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Light reading

  1. 1. A Little Light Reading on a Heavy Problem
  2. 2. Imagine sitting in your living room oneevening, watching your favorite show, or ifyou’re really in for the evening, your favoriteline-up of shows. Something doesn’t feelexactly right, but you can’t put your finger onwhat’s off. It takes a little while, but then yourealize it’s NOT the pizza rolls you scorched inthe microwave . . .You smell smoke!
  3. 3. It’s coming from the basement.But, your show’s on—the smokecan probably wait. Right? Afterall, it’s just a little smoke, andthere’s nothing down there reallybut a lot of old junk.
  4. 4. It doesn’t take long, and thesmoke is burning your eyes. It’sinterfering with your show.You’re going to have to dosomething. Hmm . . .Wait—there’s a TV upstairs inthe bedroom. You can finish theshow there and the smoke won’tbother you. You’ll deal with itlater.Up you go . . .
  5. 5. A short time later . . .Now, the first floor is filled withsmoke and it’s making its way up tothe second floor. Are those flames?It’s starting to heat up. So, now whatare you going to do? What happenswhen the fire reaches the secondfloor and there’s nowhere left to go?
  6. 6. Extreme situation? Sure. Ridiculous? Of course.But think about it. If you don’t deal with problems when they’resmall, they’re going to get bigger. At the same time they are growinglarger, they grow more difficult to solve, and there’s always the distinctpossibility that you might just run out of good options. (And bad options are rarely a long-term, viable solution.)
  7. 7. Small problems can become urgent predicaments.And so, alas, this is where we are with our collective health andwellness (or lack thereof), a crisis if there ever was one.
  8. 8. That proverbial smoke has been plumingsince 1980, when healthcare costsconsumed only 7 percent of corporateprofits.Today, healthcare costs are burningthrough more than 50 percent of profits.So, where do you go from here?
  9. 9. Are you feeling the heat? Are you concerned about the health and productivity of your workforce? Are you ready to explore a really good option? We’ve been putting out fires like these for more than seven years. Let us show you what we can do for you and your / 512.894.3440
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