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  • If time Get student to stick this on the board – arrange their views according to for/against/in the middle – discuss some of the comments Alternatively you could have a class discussion
  • http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-british-woman-on-death-row/4od Linda Carty was accused of paying the gang to kill the mother so that she could have her baby – a neighbour testified that she had said she was going to have a new babay soon before the murder. Linda argue that the gang had framed her to get back at her for being a drug informant to the police.


  • 1. If you could bring back the death penalty would1. Is it a good form of punishment? you?2. Should it be used in the UK?3. What crimes should it be used for? Why?
  • 2. Opinion polls suggest that half the population of Britain would like to reintroduce the death penalty for murderers
  • 3. Capital Punishment – the death penaltyLesson objectives:•To identify the aims of punishment•To examine the use of capital punishment and why itwas abolished in the UK•To evaluate the arguments for and against the deathpenalty
  • 4. Exam linkIdentify 3 reasons why the deathpenalty was abolished in the UK(6marks) Present a case for and against reintroducing death penalty in the UK (12marks)
  • 5. What are the aims of punishment?• The theory of Protection• The theory of Retribution• The Theory of Deterrence• The Theory of Reform• The Theory of ReparationWhich ones do the death penalty apply to?
  • 6. Amnesty International Although 130 countries in the world no longer use the death penalty, 45 countries still retain it. Amnesty International is working towards the abolition of the death penalty worldwide because it undermines some basic and absolute rights Jeremy Irons - Amnesty International & The Death PenaltyAnswer the following questions while watching the clip:2. Why might people support the death penalty?3. What arguments does he give against the death penalty?4. Which basic rights does the death penalty undermine?5. What does he mean by the phrase ‘inalienable’?6. In what ways can the death penalty be a form of torture?
  • 7. Draw two columns in your book – FOR and AGAINST Choose the 3 best arguments for each side from below and write them into your columns. The statements below are all mixed up!Capital punishment may make the convicted terrorists Terrorists who indiscriminately (not caring whointo martyrs (makes them heroes to other terrorists) they are) kill people should be hangedThe law condemns murder and then goes on to It deters (puts off) potential murderersmurder in the name of the lawIt does not necessarily deter (stop) someone from It has been around since the beginning of time,committing a crime so why abolish it now?The death penalty is inhumane It protects civilians and policeSociety turns the executioner into a murderer It shows society’s total hatred of murderIn the past the wrong person has been hanged A so-called life sentence is not punishment enoughIn a lot of murders the murderer knew the victim well Some “lifers” are back on the streets in a few(family rows, loss of temper) yearsIt does not allow you to reform (change them) thecriminal The law should be based on “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”All life is sacred (special) – what right has society to Revenge is a natural human emotionjudge that a person’s life should end?The death penalty is murder Capital punishment helps the victim’s family to get over their loss
  • 8. British woman on death row Linda Carty was born on the Commonwealth island of St Kitts. Shes awaiting execution in Texas: if shes killed, shell be the first British woman to be executed since Ruth Ellis, over 50 years ago.
  • 9. Linda was convicted of capital murder in Does she deserve to be 2002 after it was alleged she was the on death row? mastermind behind a horrific crime. In May 2001, a criminal gang broke into the home of Lindas neighbours and abducted a young mother and her three-day-old baby boy. The next day the baby was found alive in one of Lindas cars, but his mother was found dead in another - she had been suffocated.Linda has always denied any involvement in the crime, but testimony from thegang and circumstantial evidence found at the scene led to her arrest.At her trial, Linda was represented by one of the States capital defenceattorneys, whos had over 20 of his clients end up on Death Row. Its claimedhis poor defence of Linda helped lead to her conviction.
  • 10. A history of capital punishment in the UK In the 18th Century you could be hanged in Britain for over 200 offences. In 1957 the British government ruled that only certain types of murder were punishable by hanging.In 1965 capital punishment was suspended for a 5 year trial. In 1970 is was permanently abolished accept for treason and piracy with violence. Under a House of Lords amendment to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 the death penalty was abolished for treason and piracy with violence