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ISM3004 Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Presentation
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ISM3004 Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Presentation


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Presentation on the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

Presentation on the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

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  • 1. The Miami ProjectFighting for the Cure to Paralysis
    Made Possible in Thanks to…
    Copyright Exclusively Permitted by the World Ability Federation rights policy
  • 2. Paralysis
    A spinal cord injury can be a potential life altering injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, one could lose full control over their ability to move muscles. Additional effects include inability to feel sensation and loss of organ system control.
    It is approximated that nearly 6 million people in the United States are affected by paralysis, a number that figures to rise annually.
    A spinal cord injury can severely impair the rest of the body
  • 3. About the Miami Project…
    Founded in 1985 by Dr. Barth Green and NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker Nick Buoniconti in the wake of Nick’s son Marc suffering a spinal cord injury in a collegiate football game.
    Now, the premier spinal cord injury research center of the United States, the Miami Project spends its resources on understanding the full extent of central nervous system injuries, as well as dedicating all its opportunities to discovery the cure for spinal cord injuries.
    Marc and Nick at the 23rd Annual Dinner to Cure Paralysis
  • 4. Organizational Goals…
    • Replacing dead nervous system cells.
    • 5. Maintaining maximum potential for neuron recovery.
    • 6. Ultimately, finding a cure-all to help alleviate the multiple disabilities that can result from a spinal cord injury.
  • Defining a Cure
    The following is an excerpt of a report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies…
    “Spinal cord injury research should focus on preventing the loss of function and on restoring lost functions—including sensory, motor, bowel, bladder, autonomic, and sexual functions—with the elimination of complications, particularly pain, spasticity, pressure sores, and depression, with the ultimate goal of fully restoring the activity and function of an individual to his or her pre-injury levels.”
 From: Progress, Promise, and Priorities  
  • 7. Scope of Research…
    Current clinical research includes:
    assessments of relationship between physical activity and wheelchair mobility
    strength of muscle spasms
    Relationship between brain chemistry and ongoing pain conditions.
    Miami Project Chairman Dr. Barth Green
  • 8. Quick Message from the Buoniconti Fund
  • 9. Clinical Trials Initiative
    • As an extension of the Miami Project, the Clinical Trials Initiative’s goal is to take all new discoveries from medical studies and apply them to human clinical trials.
    • 10. The initiative is also focused on bringing clinical trials to University of Miami affiliated hospitals.
    Extensive list of Spinal Cord Clinical Trials the Miami Project is currently involved in.
  • 11. Costs of Research Opportunities
    Opportunities in research are endless, however the cost of researching cures is no small fee.
    The Miami Project spends more than $59,000 a day, averaging out to roughly $1.7 million a month.
    And this is where the Miami Project needs your help!
  • 12. Donations…
    With a constant need for a expensive research opportunities, any donation made is a generous one.
    86 cents of every dollar donated goes towards Miami Project research.
    With the Clinical Trials Initiative comes the opportunity to greatly expand our understanding of spinal cord injuries. However, this will also greatly increase the Miami Project’s spending budget.
    General donations, tribute donations, and charitable lead trust donations all exist.
    • Charitable Lead Trust allows for transfer of funds to a trustee, which creates an investment in the trust’s term that pays both exponentially over the course of the years.
    • 13. Corporate Giving is a corporation’s way of giving money to the foundation.
    One of the Miami Project Lecture Halls
  • 14. You Can Make the Difference!
    Any donation, no matter how big or small, can help the Miami Project.
    There are four ways to donate to the Miami Project!
    You Can Donate:
    Your donation can be the Gift that Changes the World! Thank you for your attention, the Miami Project and the Buoniconti Fund thank you for your time!
  • 15. Media Sources
    Official Miami Project to Cure Paralysis website: (all pictures derived from Miami Project website)
    Picture from 23rd Annual Dinner to Cure Paralysis came from
    Youtube video for Miami Project to Cure Paralysis: