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Business Opportunities in Myanmar
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Business Opportunities in Myanmar


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Published in: Business

  • Hi, I am SAMIR DEOTA, We are looking for channel partners for water treatment business in Asian countries. If interested, pls contact
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  • Looking forward to export SOLAR products.
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  • hi, i am buddhika (product Management Executive) from Sri Lanka, we are a leading company who are doing builders hardware manufacture ring and distributing. so i need to know is there chance for us to start business with myanmar?
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  • 1. Golden Opportunities in the Golden Land
    Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
    29, Min Ye KyawSwar Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon Tel : 95-1-214344-9, Fax : 95-1-214484
    Myanmar Business Network
    Tokyo, Japan Tel: +818031916197
  • 2. Background
    Myanmar is the largest country on mainland South-East Asia with a total land area of 676,577
    Total coastline is 2,832 km.
    • Shares total international borders of 5,858 km
    • 3. Bangladesh and India on the north-west,
    • 4. China on the north-east and;
    • 5. Laos and Thailand on the south-east.
    • 6. Dynamic crossroad linking South East Asia, Western China (Yunnan) and the Indian sub-continent
    • 7. Economic gateway to a potential vast market of over two billion consumers as well as sub-regional economic nodal link.
    • 8. Population around 56 Million
    The people in Myanmar enjoys religious tolerance and has full freedom of worship for followers of different religions
    Buddhism 89.9%
    Christians 5.6%
    Islam 3.8%
    Hinduism 0.5%
    Traditional animistic beliefs 0.2%
    Market Economic
    1948 to 1962
    The development of
    private sector In Myanmar
    Socialist Economic Market-Oriented
    System Economic System
    1962 to 1988 1988 to date
  • 11. Trade Patterns and Trends
    Myanmar's foreign trade is mainly with Asian countries.
    More than 70% of total export goes to the Asian region and about 90% of total import comes from this region.
    Myanmar foreign trade is mainly with China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and India, who are its main trading partners.
    Myanmar attaches great importance for further developing and strengthening trade with Asian countries.
    Like most developing countries, Myanmar is still an exporter of agricultural and other primary products.
    The country's imports consist largely of manufactured goods, particularly capital goods.
    Myanmar is an original signatory of GATT and a member of the WTO.
  • 12. Export Structure of Myanmar
    Myanmar gives top priority for the development of agriculture .
    Increasing and diversifying exports, and improving the quality of exports products, are among the main objectives of the export promotion policy.
    Major export items are agricultural products including rice and rice products, pulses, maize, raw rubber, marine products, timber, base metal and ores, precious and semi-precious minerals.
  • 13. Import Structure of Myanmar
    The import policy of Myanmar is to give priority to capital goods, industrial raw materials and spare parts and other essential items
    The government has urged the public and private entrepreneurs to import commodities that will contribute to infra-structural development and production sectors.
  • 14. Myanmar’s Border Trade
    The policy of the Government is to further develop and strengthen the bilateral trade relations with the five neighbouring countries, Bangladesh, China, Laos, India and Thailand using border trade as a mechanism for trade expansion
    It is evident that border trade plays an important part in a country’s economy through contribution to the national GDP.
    It provides employment to the lesser developed cities and towns and thus improves the quality of life in these regions.
    Geographically, Myanmar is a gateway to the east, north, and west and can be a central hub for exchange of goods, services and technology.
    Increased border trade not only contributes on a bilateral level but also brings together regional economic blocks such as ASEAN, ACMECS, BIMSTEC and GMS- BF.
  • 15. Foreign Investment in Myanmar
    The Union of Myanmar Foreign Investment Law was promulgated in November 1988.
    The leading sectors are oil and gas, manufacturing, hotel and tourism, real estate and mining sectors.
    The leading investors are Thailand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and the Hong Kong.
    • Myanmar has abundant natural resources, talented workforce and adequate infrastructure to set up new business ventures by local own, joint venture or 100% foreign owned businesses.
