Aha presentation final 2 april 30 09


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Aha presentation final 2 april 30 09

  1. 1. www.medicalpresentationpros.comA Book in a SlideshowA Book in a SlideshowThe Unique Connect :The Unique Connect :The AHA Presentation EffectThe AHA Presentation EffectMark W. Hardwick, Ph.DMark W. Hardwick, Ph.D
  2. 2. www.medicalpresentationpros.comwww.medicalpresentationpros.comMasterful PresentationsMasterful PresentationsTheThe AHAAHA processprocessLLearning How to Learnearning How to LearnMark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.
  3. 3. www.medicalpresentationpros.comLearning ObjectivesLearning Objectives Heighten yourHeighten your awarenessawareness …… Increase yourIncrease your knowledgeknowledge …… Enhance yourEnhance your skills .skills . . .. . Move the needle…Move the needle…
  4. 4. www.medicalpresentationpros.comAgendaAgenda Learn how to establish instant connectionLearn how to establish instant connection Understand AHA Communication ModelUnderstand AHA Communication Model Review strategies for successful sessionsReview strategies for successful sessions Individual/team prepare a presentationIndividual/team prepare a presentation Real-time presenting—interjective coachingReal-time presenting—interjective coaching Video learning and coaching— 1 on 1Video learning and coaching— 1 on 1 Create Individual Development PlanCreate Individual Development Plan
  5. 5. www.medicalpresentationpros.comOur Teaching PrinciplesOur Teaching PrinciplesPrescription without diagnosis is malpracticePrescription without diagnosis is malpracticeDiscovery LearningDiscovery LearningAdult Learning PrinciplesAdult Learning Principles
  6. 6. www.medicalpresentationpros.comAHA “Process with Structure”AHA “Process with Structure” AAUDIENCE-CENTERED- ActivelyUDIENCE-CENTERED- ActivelyInvolvedInvolved– unique connectunique connect– bring energy and passionbring energy and passion– discover and meet needs/expectationsdiscover and meet needs/expectations assess strengths/areas for improvementassess strengths/areas for improvement ask open ended questionsask open ended questions actively listen- CPR Techniquesactively listen- CPR Techniques two-way communicationstwo-way communications– demonstrate empathy by using MMFI ruledemonstrate empathy by using MMFI rule
  7. 7. www.medicalpresentationpros.comAHAAHA ““Process with Structure”Process with Structure”continued …continued … HHook audience by making message stick:ook audience by making message stick:– demonstrate confident leadership presencedemonstrate confident leadership presence– message believable, evidence-basedmessage believable, evidence-based– surprise, insightful and unusualsurprise, insightful and unusual– share memorable examples, truthful storiesshare memorable examples, truthful stories– utilizeutilize KnowledgeKnowledge RuleRule :(I+rd)+(I+rd)= K:(I+rd)+(I+rd)= K
  8. 8. www.medicalpresentationpros.comAHA “Process with Structure”AHA “Process with Structure”continued…continued… AAuthentic and Natural Styleuthentic and Natural Style– insync gestures, eye contact, voice, contentinsync gestures, eye contact, voice, content– personalize stories, anecdotes, metaphorspersonalize stories, anecdotes, metaphors– self-knowledge and management—matchself-knowledge and management—matchstyle to situation and play to strengthsstyle to situation and play to strengths– convert nervous energy to performanceconvert nervous energy to performanceenthusiasiumenthusiasium– improvisational and spontaneousimprovisational and spontaneous
  9. 9. www.medicalpresentationpros.comFrom Your Experience…From Your Experience… Characteristics of ineffective presentationsCharacteristics of ineffective presentations Characteristics of effective presentationsCharacteristics of effective presentations
  10. 10. www.medicalpresentationpros.comRemember Aristotle’s advice…Remember Aristotle’s advice…““We are what we repeatedly do.We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence is not an act but a habit”.Excellence is not an act but a habit”.ANDANDIt only takes 10,000 hours for masteryIt only takes 10,000 hours for mastery
  11. 11. www.medicalpresentationpros.comwww.medicalpresentationpros.comMasterfulMasterful PresentationsPresentations“The 15- 30 Minute“The 15- 30 Minute AHAAHA””
  12. 12. www.medicalpresentationpros.comCritical Success FactorsCritical Success Factors“AHA”“AHA” PresentationPresentation Showing UpShowing Up ““Burning aha”— PassionateBurning aha”— PassionatePurposePurpose Stay “in the moment”Stay “in the moment” 3 C’s-Connect-Credibility-3 C’s-Connect-Credibility-ConfidenceConfidence Benefits of interaction—Benefits of interaction—WII-FMWII-FM Audience-centered FocusAudience-centered Focus
  13. 13. www.medicalpresentationpros.comDesign Tips—Design Tips—Phase 1: Burning “Aha”Phase 1: Burning “Aha” Align with audience’s expectationsAlign with audience’s expectations Get to the point - skip the jokesGet to the point - skip the jokes Quote an expert or studyQuote an expert or study Clear, concise and compelling messageClear, concise and compelling message Pose a challenging question or statisticPose a challenging question or statistic Tell a relevant and true storyTell a relevant and true story– Purpose: Keep audience attention and create curosityPurpose: Keep audience attention and create curosityCompletion time 3-5 min.Completion time 3-5 min.
