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Make money daily without stress!

  1. 1. WHAT IS INVESTING?Anytime you invest, you are devoting your owntime, resource, or effort to achieve a greater goal.You can invest your weekend in a good cause,invest your intelligencein your job, or invest your time in a relationship.Just as you undertake each of these expecting goodresult, you invest your money in a stock, bond ormutual fund becauseyou think its value will appreciates over time.Investing involve putting money into some form of"secuirity" - a fancy word for anything that is"secured" by other assets.Stock, bonds, mutual funds, and certificates ofdeposit are all type of secuirities. As with anythingelse, there are many different approaches toinvesting.
  2. 2. Investing is participating in your work place savingplan can be a smart financial move. In addition tooffering a vehicle to help when saving forretirement, you canincrease you chances for long time success bycontributing regular amounts on a consistent basis.choose from a variety of investment option to helpmeet your investmentneed today and your income needs duringretirement.Once you have decided to start saving for yourfuture through your work place saving plan, thereare few investment basics you will need to know.Selectinginvestment options that are suitable for yoursituation is known as asset allocation. There arethree types of investment, or asset classes, you canchoose from help build a
  3. 3. workplace savings plan investment mix that worksfor you. Neither diversification nor asset allocationensures a profit or guarantees against a loss.WHY SHOULD I INVEST?Simply put, you want to invest in order to createwealth. It is relatively painless, and the rewards areplentiful. By investing, you will have a lot moremoney for things likeretirement,education,recreation- or you could passon your riches to the next generation so that youbecome your familys Most cherished Ancestor.Whether you arestarting from scratch or have a few thousand dollarssaved, investing basics will help get going on theroad to financial wellbeing.KNOW YOUR GOALSWhat are you saving for? Retirement? College forkids? A new speaker system complete with woofers
  4. 4. and tweeters? A retirement mansion is your choicearea?WHAT SHOULD I INVEST IN?Now that you know why you are investing and howto get started, it is time to dig deeper and pick someinvestments. As you may noticed , there are severalcategories ofinvestments, and many of those categories havethousands of choice within them. so finding theright ones for you is not a trivial matter. The singlegreatest factor, by farin growing your long term wealth is the rate of long-term wealth is the rate of return you get on yourinvestment, There are times when you may need toput your money ina place for a short time, even though you will notget very good returns.BUDGET
  5. 5. For investment purposes budgeting is vital. After all,you need to know how much money for eachpaycheck you can set aside on a regular basis.Complete the detailedbudgeting worksheet to learn where your cash isgoing now, and to plan for changes for the future atleast some of what is left over can be invested. Ifthe amount is too lowto meet your objectives time horizon with the typeof investments that you are comfortable with, tryadjusting your budget so you can.Risk Tolerance AssessmentSome people are comfortable taking chances withtheir investment, while others cant sleep at theslightest possibilities of loosing principal. Beingaware of your risktolerance level will help you invest in product thatmake not just economic sense but emotional sensefor you.
  6. 6. CASH EQUIVALENTSCash-called "cash equivalents"- is comprised ofseveral types of low interest, low risk investmentvehicle. Though considered safe, the low returnsmeans interest may notkeep up with inflation. having a portion of yoursaving in cash is security measure. Not suitable forlong term growth, their purpose is to preserveprincipal and offset therisk of stocks and bonds.DIVERSIFICATIONAfter you spread risk by investing in different assetclasses, you can reduce it even further throughdiversification. There are many types of investmentplan that will begiven to you in this investment ebook,with very highrisk but with also very high and incredible return.The easy way to play safe is to invest little withthem and diversify
  7. 7. it to other investment site.Note:In this type ofinvestment never invest more than what you canafford to loose.BEYOND THE BASICScongratulations- You have gotten through thegetting started part of investing Basics! But youhave not finished yet. There is plenty more for youto learn. Go at your ownpace, take a break when its too much, and enjoylearning about the investing.WHAT IS AN E-CURRENCY?E- currency, also known has electronic money isreferred to as an electronic form of money backedby gold or cash. E-currency is a major tool on theinternet which makesfund transfer and transaction fast, reliable and easy.Example of e-currencies are : e-gold, liberty reserve,web money,paypal and lot more you can Googlethem to know
  8. 8. more about them. In this e-book we will be dealingmore with LIBERTY RESERVE as our e-currency forinvestment.HOW TO OPEN,FUND AND WITHDRAW YOURMONEY FROM LIBERY RESERVE.Liberty Reserve is a Means of Payment Online, ItsSimilar to Paypal and Others but due to its OwnUniqueness and easier to pay in and cash outMoney, Its has grown tobecome one of the World Easiest Online PaymentSystem.Liberty Reserve can be used to pay for School Fees,Buy Goods Online, Pay for Shopping and so on, Justlike we do with Our Credit Card and PayPal Account.HOW CAN I GET A LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT?
