Boeing marketing swot analysis + case study writing solution


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Case Study: SWOT Analysis - Market Analysis of Boeing by Case Study Analysis topics coved in this section about “Boeing: - Market Analysis” which is Purposely of SWOT Brand Positioning Market Research & What was the key weakness that Boeing was able to identify? What strength did Boeing use to turn its brand weakness into an opportunity? Want read more about ‘Boeing: - Market Analysis’ or Get expert case study writing help from or visit-

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Boeing marketing swot analysis + case study writing solution

  1. 1. Connexion By Boeing: Information technology for Competitive Advantage For More Info Visit:
  2. 2. Background • Tremendous downturn in Worldwide travel • On April 27, 2000, Boeing announced to offer high- speed connectivity to aircrafts under a new brand, Connexion by Boeing • The events of Sept. 11, 2001 and SARS crisis. • Made its debut aboard Lufthansa Flight 452 on May 17, 2004. • Developed mobile based, global broadband communication network. • Goal: High speed communications in the sky similar to that on land. For More Info Visit:
  3. 3. Market Analysis By Boeing • 75% of the business travelers carried laptops on flights • 62% of US frequent business travelers were interested in in-flight broadband services • About one fifth of the different airlines’ frequent fliers were willing to pay as much as $35 per flight for a high-speed service offering • 3% of the frequent fliers would be extremely likely to switch carriers for broadband internet access • 6% would even abandon frequent flier programs in ordWer to obtain connectivity For More Info Visit:
  4. 4. SOWT Analysis+ case study Writing solution Get Help From For More Info Visit:
  5. 5. • Connexion by Boeing can offer other benefits: • Increased productivity for airlines • Airplane maintenance • Operational efficiency opportunities for the airlines • Medical diversions • Enhanced service • Greater security • Competitive differentiator For More Info Visit:
  6. 6. Analysis of the e-Enabled Advantage • Will serve as a sustainable advantage – Strategic positioning – Innovation ability • Provides stakeholders with resources to reduce costs – By increasing operational efficiencies, Boeing can develop a virtuous cycle For More Info Visit:
  7. 7. Sustainable Competitive Advantage • Provides information-enabled products and services – Information is easily customized • Drives asset efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth • Unpredictable lifespan – As long as Boeing maintains innovation capabilities and leads technology growth For More Info Visit:
  8. 8. IT Utilization • IT will serve as the main driver of Boeing’s sustainable advantage – Employ highly competent IT leaders – Institute a lean, yet agile infrastructure • Embed IT into existing products/newly launched services – Will drive revenue growth – Creates high switching costs For More Info Visit:
  9. 9. Recommendations 1. Boeing must implement the consultative selling approach and provide services that move toward a partnership relationship with customers. This involves altering the business plan to fit the demands of the environment. 2. Boeing needs to emphasize the importance of communicating the value of e-Enabling to their customers. 3. Boeing must utilize large scale system integration to equip all products with the IT capabilities associated with e-Enabling. For More Info Visit:
  10. 10. CONCLUSION  Connexion has redefined the airline industry by improvising IT efficiency.  Connexion benefits the passengers, flight and cabin crews, airline operations, system performance and the industry.  “It’s going to happen, and the mindset is, if Boeing doesn’t do it first, someone else will.” “Right now, it’s sort of like a very pre-emptive chess game. The e-Enabled environment is going to happen, and the question is, are we going to be following or leading?” For More Info Visit:
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