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The Changing Perception Of Parking

The Changing Perception Of Parking






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    The Changing Perception Of Parking The Changing Perception Of Parking Presentation Transcript

    • The Changing Perception of Parking Michelle Wendler, AIA Watry Design, Inc. Southwest Parking Association September 30, 2009
    • Overview
      • Historical Perception of the
      • Design Characteristics of Parking Structures
        • Negative Perception of Parking Facilities
      • New Trends in Parking Structure Design
        • Parking Structures as Buildings
      • Case Studies
      • Concluding Remarks
      • Questions
    • Historical Perception of the Design Characteristics of Parking Structures
      • Utilitarian Function/Minimalist Design
      • Vehicle Storage
      • Less Architecture to Save Money
      • Disrupt Urban Fabric
      • Dark and Uninviting Inside
      • Passive Security Issues
      • Stand-Alone Parking Structures Most Common
      • Plain, Rectilinear, Grey
      • Building Elements Relate to Vehicle Scale
    • Historical Perception of the Design Characteristics of Parking Structures
    • Recognizing Trends in the Design of Parking Structures Parking Professional Magazine
    • Trends in Parking Design
      • Sculptural Design
      • Playful Façades
      • Public Art
      • Parking Structures that Respect Traditional Context
      • Screening with Mesh, Glass or “Greenscreen”
      • Mixed-Use
        • Building Elements Relate to Pedestrian Scale
        • Contribute to Urban Fabric
        • Pedestrian Connections
      • Hidden Parking Structures
      • Interior Surprises
    • Case Studies
    • Sculptural Design
      • The use of terracing the mass of the structure to create a unique form and possibly mitigate its mass
      • The use of shaping elements of the façade in a sculptural way
      • Often still reflects the horizontal nature of a parking structure
    • Sculptural Design
      • Marina Towers, Chicago, IL
      • Circular Plan
      • Rhythm of Balconies Complements Parking Levels Below
      • Open Façade Puts Parked Cars on Display
    • Sculptural Design
      • San Mateo County Government Center Parking Structure
      • Stepped Moment Frame Beams
      • Tapered Corners
      • Stepped Back to Minimize Massing
    • Sculptural Design
      • Stanford Parking Structure 1
      • Rounded Corners and
      • Upturned Beams
    • Sculptural Design
      • Santa Clara County Government Center
      • Rounded, Curving “Flying Beams”
      • Round Beams and Columns
    • Sculptural Design
      • UC Santa Cruz Core West PS
      • Parking Levels Cantilever to Minimize the Foundation’s Impact on Surrounding Redwood Forest
        • Cantilevers Represent Branches of Trees
    • Sculptural Design
      • Hoover Dam Visitor Center Parking Structure
      • Integral Color to Match Surrounding Rock
      • Terraced into the Hillside
    • Playful Facades
      • The use of unique elements on the façade that tie the structure to a particular use
      • The use of creating design elements that have a playful representation
    • Playful Facades
      • Kansas City Public Library Parking Structure
      • Façade Symbolizes the Building Type Served by the Parking Structure
      • Great Signage
    • Playful Facades
      • Lot R, Palo Alto, CA
      • Stairs as Sculpture
      • Façade represents Music
      • Whimsical Stair Shape
    • Playful Facades
      • Consolidated Rental Car Facility, Fort Lauderdale, FL
      • Façade Patterns in Glass and Mesh Panels
      • Proportions of Façade
        • Hide True Number
        • of Levels
        • Minimize the Appearance
        • of Ramping
    • Playful Facades
      • Emulates Forms, Colors and Characteristics of the Urban Seaport Site and Context
      • Colorful Revealed Precast Spandrel Panels Capture the Forms of Ships
        • Porthole Openings
        • Cruise Ship Railings
        • Masts
        • Waves
    • Playful Facades
      • Smith Avenue Transit Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
      • Contemporary Design that Reflects the Surrounding Sports and Entertainment Uses
      • Dynamic Forms
      • Rich Colors
      • Varied Depth
      • of Facade
    • Traditional Context