  9. 9. Liberty Reserve Account is Free to get, All You haveto do is Visit, Click onCreate Account and Follow the RegistrationProcedure you will be issue password,pin,masterpin etc.just copy it and save it to your notepadbecause they will not be send to your email onlyyour liberty reserve account number will be sent toyour email. After that aConfirmation Mail will be Sent to your Email forConfirmation, Then your Liberty Reserve AccountNumber will be Issued to Youalongside with some other Info. Liberty ReserveAccount look like this: U123456. => Now YouveGot a LR Account!HOW CAN I FUND OR PUT MONEY INTO MY LIBERTYRESERVE ACCOUNT This is the Part where manypeeps get pissed off, But I Promise to make this PartSimpler and more Interesting. Am gonna give youthe Easiest Way and this is it visit.
  10. 10. is a Company that FundLiberty Reserve and also Withdraw Funds for You,What this means is that they can Help you payMoney into yourLiberty Reserve account and also help you towithdraw from it.HOW TO FUND FOR PEOPLE IN NIGERIA? 1. Visit website and get theirAccount Number, Pay into their Bank Account e.gGTBank, Zenith Bank, UBA etc , then afterthe payment, Send the Details you are ask to Sende.g Name, Teller No, Phone Number, Amount Paidand your Liberty Reserve Account Number. 2.Oncethey get your textand confirm your Payment, Your Liberty Accountwill be Funded with the Amount you Paid and thenyou can Use it Online. you can also call them andask any question before payment. dont worry theycan not run with your money they are tested and
  11. 11. trusted i used them a lot to fund my liberty reserveand i also sell to them.I also recommend this guy, you can also fund andwithdraw through him he his very fast in fact he useto fund my account within 5 min after he confirmmy payment. you can visit or call him on08189171257, 08035721770, 08055218105.Further Transaction. You will get a ConfirmationText once your Account isFunded.HOW TO WITHDRAW FOR PEOPLE IN NIGERIA?To Withdraw, just visit the site where you fund yourliberty reserve click on sell in their account and tellthem the amount you want to sell to them. theprice you sell to them is $160 while if you want tobuy from them they will sell it to you $180 at thetime of writing this report price may change
  12. 12. anytime make sure you visit their site beforemaking any payment and calculate the price beforepaying to their account.e.g if you buy $100 fromthem you will have to pay the sum of 18,000 nairato their account and they will send $100 to yourliberty reserve account but if you want to sell your$100 to them, you will have to transfer the $100 totheir liberty reserve account and they will send16,000 naira to your Nigeria bank account.NOTE: For people not in Nigeria that want to fundand buy libertyreserve just visit youwill see list of site that sells and buy liberty reservemake your research and choose the one that youprefer and you can email them first before duringany transaction with them don’t be scare at all theyare all tested and trusted by liberty canalso visit have tried themalso.
  13. 13. THE INVESTMENT SITE THAT WILL BE PAYING 2%DAILY.The original JBP was launched in 2004. It was nor asuccess and became dormant.Early 2010, a new JBP was launched. Its bigattraction was that members could buy down linemembers or referrals. However, we had difficulty inproviding the referrals ordered. The demand was"insatiable." The new JBP was moderatelysuccessful.Later in 2010, we launched JustBeenPaid JSS as partof JBP. We also launched TDS (the Test DriveSystem) to enable new members to get a first-handexperience of how JSS works. JSS was moderatelysuccessful.
  14. 14. Still in 2010, we launched JSS-Booster as a "feeder"for JSS. JSS-Booster was also moderately successful.Then, also in 2010, we launched JSS-Warp as a"feeder" for JSS-Booster and JSS. JSS-Warp was alsomoderately successful.In February, 2011, we launched JSS-Tripler as a"feeder" for JSS. JSS-Tripler quickly became hugelysuccessful. Its the "tail that wags the JBP dog!" So dont be panic at all with this company as youcan see the years that they started. HOW IT WORKSThe company has a program called JSS under JSSthere are five sub-program namely
  15. 15. JSS-TriplerJSS-WarpJSS-BoosterJSS MATRIXJSS SYNERGYBut the best program is JSS Tripler which is what wewill be dealing in this eBook, Because that is themost profitable. JSS TRIPPLER
  16. 16. JSS TRIPPLER is a program under JSS, In thisprogram they will pay you by the amount ofposition that you have and each position cost $10and they will pay you 2% on each position. forexample if you have only 1 position they will payyou 0.2 per day for 75 days and after that thepayment will stop. so that means that on eachposition you earn $15 after 75 days. That is 0.2 * 75= $ if you have 10 position. just follow thecalculation below carefully.10 position will be=0.2 multiply by 10 = 2.thatmeans they will be paying you $2 for 75 days =$150. so as you see the more the position the morethe daily earnings. if you have 20 positions you willbe receiving $4 per day for 75 days and after 75days the payment will stop. so what i want you tounderstand here is that just know that the moreposition you have the more your daily earningssince they pay 2% on each position daily. so as you
  17. 17. see the profit is very minimal. but am going to teachyou how to increase your position everyday tomake your earning to be increasing and you willnever run out of position. DAILY REPURCHASING ORCOMPOUNDINGThis is the trick that have been using to compoundmy earnings daily with this you will earn moneyforever till the company collapse because you willnever run out of position as some position areexpiring some will be springing. just follow me asam explaining.lets say you start by buying 20 positions they willgive you extra 1 position as you register so the totalyou will have will be 21 positions that means youwill be earning $4.20 daily for 75 days. so this is the trick. Immediately you have up to $10in your JSS Tripler account just use it to re-purchase
  18. 18. position to add your position so your position willnow be 22 position instead of 21 position.This is what I mean. if you buy 20 position they willgive you 1 position making 21 position. So after 3days your money should have accumulated to $12.6in your JSS tippler account just click buy positionand buy 1 position since you have up to $10 to you will now have 22 position the next paymentwill now be 0.2 multiply by 22 position which will be$4.40 so you continue the process like that. now Iwill show the difference of compounding and non-compounding. See the screen shot below of $200compounding.I started june 8,2012 and I will compound tillDecember 20,2012.this is the amount that you willmake .
