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Flipping fantastic

  1. 1. Secondary School Lesson PlanDate : 3rd February 2012Time/Duration : 80 minutes (double period)Class : Form 1 EpsilonNo. of student : /Proficiency level : Low IntermediateBackground knowledge: Students had already been told to read the story ‘Flipping Fantastic’ a day before the lesson starts.Theme : Literature componentTopic : Flipping Fantastic by Jane Langford (extraordinary superb)Language skill focus : Writing (70%)Integrated skills : Reading, Speaking and Listening (30%)Language focus : Synopsis and the plot of a story.Learning outcomes : By the end of Form 2, students should be able to: 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR INTERPERSONAL USE 1.1b Take part in conversation and discussion iii. responding appropriately to questions. vi. participating in teacher-guided class discussions by giving one’s opinion. 2.0 LANGUAGE FOR INFORMATIONAL USE 2.2c Following sequence of ideas. iii. following sequence of ideas. 3.0 LANGUAGE FOR AESTHETIC USE 3.1b Recognizing elements in a story such as plot. iv. giving the sequences of events.
  2. 2. Learning objectives : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. interact and participate actively in class. (Observable) 2. answer at least 6 out of 10 lines correctly based on the illustration provided in the worksheet.(Measureable) 3. match and rearrange the events according to the five essential parts of plot in groups. (Achievable)Educational emphasis: a) Thinking skills b) Preparing for real world c) Multiple IntelligenceMoral values : Helpful, cooperative, respecting one and another.Resource Materials : Pictures, handouts, worksheet, whiteboard, mahjong paper and markerVocabulary List : 1. Flipping 2. Fantastic 3. Brilliant 4. Depressed 5. Persuades 6. Live-wire 7. Collywobbles 8. Grump 9. Paralympics 10. Awkward
  3. 3. STAGE/ CONTENT/ SKILL TEACHER/PUPIL AVA/DURATION ACTIVITY RATIONALESET- Whole class 1. Teacher writes the RationaleINDUCTION title of the story Question: entitled ‘Flipping To create interest(5 MINUTES) 1. Have you read the Fantastic’ on the in the topic of the story? whiteboard lesson by eliciting their feedback. 2. Can you still 2. Teacher asks remember what the students questions To determine story is all about? related to the whether students events which had already read 3. Who are the main occurred in the the story or not characters? story. Skills SpeakingPRE- Whole class 1. Teacher exposes RationaleREADING students with the Questions: framework of plot. To reinforce(10MINUTES) 1. How did the starts? students 2. Teacher distributes a understanding 2. Where did James handout containing the of the story. and Tristan study four essential parts of for their primary plot. (Appendix 1) education? Which school? 3. Teacher asks students 3. What happened to read the handout AVA after they ended given. their primary Appendix 1 education? 4. Teacher defines the term and explains to students on how to Skills group the events in a Reading drama into these Speaking elements. 5. Teacher discusses the events with students.
  4. 4. WHILE- Whole class Task One: RationaleREADING Vocabulary List 1. Teacher pastes a To help(25MINUTES) number of events taken students Flipping from the story, identify and Fantastic ‘Flipping Fantastic’ on match the event Brilliant the white board. with the story. Depressed Persuades 2. Teacher discusses the Allow students Live-wire events with students to think and also asks students imaginatively Collywobbles to identify any difficult and write Grumpy words to be discussed. creatively. Paralympics 3. Teacher asks students to explain further on the story which Skills occurred based on the Reading event taken. Speaking 4. Teacher discusses the events with students. Group work Task Two Rationale Skills 1. Teacher distributes To persuade Reading worksheet to all students to Speaking students. work together Writing (Appendix 2) and establish team work by 2. Students are asked to completing answer the worksheet group task. in groups. 3. Students are asked to AVA look into the event cards and rearrange Appendix 2 them according to the sequence of the story. 4. Teacher then discusses the sequence together with all students.
  5. 5. POST- Whole class 1. Student remains in RationaleREADING their same group. Skills To make the(20MINUTES) Listening 2. Teacher draws an class more Reading empty plot framework interesting and on the white board. to involve the students in the 3. Teacher also provides a class itself. collection of events written on cards. 4. Students will have to AVA organize the events of the drama by pasting Plot framework the event cards on the Even cards plot framework Whiteboard accordingly. Marker Mahjong paper 5. The group which completes the task quickest and correctly wins the challenge. 6. The winner will be praised.CLOSURE Whole class 1. Teacher will recap and Rationale review the lesson with To ensure the(10MINUTES) Skills the students. students learn Speaking some values 2. Teacher discusses on from the the moral values lesson. attained from the story. AVA HomeworkEvaluation :
  6. 6. Follow-up Activity : Students are asked to use their own creativity to write a short Paragraph less than 30 words on how they think the resolution of the story should had ended.Self-Reflection :Supervisor’s comment :
  7. 7. Appendix 1 Plot The plot is the sequence of events in a story or play. There are five parts in a plot: 3. Climax - This is the highest point of interest and the turning point of the story. The reader wonders what will happen next; will the conflict be resolved or not? 2. Conflict - This is where the events in the story become complicated and the 5. Resolution/ Ending- conflict in the story is This is the final outcome or revealed. untangling of events in the story1. Exposition/ Starting - Thebeginning of the story where the charactersand the setting is revealed.
  8. 8. Tritan and Jameshave completedprimaryschooling inPeter HillPrimary.
  9. 9. After the summerholidays, theywill be attendingdifferent schools.Tristan tellsmother that he
  10. 10. does not want togo to ChesterleaGrange.Tristan goes toChesterea Grangeand he finds itflipping fantastic.
  11. 11. James lovesHighfield andfinds it brilliant.