  14. 14. www.medicalpresentationpros.comPhase 2: Significant OverridingPhase 2: Significant OverridingGoalGoal Identify why issue is relevant to audience needsIdentify why issue is relevant to audience needs Connect past, present and potential solutionsConnect past, present and potential solutions– Purpose: show relevance of issues toPurpose: show relevance of issues toaudience members lifeaudience members lifeCompletion time—3-5 min.Completion time—3-5 min.
  15. 15. www.medicalpresentationpros.comPhase 3: Tangible “Main Idea”Phase 3: Tangible “Main Idea” Show value of “main idea”Show value of “main idea”– Purpose: value audiencePurpose: value audienceexperience/expertiseexperience/expertise Provide supporting evidence & dataProvide supporting evidence & data– Purpose: establish relevance/creditabilityPurpose: establish relevance/creditability Engage the audience in activities and dialogueEngage the audience in activities and dialogue– Purpose: Align needs and solutionsPurpose: Align needs and solutionsCompletion time: 3-5 min.Completion time: 3-5 min.
  16. 16. www.medicalpresentationpros.comPhase 4: Payoffs for ActionPhase 4: Payoffs for Action Increase Knowledge and impactIncrease Knowledge and impact Show benefits of new products orShow benefits of new products orsolutionssolutions– Purpose: influence and mobilizePurpose: influence and mobilizeaudience— call for actionaudience— call for actionCompletion time: 10-15 min.Completion time: 10-15 min.
  17. 17. www.medicalpresentationpros.comPhase 5: Audience-Centered ClosePhase 5: Audience-Centered Close Connect audience to passion/commitmentConnect audience to passion/commitment Review learning points and “aha’s”Review learning points and “aha’s” Summarize what you told themSummarize what you told them– Purpose: To provide time for audiencePurpose: To provide time for audiencereflection, dialogue and interactionreflection, dialogue and interactionCompletion time: 5-10 minutes (more for Q&A)Completion time: 5-10 minutes (more for Q&A)
  18. 18. www.medicalpresentationpros.comMagic Number 7Magic Number 7You will haveYou will have 3300 secondsseconds to read the wordsto read the wordsbelow:below: Read through the paragraphRead through the paragraph one timeone time onlyonly Don’t study them. Just read the words toDon’t study them. Just read the words toyourself.yourself. Analyze response and insightsAnalyze response and insights
  19. 19. www.medicalpresentationpros.comHow Adult Learning impacts retention?How Adult Learning impacts retention?car deck table tree snow bottle money dog pole sand sky dogcar deck table tree snow bottle money dog pole sand sky dogPlant book soap psychotic music plant rug Freud plant cellar gatePlant book soap psychotic music plant rug Freud plant cellar gateHDL dog presentation skills trunk PAPER road knife stool hay smileHDL dog presentation skills trunk PAPER road knife stool hay smilestring plantstring plant Grocho MarxGrocho Marx wheel air expert rain bird dogwheel air expert rain bird dog
  20. 20. www.medicalpresentationpros.comTHE MAGIC # 7THE MAGIC # 7WHAT DO YOU REMEMEBERWHAT DO YOU REMEMEBER??