      • Designing the façade of the parking structure to have more traditional design proportions
        • Base, Middle and Top
      • Utilizing traditional window opening proportions
      • Utilizing materials that change the scale of the building
    • Traditional Context
      • City of Mountain View Parking Structure
      • Complements Architectural Proportions and Scale of Nearby Buildings
    • Traditional Context- Proportion & Scale
    • Traditional Context
      • Calvert Street Parking Structure, Annapolis, MD
      • Stone Cornice, Brick Façade and Window Treatments Draw on Surrounding Context
    • Traditional Context
      • City of San Rafael Parking Structure
      • Canopy Elements and Cornice Give the Structure the Appearance of a Roof
      • Elevator Tower Serves
      • as a Strong Focal Point
      • Mid level cornice breaks
      • up levels
    • Traditional Context
      • Bart Fruitvale Station Parking Structure
      • Massing Broken into Two Vertical Sections
      • Use of arches to create a strong base to the building
    • Traditional Context
      • Oceanside Transit Parking Structure
      • Elevation is Broken up into Smaller Parts to Minimize Length of Structure
      • Window openings and canopies emulate retail
    • Traditional Context
      • Santa Clara University Parking Structure
      • Roof Elements Match Surrounding Architecture and Allow the Parking Structure to look more like a Building
      • Rotunda Elevator Core
    • Traditional Context
      • Cannery Row Parking Structure, Monterey, CA
        • Serves “The Clement Monterey” an Intercontinental Hotel
      • Respects the Local Context by using Vernacular Architecture
      • Valet Operation on Ground and 2 nd Level with Mechanical
      • Double Stack Lifts to Increase Parking Efficiency & Capacity
    • Screening
      • The use of metal mesh, louvers, glass or other elements to create a layered affect in front of the structure
      • Utilizing these elements as defining building design characteristics
      • Screening elements hide the layers of the parking levels behind and break up the massing of the structure
    • Screening
      • Nutwood Parking Facility, CSU Fullerton
      • Frosted Glass Panels add Visual Interest and Screen Cars
        • Reflect the Movement of
        • People and Cars
        • Illuminated at Night
    • Screening
      • ASU Parking Structure
      • Metal Mesh Panels
        • Mitigate the mass of the
        • Parking Structure
        • Break up the Elevation
        • Give the Elevation Depth
      • Sculptural Stair
      • Openings Punched in the
      • Shear Wall Provide Natural Light and Give the Appearance of Abstract Windows
    • Screening
      • Parkhaus Engelenschanze, Munich, Germany
      • Glass Curtain Wall Creates a Translucent Appearance
      • White Horizontal Stripes on the Glass Add a Rhythmic Counterpoint to the Vertical Supports of the Metal Framing System.
      • Top Level Houses
      • Offices for the City’s
      • Parking Authority
    • Screening
      • UCSD Hopkins PS
      • Blue-Tinted Metal Mesh
      • Parking and Transportation Offices Located on the Second Level
      • Structure Nestled into the Hillside
    • Screening
      • John Muir Health Walnut Creek, CA
      • Metal Louvers add Depth and Minimize Light Trespass
      • Verticality Minimized with the Proportions of Metal Louver Panels
      • Surgery Center on
      • Ground Level
    • Screening
      • UC Davis Parking Structure
      • Glass Panels Create a More Dynamic Elevation
      • Angled Glass Panels Change the Massing and Create a Focal Point
    • Screening
      • Red Walls create a screening element
      • Layers of Depth Create Dynamic Elevation
    • Screening
      • Fashion Square Mall, Sherman Oaks, CA
      • Green Screens Break up Mass
      • of Parking Decks
    • Screening
      • Sarah Lawrence College, Yonkers, NY
      • Replaces Traditional Concrete Look of Parking Structures with More Aesthetically Pleasing Plants
    • Mixed Use
      • Combining parking and other uses in the same building
      • Parking with retail or commercial space included
      • Mixed use developments that integrate the parking into the entire project vs. building it stand alone
    • Mixed-Use
    • Mixed-Use
      • 16 th Street Mall Denver, CO
