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Ministry studies complaints on dress code


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The Sun 23 JUL 2007

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Ministry studies complaints on dress code

  1. 1. 7 ✩★ theSun | MONDAY JULY 23 2007 news without borders Ministry studies complaints on dress code DEPUTY Higher Education Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat says he is looking into complaints by Press Digest a group of non-Muslim students alleging that Universiti Utara Malaysia has enforced a new by Kong See Hoh dress code that curbed the freedom of their newsdesk@thesundaily.com choice of dressing. A UUM student emailed China Press that apart “I am looking into the matter seriously. I am from the new dress code, the university has banned waiting for an explanation from UUM,” he told students from bringing camera phones to the cam- reporters who asked him to comment at a pus. function in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. UUM publicity chief Mohd Zaini told Nanyang Siang “I want to be clear about the UUM dress Pau there was some misunderstanding over the dress code. If it does not apply to non-Muslims, UUM code because of a technicality. should make it very clear to the students. “In fact, the clothes allowed (as shown in the dress “UUM has denied (imposing the dress code code poster) was to include long-sleeves shirt and long on non-Muslims), but I want to know if the pants,” he said. dress code has specified that it does not apply “Because of the technicality, there was an error in to non-Muslims as claimed by the university.” the dress code for the new semester. The university Ong said public universities have the right did not force Chinese or Indian students to wear baju to impose their own dress code but if it is for- kurung in campus.” mulated based on the teachings and beliefs of On the long pants and shirt with elbow-length a certain religion and imposed on students sleeves being flagged on the poster as inappropriate with other religious beliefs, “these students for female students, Mohd Zaini explained that only can complain to the ministry”. tight-fitting long pants, along with short skirts, are dis- The Chinese press reported that the dress allowed. code requires male students to wear long He said the new dress code, which is nothing much pants with long-sleeves shirts and tie, and different from the old one, was to perk up the female students to don the baju kurung or coat students’ image. with long skirt. It was learnt that certain lecturers wanted the dress code strictly observed, allowing only students who dressed accordingly into the lec- ture halls. A student who blogged under the name “Xiao Hai Zhi” (small boy in Chinese) claimed UUM has set up disciplinary committees in dormitories to keep tabs on the students’ dressing. Offenders would be fined between RM30 and RM200, he said in his blog. It was reported that because the new dress code was not posted on UUM’s web site when it was introduced on July 7, many senior students faced the wrath of their lecturers for “inappropriate” dressing when they reported for the new semester. On the other hand, few freshies had flouted the rules as they were already briefed what to wear, during the orientation.