opportunity to share our thoughts with young creative enterpreneur around asia pacific
  18. 18. hybernate the soul and defrag the brain
  19. 19. get out from daily routine. installing new point of view. a clearer and broader one.
  20. 20. we invite you to visit reative cities i n indonesia our c rs es of ou nce the diffe rent and unique sid let's experie m. arief budiman, jogja dicky sukmana, bandung ridwan kamil, bandung jeff kristianto, bali bandung jogja bali
  21. 21. big thanks to british council, government of cebu and all of you guys for extra ordinary experiences here along this creative programme
  22. 22. working be tough, guys! have a nice struggle on your own journey learning hybernating
  23. 23. i will give copy of my presentation and more than 100 photos to all of you. i hope it will complete your great journey here. enjoy it, all for free.
  24. 24. see you at the top of the world!
  25. 25. daghang salamat thank you all photos are taken in cebu & mactan during the creative programme by m. arief budiman & friends | indonesia | email: | |