      • Mixed Use at Street Level
      • Pedestrian Scale Architecture
      • Façade Proportions of a Building as opposed to a Parking Structure
      • Minimize Perception
      • Of Levels
    • Mixed-Use
      • Granada Garage, Santa Barbara, CA
      • Complements the Rich Architectural Context of Santa Barbara
      • Offices at Street Frontage
    • Mixed-Use
      • Horton Plaza Parking Structure, San Diego
      • Residential and Retail in front of Parking
      • Pedestrian Scale
    • Mixed-Use
      • Broadway Point, Walnut Creek
      • Parking Behind Retail
    • Mixed-Use
      • Whole Foods Parking Structure, Beverly Hills, CA
      • Residential Above
      • Whole Foods at Ground Level
    • Mixed-Use
      • Beverly Hills Parking Structure
      • Retail at Ground Level
      • Pedestrian Scale
      • Façade Proportions Hide True Number of Levels
    • Mixed-Use
      • Plaza Escuela Walnut Creek, CA
      • Parking Behind Retail
      • Stair and Elevator Towers as Architectural Focal Points
    • Mixed-Use
      • Located in the Historic Downtown District
      • Includes Retail and Office Space as well as a Police Station
      • Reflects its Use and Surroundings
    • Mixed-Use
      • Palm and Morro Parking Structure San Luis Obispo, CA
      • City Department Offices on the Ground Level
      • Pedestrian Scale at Street Level
      • Façade Proportions
      • Same as Neighboring
      • Buildings
    • Hidden Parking Structures
      • Parking that due to land use considerations is hidden below grade or under buildings
      • Campus environments such as medical centers and universities where land is at a premium and the parking needs to share its land use with something else
    • Hidden Parking Structures
      • Community Hospital,
      • Monterey, CA
      • Recreated Hospital Drop Off
      • Landscaping on Top
      • Campus Site Constraints
      • Dictate Below Grade Parking
    • Hidden Parking Structures
      • Stanford Parking Structure 4
      • Below Grade Parking
      • Recreated existing Meadow and Governor's Lane
    • Hidden Parking Structures
      • Pomona College
      • Parking Below Sports Field
    • Hidden Parking Structures
      • Stanford Graduate School of Business
      • Parking Below Offices
    • Hidden Parking Structures
      • Underhill Parking Structure, Berkeley, CA
      • Sports Field above Parking
    • Public Art
      • Working with public art programs to incorporate artist designs into the parking structure
    • Public Art
      • City of Mountain View Parking Structure
      • Art Glass panels from Germany
    • Public Art
      • Olympia Place Parking Structure, Walnut Creek, CA
      • Copper Orb Art Object
      • Mixed-Use wraps around all sides of the parking structure
    • Public Art
      • Lot S&L Palo Alto, CA
      • Bird-Themed artwork and
      • Super-graphics on glass-clad elevator shaft
    • Public Art
      • Local Artist created art panel that incorporated hub caps and local images
      • Incorporated art into signage
    • Public Art
      • San Jose Airport New Consolidated Rental Car Facility
    • Interior Surprises
      • Creating unique design elements on the interior of parking structures
      • Make the space more inviting for users
      • Make the space more memorable
    • Interior Surprises
      • Innovative Striping
    • Interior Surprises
      • Lot S&L Palo Alto, CA
      • Interior Artwork to Identify Levels
    • Interior Surprises
      • Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Kansas City, MO
      • Sculptural Soffit
      • Skylights
    • Interior Surprises
      • Stanford Parking Structure 1
      • Lightwell Provides Natural Light and Fresh Air to the Interior
    • Interior Surprises
      • City Center Parking Structure, Redwood City, CA
      • Lightwell Provides Natural Light and Fresh Air to the Interior
    • Interior Surprises
      • CHOMP Monterey, CA
      • Custom Light Fixtures
      • Artwork on Walls Highlighted by Spotlights
    • Interior Surprises-PV Panels
    • Sculptural Design Playful Façades Public Art Parking Structures that Respect Traditional Context Screening with Mesh, Glass or “Greenscreen” Mixed-Use Hidden Parking Structures Interior Surprises Concluding Remarks- Parking Structures are Buildings
    • Questions