Storage solution in the cloud


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A brief introduction of different storage options available on AWS platform. And what is the value proposition of AWS in the Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario.

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Storage solution in the cloud

  1. 1. Storage Solution in the Cloud Martin Yan (
  2. 2. Agenda   v  Intro  of  Amazon  Web  Services   v  AWS  Storage  op7ons   v  Demo  #1  –  Commvault  backup  to  S3  +  Glacier,  Storage  Lifecycle   management   q Break v  Demo  #2  –  Storage  Gateway   v  Demo  #3  –  Disaster  Recover    
  3. 3. 7 Years Young
 Amazon S3 launched: March 14th 2006
  4. 4. Broad & Deep Services to Support Virtually Any Cloud Workload Compute Networking Storage & CDN Database App Services Management Amazon EC2 Amazon EMR Amazon ELB Amazon Route 53 Amazon VPC AWS Direct Connect Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Amazon EBS AWS Import/Exp Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Elasticache Amazon RedShift Amazon CloudSearch Amazon SWF Amazon SQS Amazon SNS Amazon SES Amazon Elastic Transcoder AWS IAM Amazon CloudWatch AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Cloudformation AWS Data Pipeline AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudHSM AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Marketplace AWS Premium Support AWS Training
  5. 5. AWS Global Infrastructure 9 regions 25 availability zones 40 edge locations
  6. 6. $5.2B retail business 7,800 employees A whole lot of servers 2003
  7. 7. 2012 Every day, AWS adds enough server capacity to power this $5B enterprise $5.2B retail business 7,800 employees A whole lot of servers 2003
  8. 8. Hundreds of Thousands of Customers in 190 Countries
  9. 9. Free steak campaign Facebook page Mars exploration ops Consumer social app Ticket pricing optimization SAP & Sharepoint Securities Trading Data Archiving Gene sequencing Marketing web site Interactiv e TV apps Financial markets analytics R&D data analysis Consumer social app Big data analytics Web site & media sharing Disaster recovery Media streaming Web and mobile apps Streaming webcasts Facebook app Consumer social app Every Imaginable Use Case
  10. 10. Customers in Greater China
  11. 11. •  Multi-Factor Authentication •  Identity & Access Management •  Security groups for EC2 and VPC
 Network ACL Comprehensive Security Capabilities to Support Virtually Any Workload •  VPC •  Direct connect •  Dedicated instances •  S3 Encryption •  CloudHSM •  RDS Oracle transparent encryption
  12. 12. Certifications & Accreditations for Workloads that Matter
  13. 13. 32 Price Reduction s Since 2006 The AWS Price Reduction Philosophy Ecosystem Global Footprint New Features New Services Infrastructur e Innovation More AWS Usage More Infrastructure Economies of Scale Lower Infrastructu re Costs Reduced Prices More Customer s
  14. 14. ®  Object Storage ®  Block Storage ®  Sync Volumes ®  Relational Databases ®  NoSQL Databases AWS Storage Options
  15. 15. Storage  Services   Amazon EBS EBS Block storage for use with Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Images Videos Files Binaries Snapshots Internet scale storage via API AWS Storage Gateway S3, Glacier Integrates on-premises IT and AWS storage Amazon Glacier Images Videos Files Binaries Snapshots Storage for archiving and backup
  16. 16. ®  Object Storage ** ®  Block Storage ** ®  Sync Volumes ** ®  Relational Databases ®  NoSQL Databases AWS Storage Options
  17. 17. We  are  constantly  producing  more  data  
  18. 18. #1 Object Storage ●○○○○
  19. 19. Amazon  S3   Simple Storage Service
  20. 20. 99.999999999%   Durability   Over 1Trillion Unique Customer Objects 750 000+ Peak Transactions Per Second Unlimited Objects  
  21. 21. Storage Tiers: Buckets + Unlimited Objects
  22. 22. 2GB  Free   $9.99/month  100GB  
  23. 23. Oracle  Secure  Backup  Module   Oracle  RMAN      Ú      Amazon  S3  
  24. 24. Use Case: Oracle Backup to S3 Oracle  Secure  Backup  (OSB)  Cloud  Module  allows   customers  to  backup  Oracle  Databases  directly  to  Amazon   S3  using  the  Oracle  Recovery  Manager  (RMAN)  
