Technology in the classroom teaching in new creative ways


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Technology in the classroom teaching in new creative ways

  1. 1. Website from course list: Math Fact Café is a great tool that can be used to help support the learning of basic math facts. The site has a variety of different resources that can be used both in and out of the classroom to help students achieve math fact mastery. The site is broken down into several different categories, which include flashcards, fact building sheets, fact sheets pre-made and games. One of the main useful features on the site is the flashcards. The flashcards are broken down by grade level and math skill. The basic skills rage from first to fourth grade. The flashcards can have a variety of different uses in the classroom. One way they can be used is as a center activity. The flashcards can also be projected on a Smartboard and be presented in a game-like fashion. This site would also be a great resource for parents who are seeking resources to help facilitate the learning process while in the home. Ultimately, attainment of basic math fact skills is essential in being able to tackle the more challenging skills in later grades. In addition to having interactive flashcards, Math Fact Café also has premade worksheets available for classroom use. It also has a worksheet generator. The worksheet generator is a great way to help differentiate instruction to meet the needs of specific learners in an easy and convenient manner. Overall, Math Fact Café is a great resource for students in and out of the classroom. Website I am Sharing: One website that I have used and find beneficial for students is Glogster. Glogster is an online interactive poster maker. Students can create an interactive poster on any subject of their choosing. The uniqueness of these posters is that students can add videos to the poster, music, their own commentary, pictures, text, etc… They can also add select from a variety of different backgrounds, fonts and clipart to help make their poster unique. Some ways I use Glogster have been to create a biography on a historical figure or historical event, present research for a science project, explain various ways to solve a mathematical procedure, have students create an ‘All about Me’ poster or even to share poetry. Below is a link to a sample Glog that I created on President Obama: -Melissa Winfield-Corbett