    • 17. The followings are the potential investment areas :
    • 18. Labor intensive industries ( Garment .. etc: )
    • 19. Food processing industries
    • 20. Supporting industries for the heavy machineries
    • 21. Assembly firms
    • 22. Electronic and Electronic components manufacturing
    • 23. Contract farming
    • 24. Establishment of Seed firms
    • 25. Oil and Gas exploration
    • 26. Research and Development firms
    • 27. Mining
  • US$ 500,000
    US$ 300,000
    Form of Organization
    Foreign investor can set up their business either in the form of:
    100% wholly foreign-owned (100% foreign)
    Joint Venture
    (an individual, a private company, a cooperative or a state-owned enterprise)
    In all joint venture, the minimum share of the foreign party is 35% of the total equity capital.
  • 28. Investment Incentives
  • 29. Guarantees
    The FIL provides an irrevocable state guarantee that an enterprise permitted by MIC under the FIL shall not be nationalized during the permitted period or the extended period ( if any ).
    It also provider repatriation of profit (after all deduction of all the taxes and the prescribed funds) as well as legitimate balance of salary and lawful income of foreign personnel (after payment of living expenses and taxes).
    In the case of termination or dissolution of the business, repatriation of foreign capital can also be allowed.
  • 30. Foreign Investment in Myanmar by sector ( 31/10/2009)
  • 31. Foreign Investment by Country of Origin (as of 31/10/2009)
  • 32. Foreign Investment by Country of Origin (Cont:)
  • 33. Foreign Investment by Country of Origin (Cont:)
  • 34. Investment Leads.........
    Myanmar has abundant natural resources and there are lots of opportunities in the agriculture sector and trading can be done in rice, pulses and beans, maize, sesamum, rubber, coffee, tea, sugarcane, jute, fruits, veggies etc.
    Another sector is livestock and fisheries as Myanmar is endowed with rich and varied marine and inland fishery resources
    Myanmar has a long coastline which provides a very good base for the development of shrimp and prawn culture.
  • 35. Investment Leads.........
    Another potential is the forestry sector. Myanmar is indeed very rich in forest resources and Myanmar teak is highly reputable in the world market and enjoys the largest share of the world teak trade.
    Another sector is the mining sector and Myanmar ranks high among the Asian countries in terms of mineral potential. Myanmar gems-rubies and jade are highly popular in the world.
    Reverting to energy, oil and gas exploration under the energy sector is the highest in the foreign investment in Myanmar
  • 36. Investment Leads.........
    Another booming sector is the tourism sector.
    Myanmar is a cultural destination with its rich cultural heritage and is also blessed with natural environment like snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, long rivers, lush tropical forests, unspoilt beaches and archipelagos.
  • 37. Investment Leads.........
    Myanmar is a new and emerging tourist destination in SE Asia. There are over 100 national races with their colourful costumes and customs, traditional arts and crafts all make up Myanmar the most exotic and fascinating destination in Asia.
    You will find Myanmar a beautiful and peaceful place with the most hospitable people in the world.
  • 38. Regional Linkages
    • Myanmar’s investment value lays not only within the country itself but also on the regional linkages that it offers through its strategic geographic location
    Regional Linkages include;
    Source : ADB
  • 42. GMS countries
    • Connected by the 4,200 km long Mekong River (12th largest in the world)
    • 43. Land mass: the size of western Europe
    • 44. Inhabit : 250 million
    • 45. Strategically located: land bridge between South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia
    Source : ADB
  • 46. GMS countries
    Source : ADB
  • 47. GMS Objective
    Promote economic
    and social development by strengthening economic linkages
    Source : ADB
  • 48.
  • 49. East-West Economic Corridor
    Develop a highly efficient transport system which allows goods and people to move around the GMS region
    Strengthen economic cooperation between Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam .
    Only direct continuous land route between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.
  • 50. Conclusion
    With the huge land mass, abundant natural , human resources, large local market and the various regional linkages, Myanmar stands ready to take an important place in the economic development of South East Asia in particular and Asia in general.
  • 51. Thank You.
    Myanmar Business Network
    Tokyo, Japan Tel: +818031916197