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  1. 1. MOLABTVX <br />HD-MDN: MOBILE DELIVERY NETWORK<br />Live Mobile TV - "Think Mobile, Going Global"<br />
  2. 2. Creating simplicity out of video in email chaos Video Email is a video email automation platform for creating and delivering multiple versions of a marketer's video - ensuring each subscriber enjoys the best possible video in email experience given the limitations of his mail client.<br /> The patent-pending process employed by enables video in email compatibility with nearly all email clients - without creating rendering or deliverability issues. Currently, the following videos are created by : - iPad/Apple Mail 4 - .mp4 video encoded with H.264 - renders w/HTML5 video tag - iPhone - .mp4 video encoded with H.264 - renders w/HTML5 video tag - Thunderbird - .ogv video (encoded with OGG Theora) - renders w/HTML5 video tag - Firefox webmail (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc) - aPNG video - Chrome, IE7, IE8 (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc) - Fast Framerate animated .GIF video - Safari - lower framerate animated .GIF w/encoding to speed up the video by reducing the delay between frames) -<br />Slow connection, non HTML5 compliant mobile devices - Low bandwidth animated .GIF - IE6 (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc) - Uncompressed animated .GIF video - Apple Mail 3, iPad/Safari, iPhone/Safari, Mac/Chrome - "Load image" animated .GIF video - Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 - User-specified static image - Lotus Notes - animated .GIF video with changed content-type - .FLV (high bandwidth) - used only on the landing page - .FLV (low bandwidth) - used only on the landing page - All other non-webmail clients will attempt to render HTML5 video, and fall back to animated .GIF video or static image depending on the capabilities of the mail client.<br />Login<br />
  3. 3. PROJECT BACKGROUND<br />Basic Features: One-click video upload Built-in video email clip creation Deliverability-friendly video embed method Serves compatible video based on the limitations of each recipient's mail client Animated .GIF video support Animated .PNG video support HTML5 video support No technical integration required Advanced video email reports Copy/paste embed method Unlimited video uploads Landing page video player Social video sharing<br /> Advanced Features: Realtime video file swapping on email open Multi video .GIF encoding Multi video .PNG encoding Multi HTML5 video encoding w/multi codec support Automated video file compression, optimized for different browsers and mail clients Non Javascript-based bandwidth detection Lotus Notes .GIF filetype replacement Integrated user agent reporting with campaign breakdown Buffered video for low bandwidth (e.g. mobile) connections Dynamic video framerate selection based on browser rendering speeds Tracking frame based engagement analysis reporting Comprehensive API Override functionality for Outlook 2007/2010 static image Low and high bandwidth .FLV video for landing page video <br />Support: Extensive online FAQ Training Email support Phone support <br />PROJECT VIDEO EMAIL<br />Description Video Email is a video email automation platform. The system relies on several formats of video, including animated .GIF video, HTML5 video, and animated .PNG video. After a source video file is uploaded to Web email Platform by the customer, the system generates multiple animated .GIF video files, multiple HTML5 video files, and multiple animated .PNG video files. A simple piece of HTML code is provided for copying and pasting into the email. When the mail recipient opens a video email, the system determines which video file to render "on the fly" based on the capabilities of the mail client or web browser. As of mid 2010 video email has to generates 15 separate video files/content assets from each source video.<br />
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  8. 8. Windows Live Encoding<br />
  9. 9. TV Tuner Capture<br />
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  11. 11. Live Record to Mobile<br />