  25. 25. Restore  7mes  reduced  from  15  to  2½    hours     Savings  of  over  $1M  per  year     No  more  capacity  planning  for  BD  Backup    
  26. 26. ®  Unlimited storage capacity ®  High durability ®  Storage for backups ®  Single origin store with delivery via CloudFront Use Amazon S3 When You Need ®  Content  Storage  and   Distribu7on   ®  Storage  for  Data  Analysis   ®  Backup  and  Disaster   Recovery   ®  Sta7c  Website  Hos7ng   Common use cases
  27. 27. Actual cost of on-premise storage •  Tradi7onal  Providers  Quote  and  Sell  “Raw”,  Unprotected  Gigabytes  of   Capacity   •  Protec7on  Methods  (RAID,  Mirror  and  Erasure  Codes)  are  addi7onal     •  File  and  Opera7ng  System  space  is  addi7onal   •  U7liza7on  Factor  (Growth  Buffers)  is  addi7onal     •     RAW  Price    +  25%  Protec7on  +  7%  Overhead  +  15%  U7liza7on   •     Usable  Per  Gigabyte  Price  =  RAW  +  almost  50%   •     If  you  have  a  Disaster  Recovery  Site    –  Your  Numbers  Double    
  28. 28. Inputs  to  calculate  storage  total  cost  –  5  Data  Points   1.  RAW  Storage  Selling  Price,  Capacity,  Data  Protec7on  Method  (Up7me  SLA)   2.  Data  Center  or  Coloca7on  Hos7ng  Expense   3.  Network  (Core,  Distribu7on,  Load  Balancers,  and  Bandwidth)     4.  Staff  Labor  (Architecture,  Opera7ng,  Sustainment,  and  Management)     5.  Cost  of  Funds  /  Cost  of  Capital  
  29. 29. Amazon  Glacier   Low-­‐Cost  Archiving  Service  
  30. 30. 1¢ Per GB / Month $120 Per TB / Year 99.999999999% Durability 3−5 Hours Data Retrieval Storage Costs vs. Retrieval Costs
  31. 31. ®  Inexpensive/Long-term archiving ®  Unlimited storage capacity ®  Eliminate tape museums ®  Eliminate tech refresh ®  High durability Use Amazon Glacier When You Need ®  Offsite Enterprise Information Archiving ®  Archiving Media Assets ®  Archiving Research and Scientific Data ®  Digital Preservation ®  Magnetic Tape Replacement ®  HSM – Hierarchical Storage Management Common use cases
  32. 32. S3  Glacier   Policy-­‐Based  Archiving  Service  
  33. 33. HSM for Enterprises – Hierarchical Storage Management Amazon   Glacier   Amazon   S3  Corporate Data Center AWS Cloud Corporate Data Center HSM   with  AWS       versus       TradiUonal     Approach   To  HSM     SAN   SAN   Disk     Backup   Offsite  Tape   Storage   Tier  2     Storage  
  34. 34. Policy-­‐Based  Archiving  Service    -­‐  Lifecycle Rule
  35. 35. #2 Block Storage ●●○○○
  36. 36. Amazon  EBS   ElasUc  Block  Storage  
  37. 37. Ephemeral Storage
  38. 38. 1  GB   1TB   Ú  
  39. 39. IOPS   Provisioned  
  40. 40. Workloads  on  EBS  Provisioned  IOPS   "   Rela7onal  Databases   " NoSQL  Databases,  e.g.  MongoDB   "   High  Performance  File  Systems   "   Produc7vity  applica7ons,  e.g.  Microsoa  Exchange   "   Enterprise  Applica7ons  –  CRM,  ERP,  etc.   Designed  for  running  transacUonal   applicaUons  that  require  high  and   consistent  IO
  41. 41. Take  snapshots  of  EBS  volumes  and  keep  them  in  S3  
  42. 42. ®  Filesystem for an instance NTFS, ExtFS, RAID, LVM… ®  Long-term persistent storage ®  Data changes frequently ®  Access to raw, unformatted block-level storage Use  Amazon  EBS  When  You  Need  
  43. 43. Demo  #1   Commvault  backup  to  S3   Glacier,  Storage  Lifecycle  management    
  44. 44. Let’s  start  by  defining  what  we  mean   •  A  backup  or  the  process  of  backing  up  is  making  copies  of  data   which  may  be  used  to  restore  the  original  aaer  a  data  loss  event.  The   primary  purpose  is  to  recover  data  aaer  its  loss,  be  it  by  data  dele7on  or   corrup7on.  The  secondary  purpose  of  backups  is  to  recover  data  from   an  earlier  7me.   •  Archiving  is  the  process  of  moving  data  that  is  no  longer  ac7vely   used  to  a  separate  data  storage  device  for  long-­‐term  reten7on.   Data  archives  are  indexed  and  have  search  capabili7es  so  that   files  and  parts  of  files  can  be  easily  located  and  retrieved.   •  Disaster  recovery  (DR)  is  the  process,  policies  and  procedures   related  to  preparing  for  recovery  or  con7nua7on  of  technology   infrastructure  cri7cal  to  an  organiza7on  aaer  a  natural  or   human-­‐induced  disaster.  
