Kachin Peace Agreement. Contiue salvation from poverty and drug by GRACE OF GOD


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Kachin Peace Agreement. Contiue salvation from poverty and drug by GRACE OF GOD

  1. 1. Kachin State (Kachin Province) After Myanmar reformed in 2011, there are one third of terrorist of Myanmar is under ethnic fighting. 1. Kachin, Wa, Ko-kant , Shan – CHNIA border 2. Shan, Kayah, Karen, Mon – Thailand border 3. Naga, Chin – India border (small fighting) American Influence at Thailand border and peace process is quite ok. China influence especially to Kachin, Wa and Ko-kant. Due to resource, people living those are like a curses by resources. As China economic grow, border trade is good and people suffered DRUG… Ngunjawa 1/5
  2. 2. Resources from Kachin to Developing China Estimated ~usd 8 billion trading to Developing China via Kachin Province. Hydro Power – This is Ta-bain hydro-plant US$300 million per year, a lot of plants are completion Jade & Gold mines – Jade alone, ~2000 million usd per year, official sale. Un-official sale of Jade, Gold are a lot (no tax) Natural Resources – fruits, meat, vegetable at river site. herbal, flower, Myrrh, natural honey, at ice mountain. Mt Hkakabo-razi is highest in south east Asia. Teak, Wood – estimated US$ 1000 million trading to China via Kachin Province Ngunjawa 1/5
  3. 3. Kachin Province has many ethnic. Jinphaw is most influenced ethnic and they are leading KIA Kachin Independent Army. Almost 100% of Kachin are CHRISTIAN In 1959, Prime Minister U Nu declared the whole Burma as Buddhist country, then KIA fighting started. Due to many resources in Kachin Province, youth can earn easy money as workers. As money is easy, gambling, drug, prostitute, night club are dominated among. Opium is No.1 killer for Kachin Burma is world No.2 Opium Production and almost all of farmers grow opium. Normal workers earn Kyat 3500 per day (3.5usd) Opium workers earn kyat 10,000 per day (10 usd) Agriculture farm, it can eliminate by Process Industry. Opium Ngunjawa 2/5
  4. 4. Peace is only by GOD FIGHTING (KACHIN & BURMESE) ARMY After 2011, 10 years peace agreement was broken between KIA and Burmese Army. KIA need money and only fighting get tax money from Chinese and Myanmar companies/business men. 100,000 refugees are at China border for 3 years. China power and Burmese army/Kachin army fighting for resource is a curse. Ngunjawa 3/5
  5. 5. Peace is only by GOD PEACE ECONOMIC GROW EXPECTATION 2014 January, Burmese army changed mind. They realized that - UN - EU - American President ..requested to stop the civil war. Only big brother is to be patient and build TURST between ethnic leaders. Peace talk started. Now, both leaders must work to share the niche resources To stop DRUG, stop refugee camps, job opportunities - Only industrialization is solution - Educated Kachin and Myanmar entrepreneurs must work with China (Yunnan) Process Industry. Need Help from - United Nation - World Bank - America and China Kachin State ကခ်င္ India China Myanmar (Burma) ျမန္မာ Thailand Ngunjawa 4/5