  19. 19. As you can see that with $200 investment you havemade $3,641.90 within5-6month this is hugewithout selling or sponsoring.if you can follow thecalculation you will see that $3,641 is your dailyearning that means that after withdrawing thismoney you will still receive payment the next daybut it may not amount to $3,641 because someposition must have expired I mean they must havecompleted the 75days but you are very sure thatyou will still have fresh position that will still be
  20. 20. earning money for you since you are buyingposition almost everyday.For non compounding of the same $200 will be$475. So if you are little bit confuse just go to thesite and do the calculation yourself you will see thatif you compound within 2 month you will makedouble of your money but if you don’t compoundyou will not make good money oo. As you can seethe difference now. so to make good money makesure you compound that is where there is bigmoney.NOTE: If you refer people through your referrer linkyou will earn 10% on his deposit and also 5% on hissecond leg.check their site for details. E.g if theperson you refer buy 1 postion you will earn $1instantly.depeding on the amount of position yourreferrer buy will determine the amount you willearn on him or her. So you can refer people to alsoincrease your earning. To get your referrer link onwhen you log in to your JSS home page you will see
  21. 21. marketing click on it .it will take you to affiliatewebsite copy the link that is there.and startpromoting it to people.make sure they use youraffiliate link or else you will not make money offthem.Can you now see the difference. so any amount thatyou want to invest with them just click on thecalculator in their site and calculate your earnings.Make sure you calculate any amount you want toinvest. Good Luck!
  22. 22. HOW TO GET STARTEDVisit http: please followthis link strictly or just click on it and it will take youto the site click on Click Here And Join for FREE Now! it will take youto where to fill a form. you will see the name ofyour sponsor which is OGUNBOYEJO OLUSEGUNjust fill your real name and type your email addressthey always accept gmail so if you don’t have gmailaccount open one its free.just go to andclick on create new account. after registering withjustbeenpaid they will send you a confirmation toyour email.check your spam that is where theyalways send the confirmation link and click on thelink they sent to confirm. After confirmation it willask you to log in to member area log in with thepassword you use to register and type in your userid number that they sent to your email and enterthe code shown above in the box provided .it willnow take you to your homepage click on JSSTRIPLER and you will be giving $10 instantly if you
  23. 23. don’t have money to buy position you can start tobuy position with the $10 that was giving to you.justclick buy position and it will take you to where tobuy type 1 in the amount of position box since youonly have $10.that is all. HOW TO FUND YOUR JSS ACCOUNT.The first thing is to fund your liberty reserveaccount with any of the exchanger that is listedabove after you have funded your LR.log in to yourJustbeenpaid. Click on JSS TRIPLER enter Jss tripleryou will see FUND JSS ACCOUNT at the left cornerclick on it and it will launch another page to whereto type the amount you want to fund in dollars.justtype the amount maybe $200 but make sure youhave upto $200 in your liberty reserve. then clickproceed to fund my account you will be taken towhere you will see the different form of on line e-currency just click on liberty reserve. Then you willbe ask to type your liberty account number andpassword and continue the process after you are
  24. 24. through with the payment click return to merchantthat is all about that. TO BUY POSITION WITH THE FUNDED MONEYAfter funding your JSS ACCOUNT to buy positionsince you have to transfer the money to JSS TRIPLERso that you will be able to buy position. Just clicktransfer fund to JSS TRIPLER and your account willbe funded instantly then you can now buy position. TO CASHOUT YOUR MONEYTo cash out your money from JSS TRIPLER transferthe amount you want to cash out to JSS MAINACCOUNT and click withdraw the money will besent to your liberty reserve so you will be ask totype your liberty reserve account. So when themoney get to your liberty reserve account just sell itto your exchanger and within 24hrs you will seeyour money in your Nigeria bank account.I am committed to your successes if you have anyquestion do not hesitate to contact me.
  25. 25. OGUNBOYEJO OLUSEGUN If you have any problemplease call me on: 08023290406 08063490975