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  • 1. School of Science & Informatics, CITPhysical Sciences Common Entry CR300 (level 7) CR305 (level 8)
  • 2. BSc Physical Sciences Common Entry (level 7, level 8) Semester 1Semester 1 (September – January)Students receive a general introduction to third-level sciencethrough the following modules: • Chemical Principles • Introduction to Physics • Essential Mathematical Skills • Practical Computer Technology • Biomolecules and Cells • Creativity, Innovation, Teamwork
  • 3. BSc Physical Sciences Common Entry (level 7) CR300 Course Progression Options BSc PSCE Level 7 CR300 (SEM 1) AnalyticalApplied Physics & &Pharmaceutical Instrumentation Chemistry CR001 CR007 (SEM 2) (SEM 2) API APC (Year 2) (Year 2) API APC (Year 3) (Year 3)
  • 4. BSc Physical Sciences Common Entry (level 7)Semester 2 Modules for Course Progression Options Applied Physics & Analytical & Instrumentation Pharmaceutical Chemistry M Instrument Measurement Laboratory Practices M Technological Maths 2 Calculus & Statistics M Instrument Calibration Fundamental Physical Chemistry M Design Skills & Technology Organic Chemistry Fundamentals M Sensors & Systems Introduction to Biotechnology M Fundamental Physics Elective
  • 5. BSc Physical Sciences Common Entry (level 8) Progression Options BSc Hons Level 8 CR305 (SEM 1)Instrument Analytical Chemistry with Environmental Science &Engineering Quality Assurance Sustainable Technology CR360 CR340 CR365 (SEM 2) (SEM 2) (SEM 2)Instrument ACQUA ESSTEngineering (Year 2) (Year 2) (Year 2)Instrument ACQUA ESSTEngineering (Year 3) (Year 3) (Year 3)Instrument ACQUA ESSTEngineering (Year 4) (Year 4) (Year 4)
  • 6. BSc Common Entry (level 8)Semester 2 Modules for Course Progression Options Instrument Analytical Chemistry Environmental Science Engineering with Quality Assurance & Sustainable TechnologyM Instrument Laboratory Technology, Instrument Measurement Health & Safety MeasurementM Calculus 1 Calculus & Statistics Calculus 1 Computing ComputingM Instrument Calibration Fundamental Physical Instrument Calibration ChemistryM Design Skills & Organic Chemistry Design Skills & Technology Fundamentals TechnologyM Sensors & Systems Introduction to Sensors & Systems BiotechnologyM Fundamental Physics Elective Fundamental Physics
  • 7. School of Science & Informatics, CIT CAO cutoff points 2012 BSc Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 270BSc Applied Physics and Instrumentation 295 BSc Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance 330 BSc Instrument Engineering 320 BSc Environmental Science & Sustainable Technology 310
  • 8. – Scifest 19th April 2012 (option for Schools to avail of expertise, labs or equipment)