  21. 21. www.medicalpresentationpros.comMaking Presentations Effective:Making Presentations Effective:1.1. Primacy effect— 60 second “knockout rule”Primacy effect— 60 second “knockout rule”2.2. Create clear, truthful, compelling messages—supportCreate clear, truthful, compelling messages—supportwith evidencewith evidence3.3. Stickiness—make message unusual-relevant-personalStickiness—make message unusual-relevant-personal–answer question “wii-fm”–answer question “wii-fm”4.4. Repetition, repetition—repeat key points/provide “hotRepetition, repetition—repeat key points/provide “hotspice” every 6-8 minutesspice” every 6-8 minutes5.5. Maximize audience involvement— unique connectionsMaximize audience involvement— unique connections—create interactive format, tell stories and ask—create interactive format, tell stories and askquestionsquestions6.6. Be Concise and Chunk— MAGIC # 7 ruleBe Concise and Chunk— MAGIC # 7 rule7.7. Recency effect– memorable ending-be inspirationalRecency effect– memorable ending-be inspirational
  22. 22. www.medicalpresentationpros.comYour Impact on Your AudienceYour Impact on Your Audience How are you perceived?How are you perceived? What to do increase yourWhat to do increase yourimpact?impact? UseUse Alignment PrincipleAlignment Principle Merhabian, UCLA 1977Merhabian, UCLA 1977– Visual (non-verbal) 55%Visual (non-verbal) 55%– Vocal (voice) 38%Vocal (voice) 38%– Verbal (content and words)Verbal (content and words)7%7%7%38%55%
  23. 23. www.medicalpresentationpros.comVisual (non-verbal) 55% of totalVisual (non-verbal) 55% of totalpresentation impactpresentation impact Presence—be warm, friendly, respectful & smilePresence—be warm, friendly, respectful & smile Connect—create physical and psychologicalConnect—create physical and psychologicalsafety and closeness with audiencesafety and closeness with audience Eye contact- one person one thoughtEye contact- one person one thought Movement—smooth and naturalMovement—smooth and natural Gestures—open handsGestures—open hands Body position—leaning forward, noddingBody position—leaning forward, nodding Standing and speaking positionStanding and speaking position
  24. 24. www.medicalpresentationpros.comVocal – (voice) 38% of ImpactVocal – (voice) 38% of Impact Volume (Too loud …too soft)Volume (Too loud …too soft) Pace (Too fast … too slow)Pace (Too fast … too slow) Inflection (Monotone … affected)Inflection (Monotone … affected) Pauses (Too long …too short)Pauses (Too long …too short)
  25. 25. www.medicalpresentationpros.comVerbal – ( words) 7% of ImpactVerbal – ( words) 7% of Impact Information and contentInformation and content How to improve?How to improve?– Word pictures, stories, partial diagramsWord pictures, stories, partial diagrams– Use structuring comments-preview, review &Use structuring comments-preview, review &summarysummary– Provide schema—help audience follow lecture andProvide schema—help audience follow lecture andprocess information; provide incomplete outline/orprocess information; provide incomplete outline/ordiagramdiagram– Ask challenging and rhetorical questionsAsk challenging and rhetorical questions– Eliminate fill speech—pauseEliminate fill speech—pause– Make your message clear, concise, compellingMake your message clear, concise, compelling
  26. 26. www.medicalpresentationpros.comSummary Ideas—message,Summary Ideas—message,mechanics, mental processesmechanics, mental processes Visualize success…10 second stress toolVisualize success…10 second stress tool Primacy effect…Open with energyPrimacy effect…Open with energy Unique connection…great storyUnique connection…great story Be natural—align voice, gestures and contentBe natural—align voice, gestures and content Provide data-based evidence—make messageProvide data-based evidence—make messagecompelling and crediblecompelling and credible Involve audience— create interaction—alignInvolve audience— create interaction—alignaudience, material, presenteraudience, material, presenter Recency effect… end with passionRecency effect… end with passion
  27. 27. www.medicalpresentationpros.comYour Turn to Present...Your Turn to Present... Review your deck of slides—pick 3 slidesReview your deck of slides—pick 3 slides Analyze slides—Analyze slides—– what are key learning pointswhat are key learning points– develop a power question for audiencedevelop a power question for audience– identify “watch outs” about slideidentify “watch outs” about slide PreparePrepare AHAAHA presentation ( open, body & close)presentation ( open, body & close) Make it interactiveMake it interactive Deliver slides-receive interjective coachingDeliver slides-receive interjective coaching Feedback –what did well, what would change…Feedback –what did well, what would change…
  28. 28. www.medicalpresentationpros.comPutting Theory Into Practice…Putting Theory Into Practice…Personal Development PlanPersonal Development Plan Things to start doing…Things to start doing… Things to stop doing…Things to stop doing… Things to do differently…Things to do differently… Things to learn more about…Things to learn more about…
  29. 29. www.medicalpresentationpros.comGame of Life: Improvement is aGame of Life: Improvement is aCommitment to GrowingCommitment to Growing““ If I always do what I’ve always done,If I always do what I’ve always done,I’ll always get what I’ve always gotten.”I’ll always get what I’ve always gotten.”-- Eric HofferEric Hoffer
  30. 30. www.medicalpresentationpros.comwww.medicalpresentationpros.comThank you for yourThank you for youractive participation!active participation!
  31. 31. www.medicalpresentationpros.comExtra Slides and StressExtra Slides and StressPresentationPresentation
  32. 32. www.medicalpresentationpros.comSmall Changes BIG ImpactSmall Changes BIG ImpactHow many get anxious before a presentation?How many get anxious before a presentation?What makes the difference between good stressWhat makes the difference between good stressand bad stress in your life ?and bad stress in your life ?
  33. 33. www.medicalpresentationpros.com““Positive energy, not time,Positive energy, not time,is the fundamental currency ofis the fundamental currency ofHigh PerformanceHigh PerformanceAnd Low stress”.And Low stress”.Dr. James LoehrDr. James Loehr