Wondrous Watersheds Music


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Student project researching local and international watersheds. Artwork for submission to River of Words contest set to music.

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Wondrous Watersheds Music

  1. 1. Wondrous Watersheds
  2. 2. Classroom display of watershed maps, animals & nature resources
  3. 3. Curriculum resources from Wonga Wetlands and Don Edwards WLR
  4. 4. Outdoor education begins with Nature outside our classroom door
  5. 5. Observing and noticing the details of our nearest green spaces
  6. 6. Observation drawing... taking the time to see the finer details
  7. 7. Naturalist studies...from Joseph Banks & Adelbert von Chamisso
  8. 8. Habitat study @ the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
  9. 9. Observation sketching of habitat displays at the Visitor Center
  10. 10. Sketching the details of native birds in the wildlife diarama
  11. 11. Outdoor education at the Wildlife Refuge on San Francisco Bay
  12. 12. Students watched videos of California wildlife and ecosystems
  13. 13. Virtual visit to the Wonga Wetlands in NSW Australia
  14. 14. Researching interesting nature subjects from science textbooks
  15. 15. Imitating Banks and Chamisso as Naturalists: artist scientists
  16. 16. Naturalist artists study details of animals in their habitat
  17. 17. Finding a nature subject that's fun and fascinating to draw
  18. 18. Using Internet habitat photographs...California poppies
  19. 19. Nature studies in the 18th C. influenced popular taste in Art
  20. 20. Chocolate boxes evidence nature design in commercial products
  21. 21. Checking the details of local habitats in Bay Area watersheds
  22. 22. Research writing for poems about nature subjects
  23. 23. Student naturalist notes from Wildlife Center and text research
  24. 24. Researching the details for a variety of coral in reef habitat
  25. 25. Naturalist magazine as a resource for nature painting subject
  26. 26. Common Puffin...stands above the water on hoary rock
  27. 27. California Poppies... sprinkled among the cliffs of the bay
  28. 28. Missing Pieces...to save the world we must share the world
  29. 29. Great Egret...beauty at the water's edge, needs vital habitat
  30. 30. Bighorn Sheep...wonders how we can share this world, this life
  31. 31. I am the Frog...who struggles to survive in the environment
  32. 32. Mountain Lion...black-tipped tail twitching, he treds carefully
  33. 33. A View From Above... mountain goat, king of the peaks
  34. 34. The Beauty of Fear...every creature has a right to this world
  35. 35. Pyrrhuloxia...the most beautiful bird sings of open spaces
  36. 36. Coral Reef...enriched by millions of years of evolution
  37. 37. Blur of Colors...the collared lizard hunts its prey
  38. 38. Bluebird...a small thrush so striking in shades of blue
  39. 39. Monterey Pine...seeing the big picture & noticing the details
  40. 40. Dragonfly...varies in color & size... hovers over the water
  41. 41. Chipmunk...the reason we need to preserve the trees
  42. 42. Red-tailed Hawk...balances rodent populations in habitats
  43. 43. Collared Lizard...small and strong, the best lizard out there!
  44. 44. Coastal Mountains...remind me of home in the Himalayas
  45. 45. Seastars...all colors of the rainbow... beautiful and unique
  46. 46. White-tailed deer...easy to observe residing in wooded areas
  47. 47. Gray Wolf...our duty to bring him back where they once ran free
  48. 48. Owl Dreams...to share a quiet part of the forest
  49. 49. Naturalist Exhibition shares watershed insights with our school
  50. 50. Display case of wildlife refuge resources & Naturalist artworks
  51. 51. The work of artist-scientists borders the library wall