8 Things You Must Offer to Become a Great Leader


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Aside from facts, figures, and policy, great leaders make a priority of remembering the soft elements that help their team grow and perform at their best. Great leaders don’t save human reflection for special occasions. They keep these thoughts in mind all the time to keep their teams happy and productive.

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8 Things You Must Offer to Become a Great Leader

  1. 1. The team will build a culture that follows the leader’s demeanor. Treat them with care and consideration, even when they screw up. Then they will remember to do the same.
  2. 2. Everyone from the cleaning person to the top executive deserves certain basic courtesies, including a cordial greeting, a present moment of your attention, and the acknowledgement of his or her efforts.
  3. 3. This is the era of instant gratification, and most people want things done as quickly as possible. But an immediate response or solution is not always available. Recognize that many aspects of a project will take time to develop, or that an answer may take 24 hours or more to find.
  4. 4. Laughter is not a substitute for persistence and hard work, of course. But the judicious use of humor can do a lot to put things in perspective. Oh yeah, and lots of humor makes work more fun as well.
  5. 5. It’s hard to hear the truth sometimes, especially when you are emotionally invested in a project that is off track. But great leaders know how to deliver truth in a straightforward way that helps people move forward. And the detriments of avoidable failure due to silence or candy coating far outweigh the harshness and pain of learning the truth.
  6. 6. When people are running out of energy or feeling down, great leaders take notice and remember how to get people back on track. You can describe what you like or admire about them.
  7. 7. Great leaders remember to be grateful for the efforts others make on their behalf. Be watching for opportunities to do small, thoughtful things for others that demonstrate how much you appreciate their efforts.
  8. 8. During the worst times, people want to believe that life will get better, that everything will improve, and that growth, progress, or success is in their grasp. Let people know that you believe in them, that your expectations are high and that they should keep trying.
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