  45. 45. #3 Sync Volumes ●●●○○
  46. 46. AWS       Storage  Gateway  
  47. 47. Storage  Gateway  –  Connect  On-­‐Prem  with  the  AWS  Cloud   1.  Local,  low-­‐latency  access  to  the   most  frequently  used  files  while   storing  all  data  in  Amazon  S3   (Cached-­‐Volumes)     Or     2.  Scheduled  off-­‐site  backups  to   Amazon  S3  for  on-­‐premises  data   (Stored-­‐Volumes)  
  48. 48. ®  Backup your data ®  Synchronize data ®  Export data for migration ®  Thin provision your SAN ®  Departmental fileshare Use  AWS  Storage  Gateway  When  You  Need  
  49. 49. VM  Import/Export   Easily  import  VM  images  to  EC2  instances  and     export  them  back  to  your  environment  
  50. 50. Import  your  VM  
  51. 51. Recreate  your  environment  in  AWS  
  52. 52. Point  your  app  users  to  your  new  DR  site  
  53. 53. S3 Website: Static Content
  54. 54. Common  Data  Storage  Challenges  and  how  AWS  helps   Primary Block Storage Primary File Storage Archival Storage Disk Based Backup Storage Tape Infrastructure & Management Replicated Storage for Disaster Recovery Offsite Locations Geo- Resilience Next Generation: Gateway & Cloud Storage Reduce SAN Footprint Reduce NAS Footprint Eliminate Architecture Hardware & Software Eliminate Backup Hardware & Software Eliminate Tape Recover in Cloud or any Data Center Eliminate Secondary Data Centers Reduce Complexity. Reduce Cost. Next Generation Enterprise Storage - Benefits
  55. 55. Here  are  some  ways  to  reduce  costs  with  AWS   •  Eliminate  physical  second  site   •  Less  administra7on     •  Pay  only  for  the  infrastructure  you  use   •  Free  Inbound  Data  Transfer   •  Inexpensive  DR  simula7ons   •  Easy  geographic  separa7on  of  data  centers  
  56. 56. What  our  cost  and  performance  advantages  look  like   Infrastructure  Cost   Time   test test Failover 2nd  Site   Cost   AWS  Cost   Demand   Cost savings Ability to scale – no arbitrary time limit to failback
  57. 57. Let’s  compare  the  cost  of  provisioning  and  opera7ng  a  DR  site   over  three  years   $0   $500,000   $1,000,000   $1,500,000   $2,000,000   Second  site   DR  in  AWS  Cloud   Failover  *  1  mon.   OpEx   CapEx   Hypothe7cal    mid  size  example  with  hot  standby  in  remote  region.    Your  results  will  vary.  
  58. 58. Here’s  how  to  drive  home  the  advantage   ProducUon:   Routers   Firewalls   IP  Network   Applica7on  Licenses   Opera7ng  Systems   Hypervisor   Servers   Storage  Network   Primary  Storage   Backup  SW   Backup  Tapes   Tape  Silos   Archive  SW   Archive  Storage   DR  Site  (data  center):   Routers   Firewalls   IP  Network   Applica7on  Licenses   Opera7ng  Systems   Hypervisor   Servers   Storage  Network   Primary  Storage   Backup  SW   Backup  Tapes   Tape  Silos   Archive  SW   Archive  Storage   DR  Site  (AWS):   Routers   Firewalls   IP  Network   Applica7on  Licenses   Opera7ng  Systems   Hypervisor   Servers   Storage  Network   Snapshot  Storage   Backup  SW   Backup  Tapes   Tape  Silos   Archive  SW   Archive  Storage  
  59. 59. Demo  #3     Disaster  Recovery  on  AWS