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http://www.MyBinding.com brings you this demonstration of the Fellowes Starlet 90 Plastic Comb Binding Machine. The Fellowes Starlet Plastic Comb Binding Machine is designed for occasional binding needs in the home, office, or classroom. This small and inexpensive machine is designed to punch up to 7 sheets of paper at a time and can bind documents up to 90 sheets in length using a 1/2" plastic binding comb. For more details and product specifications, please visit:


Take a look and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call toll-free at 1-800-944-4573. Whether you need a manual Comb Binding Machine and Electric Comb Binding Machine or a plastic comb opener we have them all. We carry comb binding machines from GBC, Ibico, Akiles, Rhin-O-Tuff, Renz, Tamerica and DFG.

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Fellowes Starlet 90 Plastic Comb Binding Machine Review 5217201

  1. 1. Fellowes Starlet 90 Manual Plastic Comb Binding MachineWelcome to MyBinding presentation. This is a review of the Starlet 90, a Fellowes-made manual plastic comb binding machine.
  2. 2. Built for home, small office, or classroom occasional binding needs, the Starlet 90 is a great little machine. Lets watch it in action and check out its features.
  3. 3. Of first note is its compact stowaway design for easy storage and just good looks. To assure consistent punching throughout your project,
  4. 4. there is a margin control knob on the side of the machine. It does work well, even though its a little flimsy.
  5. 5. Punch capacity is always important for any punching machine. This one claims and can actually do seven sheets of 20lb paper per lift.
  6. 6. And considering what this machine was made for, thats a good amount. But keep in mind the levers on the right hand side. So for left-handed users, this would be a problem.
  7. 7. When it comes to the binding part, this machine seems to perform just as well. There is a pull out tray on the right side of the machine that stores some combs;
  8. 8. however, not very many. But there is a small handy little tool that allows you to take your completed project, slide it into the slot
  9. 9. And make the most accurate selection for your comb size. In terms of the mechanics of the comb opener, the teeth are made of metal but the lever is plastic.
  10. 10. But then again, most of the machine is made of plastic because its design is really for occasional use.
  11. 11. The most major limitation of this unit is that it is only designed for use with plastic combs up to half inch in diameter.
  12. 12. This allows you to bind a document of up to 90 sheets in
  13. 13. And because the punch pins are not disengageable and the punch slot is not open length.
  14. 14. It can only be used with letter sized sheets and oversized covers. Anything smaller or larger just will not work.
  15. 15. But again, its great for what it was designed for and for a price point of under $60, its a good deal.
  16. 16. For more demos and reviews of this product and many more, check out MyBinding.com.