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Tie 2009 Conference Da Presentation
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Tie 2009 Conference Da Presentation


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Published in: Education, Career

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  • Doug and Maggie
  • Transcript

    • 1. The goal of Dakota ASSETS is to recruit, prepare, certify, and retain highly qualified candidates to fill teaching shortages in South Dakota high need schools. This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE) through a partnership with the following entities: SD High Need Schools
    • 2.
    • 3.
      • Students in Dakota ASSETS’ teacher certification programs…
      • Qualify for up to $5000 in financial assistance by signing an agreement to teach in an eligible high need school.
      • South Dakota’s high need schools
    • 4. “ Six Foot Tall Supermodel”
      • “ I still have those questions and I still want to fix things”
    • 5. Dakota ASSETS-Mentoring Goal/Objective
      • GOAL: The goal of Dakota ASSETS is to recruit, prepare, certify, and retain excellent candidates to fill shortages for teaching positions in South Dakota’s high need districts and schools.
      • Performance Objectives
      • Objective #1 – To recruit and select 150 outstanding candidates to fill shortages for elementary, secondary, and special education teachers in high need schools in South Dakota.
      • Objective #2 – To provide intensive, field-based training and preparation for 150 teacher candidates that result in attainment of a teacher certification.
      • Objective #3 – To place 80% of participants in secondary, elementary and special education teaching positions in high need schools.
      • Objective #4 – To provide support (once they are teaching in a high need district & school) to all participants for a minimum of one year through mentoring support.
      To provide support (once they are teaching in a high need district & school) to all participants for a minimum of one year through mentoring support.
    • 6. Dakota ASSETS Support
      • Dakota ASSETS participation:
        • Virtual Support Network DASN:
          • TFA Teachers (yr. 1- 2 & alumni)
          • Dakota ASSETS Awardees (other than TFA alumni)
        • Professional Development Seminars (Fall, Winter)
          • Fall – 62
          • Winter - 71
        • Limited Classroom Visits in 2008
        • “ I had opportunities to share ideas with other professionals in order to better serve my students. “
    • 7. Who’s Involved
      • Participants
      • Program Leadership
        • TIE (2)
        • DOE (3)
      • Design & Supervision Team Members (14)
      • Mentors (63)
        • Statewide award winning teachers
      • Mentees (117)
        • New to the profession
        • Statewide
      • Programs
      • Dakota ASSETS federal grant (DASN)
      • Department of Education
        • Title 2-A (TTSN)
    • 8. T eacher to T eacher S upport N etwork
      • TTSN (DASN) Objectives
      • Establish a teacher support network for new to the profession teachers that is focused on Internet-based communication
      • Build capacity of accomplished teachers to support/mentor new teacher growth in the virtual environment
      • Develop professional relationships to achieve common educational goals
    • 9.
      • Virtual
      • Mentor Pool
      • Leadership
      Dakota ASSETS Support Network Teacher to Teacher Support Network
    • 10.
      From the Classroom
    • 11. Virtual Support Tools
      • New Teacher Wiki:
      • This space provides collective tools, resources, advice and encouragement from program participants.
      • New Teacher Google Group:
      • Provides a “walled garden” within which the participants can discuss, share and network.
    • 12. F2F
    • 13. Accountability Tools
      • Participants are under contract & are awarded graduate credit for their participation.
      • Participants complete Professional Growth Plans to guide their participation in the network.
      • Participants log their network communication.
      • Goal example: Develop the framework for carrying out the job description of Reading Coach, to “support teachers in instruction, problem-solving, and classroom management.”
      • Communication Log Example: 11/10; GoogleChat – at length goal-setting discussion of how <teacher> will balance goals of literacy position and the needs of students and teachers.
    • 14.
      • Good
      • Better
      • Providing a virtual environment for mentoring
      • One to one mentoring
      • Sharing classroom experiences
      • Taking advantage of diverse communication technologies
      • Creating a virtual Professional Learning Community
      • Group mentoring
      • Encouraging classroom to classroom links
      • Developing competency with a few comm. technologies
      Lessons Learned
    • 15. Questions?
    • 16.