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Summer Library presentation

  1. 1. Summer Reading ProgramsHow Can We Keep Our Students ReadingDuring the Summer?
  2. 2. MISDOverdrive Digital Library
  3. 3. More Reading Fun in the Summer Mesquite Public Library Summer Program
  4. 4. Summer Reading Online Today’s students are digital natives Students today are not afraid to try new technologiesOnline reading including interactive stories, articles, and books involves readers and facilitates group interactive discussions Online reading facilitates technology skills as well as reading
  5. 5. TumbleBooks
  6. 6. TumbleBooks allows student to read and listen to a story. Words are highlighted as they are read by the online speaker
  7. 7. TumbleBooks brings stories alive
  8. 8. TeachingBooks.Net
  9. 9. Students search for authors or books online and get the latest scoop about their favorite authors and their work
  10. 10. TeachingBooks offers author’s personal websites, author interviews , book apps, videos, book trailers and author readings of books
  11. 11. Students use various devices at home to read
  12. 12. Relaxing at home with a good online book!
  13. 13. Online Stories
  14. 14. Popular series often have fan sites and message boards where students may discuss books and gain new ideas
  15. 15. Edmodo
  16. 16. Students love to chat online so encourage them to chat about books. This requires librarian and teacher input to challenge students with new ideas
  17. 17. Keep students informed about new books
  18. 18. Book trailers can encourage students to read just as movie trailers encourage people to see new movies
  19. 19. Scholastic Book Club Summer Reading
  20. 20. Scholastic offers online logs, book talks, and message boards where students may discuss books
  21. 21. Online reading timer and logs
  22. 22. Scholastic Interactive Books
  23. 23. Online interactive books make stories come alive
  24. 24. Even though technology has offered us many new avenues in which to enjoy books, many people still enjoy “ a real book”
  25. 25. And reading is even better when you share it with a friend
  26. 26. Book Stores With Summer Reading Incentives
  27. 27. Barnes-n-NobleDalton BooksHalf Priced BooksPaper Back BooksScholastic Books
  28. 28. What are these book stores trying to tell us…?
  29. 29. Barnes-n-Noble Books
  30. 30. DaltonDo
  31. 31. Half PricedHelp
  32. 32. Paper Back PlusPeople
  33. 33. ScholasticSucceed
  34. 34. Books DoHelp People
  35. 35. Got it? Get it!
  36. 36. Book Stores in YOURCommunity
  37. 37. InYOURhood
  38. 38. Close to YOUR house
  39. 39. Aroundthe corner
  40. 40. All these bookstores havesummerreadingpromotions.
  41. 41. Checkthem
  42. 42. Credit Music used in this Powerpoint is royalty free fromSoundzabound. <>. (March,2013). This PowerPoint includes the “Parent, Please Scan Us!” QR Code Tree available under a Creative Commons Attribution & Share Alike license, © Gwyneth Jones-The Daring Clipart and photographs were used from MicrosoftWord Clipart, (March, 2013). A special thanks to the Mesquite Main Library for their help on camera interview: Chris Thompson, Childrens Librarian Susan Harding, Technology Director Thanks to all of the MISD students who helped with video and photographs for this presentation.
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  44. 44. Tammy PruntyConnie WagesElizabeth WarrickLeann WeatherlySharon Williams