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Speaker 1 caroline o'reilly

  1. 1. Cork Institute of Technology & TeagascClonakilty Agricultural College.Courses and Information 2013Career Guidance Counsellors Caroline O’Reilly, Dept. Head, Accounting & Information Systems, School of Business & John Kelly, PrincipalTeagasc Clonakilty Agricultural College
  2. 2. Developments & Graduate Opportunities New Level 8 Add-on Degrees • CR010 : BSc. (Hons) in Agriculture – commenced September 2012 • CR011: BSc. (Hons) in Horticulture – Commenced September 2012
  3. 3. Unique Programme Partnership • Department of Accounting & Information Systems – Business subjects • Department of Biological Science – Science subjects In partnership with; • Teagasc Clonakilty Agricultural College – Technical expertise and access to resources
  4. 4. Teagasc Clonakilty Agricultural College• A Teagasc College learning facility supporting Agriculture, Horticulture and Herbal Sciences.• Modern Lecture theatres and IT Labs• 350 acre farm (approx.) with various livestock, crops, farm buildings and machinery.• Horticulture Unit with glasshouse and field crops.• Research Centre linked with Moorepark.
  5. 5. BSc. in Agriculture / Horticulture at CIT • Broad knowledge gained of various science, business, and technical subjects. • Specialisation in the Management of Horticultural & Agricultural Enterprises • Specialisation in final year : Dairy Herd Management, Food, Plant Opportunities & Medicinal Herbs • Study level 6 through to level 10 • Small classes – 20 / 40 in most cases.
  6. 6. BSc. In Agriculture / Horticulture at CIT: • Range of teaching and assessment instruments adopted • Latest technologies being adopted e.g. tissue culture, plant biotechnology, organic research • A broad range of established industry links. • High level of contact with lecturers. • Student retention – High
  7. 7. The Best of both worlds• Four days a week in Clonakilty and one day in CIT campus in first year,• Two days in Clonakilty and approximately three days a week in CIT in second year,• CIT campus presently for Third and Fourth year for the Honours Degree year.
  8. 8. Examples of Horticulture modules• Plant Propagation• Botany• Plant Biotechnology• Greenhouse Soils and Media• Organic and Biodynamic Horticulture• Landscape Planning and Construction• Turf Grass Management• Market Gardening,• Nursery Stock Management• Finance, Marketing, Law, Enterprise..
  9. 9. Examples of Agriculture modules• Mechanisation• Animal Production• Crop Science• Animal Management• Food Science• Agricultural Mechanisation• Food & Environmental Science• Protecting Rural Environments• Quality Management Systems• Finance, Marketing, Law, Enterprise..
  10. 10. BSc (Hons) Level 8 – Agriculture & Horticulture • One year add on – 60 credits • Focus on Business, Science and Agriculture / Horticulture • Programme Structure – 20 credits for Business modules – 25 credits for Science related modules includes project – 15 credits for electives • Dairy Herd Management / Food (Agriculture) • Plant Opportunities / Medicinal Herbs (Horticulture)
  11. 11. Industry Links• Workplacement – CR010 & CR011 have accredited work placement modules – 15 weeks – National and International Placements• Employment Opportunities – Increase in number of companies contacting CIT directly when recruiting
  12. 12. Work Placement links
  13. 13. Job Opportunities - Agribusiness • Food harvest 2020 – Significant Government investment in Agriculture industries including Horticulture. • World Population is increasing coupled with an increased demand for food produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, means a strong demand and bright future for Agriculture and Horticulture graduates.
  14. 14. Graduate Opportunities• Management, Production, technical advisory, consultation, research, quality assurance , sales/ marketing and distribution positions, either working for companies or within one’s own business.• Continue to Masters and PhD study.• International Travel
  15. 15. Sample Job TitlesAgriculture Horticulture• Farm Manager, • Organic Producer of Veg or• Agricultural Sales rep, Fruit,• Agricultural Consultant, • Market Gardener manager,• Agricultural finance • Plant Propagator, adviser, • Head Greens keeper,• Researcher. • Landscape Construction• Food Production manager, Manager, • Nursery / Floral Production• Researcher. Manager.
  16. 16. School Visits – Please contactHorticulture Teagasc Clonakilty• Joseph Croke Agricultural College• Tel: 021 433 5885 • John Kelly• Email: • Tel: 023 8832505 joseph.croke@cit.ie • Email: John.kelly@teagasc.ieAgriculture:• Caroline O Reilly• Tel: 021-4335805• Email:caroline.oreilly@cit.ie
  17. 17. Yes to lifeHorticulture CR011… Its For me