Randevoo - A High-Level View


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Manage your sales team performance easily with this tool.

Engage closer and evaluate day-to-day sales execution to follow after your plan to make sure everything runs according to plan with minimal deviation.

The slide shows a high level overview of what Randevoo is all about. For key features, it's on the other slide that can be viewed separately. To find out more, check http://www.randevoo.com

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Randevoo - A High-Level View

  1. 1. High Level Presentation
  2. 2. Familiar with these … ?0 I don’t know how productive my team are, but I need them to be more productive than today!0 I want to make sure my sales going out to customer0 It is difficult to manage sales team!0 Why is it hard to achieve our target?0 Only 20% from my sales team are performing while the rest 80% are struggling!0 We carry many product, my sales only sell the fast moving ones!
  3. 3. This Is The Problem … This Is Why You Need … PLANNING Execution Evaluate Plan 0 Most companies areonlythe the 0 Mostly we evaluate great at It is difficult to monitor on making plans. the process execution, especially on a big final result, not 0 Plan must be SMART tools 0 team without proper fails or We don’t know why it 0 SpecificExecute 0 how to improve it and which Most of the time we expect our 0 Measurable team to be improved areas to deliver with minimum 0 Attainable supervision 0 Evaluation also often 0 Relevant 0 conducted based on when we It is already too late inaccurate 0 Time-Bound Evaluate get the data result
  4. 4. What is Randevoo?Randevoo is a simple yet powerfulapplication to help business owner to manage and increase salesteam’s productivity tremendously.
  5. 5. How Randevoo Can Help?0 Randevoo is a monitoring tool packed with tons of features that will help business owner to: 0 Manage lead and deals closely 0 Manage sales target and sales achievement anytime 0 Monitor sales activity on prospects, customer and products 0 Identify team’s strength and weaknesses as well as team’s problems and opportunities 0 Review overall performance with Dashboard, Leaderboards, Funnel, Forecasts, Scorecard and Charts 0 Any many more …
  6. 6. Is Randevoo a CRM?0 Randevoo is a new breed of CRM, it is a Sales Activity Monitoring System (SAMS) CRM Randevoo Cost Expensive Affordable Implementation Complex Easy Usage Difficult Easy IT Team Strong No Need Go Live 6 month 24 hours
  7. 7. What Would Be The Result?0 Transform your sales team to THE SUPER TEAM! 0 Target oriented 0 Time efficient 0 Manage leads and customer wellIncreased Sales Productivity by 300% within 60 days or less!
  8. 8. Who Can Use Randevoo?0 Do you have a sales team?0 Do you have to keep looking for new customer?0 Do you have long sales cycle? Means you have to submit proposal/quotation, negotiation, etc? YES! If YES, then Randevoo is PERFECT for you!
  9. 9. What Do I Need?0 High Spec Servers0 Network Operating System0 Database Licenses0 Infrastructure0 Technical Team0 Implementation Team0 Support Team0 Computer & Mobile Devices0 Internet
  10. 10. What Do I Need?0 Computer & Mobile Devices0 0 Computer Internet 0 You can use any of your existing computer, laptops, notebook, netbook, etc 0 Mobile Devices 0 We recommend using Samsung Android Smartphone (1.2 – 2jt) 0 Any Android Smartphone & Tablets 0 iPhone, iPad 0 BlackBerry 0 Windows Phone 0 All devices must be connected to Internet to use Randevoo 0 Speedy, FastNet, 3G, etc
  11. 11. How Big Is The Cost? You only need to spend Rp. 250.000,- per user per month!0 It’s an operational cost, OPEX, not CAPEX!0 No software purchase required!0 No training, implementation, support, maintenance or any other non- sense cost required!0 No hidden cost EVER! Computer, smartphone and internet connection are provided by customer
  12. 12. Smart Goals Randevoo Leads Mobile & DealsRandevoo RandevooMain Features Dasboard iTrack & Monitoring Survey
  13. 13. Randevoo Mobile0 Free features from Randevoo0 Enable sales team to access Randevoo from anywhere0 Real-time data for faster decision making0 Reduce reporting time converts to more productive sales team0 … and you can track their location even when they’re inside a building! Sales team can use desktop as well
  14. 14. How Do I Start? Pay Subscription• Call Center Fee 021-698-37-689 • We will activate• Randevoo.com your account in • Our team will 24 hours!• Consultant guide you through payment process Register Your You Are Ready! Company
  15. 15. Who Are The User?0 Top Executive 0 Business Owners, Directors, General Managers0 Middle Management 0 Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders0 Team 0 Sales Team, Marketing Team
  16. 16. Is There Any Risk? Zero Risk!0 If you have problems, you can contact our customer care on working hours though … 0 Phone : 021 698 37 689 0 Mobile : 0815 812 0980 0 eMail : support@randevoo.com 0 YM : id.randevoo0 If we still can not help you … then you can unsubscribe our service at ANYTIME and you can go back to your business as usual!
  17. 17. Questions ? 0815 812 0980or email me at antony@randevoo.com