Open scholarship, social media & libraries


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A presentation I gave in Aarhus, Denmark about open scholarship, the role of social media and the "networked librarian"

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Open scholarship, social media & libraries

  1. 1. Challenges and opportunities in open scholarship Martin Weller By psd
  2. 2. About me • Prof at the Open University • Digital Scholarship book • OER Research Hub • Blogger • The Battle for Open
  3. 3. “A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” (Shelby Foote)
  4. 4. This talk • Hypothesis: openness is key to future direction of libraries and universities • Social media underlies openness • Look at different aspects of openness • Social media role for each • Why has openness been successful • Some issues & challenges
  5. 5. Open scholarship definition
  6. 6. The victory of openness Sign the CC-BY license!
  7. 7. MOOCs Video courtesy of Alan Levine –
  8. 8. Role of social media cMOOCs Learner communities Analytics
  9. 9. Open Access
  10. 10. Role of social media altMetrics Increased views/citations Creates OA pressure
  11. 11. OERs
  12. 12. Social-media friendly content
  13. 13. Role of social media Spread & share Bridge to formal ed Shareable content
  14. 14. Open scholarship By Gideon Burton
  15. 15. Role of social media Identity Increased keynotes/colla borations Information filter
  16. 16. Group twitter account Blog Blog schedule Scoop.It Webinars Videos Video playlist Impact map
  17. 17. It’s not just for geeks
  18. 18. Why has openness been successful? • From open source: – Efficient way of working – “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”
  19. 19. It matches the role of universities & libraries
  20. 20. Innovation • MOOCs • OA • OER • Open scholarship
  21. 21. And yet… • That’s not what I meant at all! • w
  22. 22. But researchers aren’t keen “frequent or intensive use is rare, and some researchers regard blogs, wikis and other novel forms of communication as a waste of time or even dangerous” (Proctor, Williams and Stewart (2010) Carpenter et al describe researchers as ‘risk averse’ and ‘behind the curve in using digital technology’ “The advice given to pre-tenure scholars was consistent across all fields: focus on publishing in the right venues and avoid spending too much time on public engagement, committee work, writing op-ed pieces, developing websites, blogging, and other non- traditional forms of electronic dissemination”
  23. 23. Perils of Open scholarship • Trolls • Job perils • Promotion
  24. 24. Challenges • Open access is key, not always encouraged • Takes investment to reach the pay-off • “It’s not proper scholarship!” • Not much of: stealing ideas, online abuse, conflict with traditional role
  25. 25. Tips • Get started! • Find your voice/tool • Give a bit of you • Be a good networker • Use a mix • Don’t overplan • Be open
  26. 26. Role of social media MOOCs Open Access Open Scholarship OERs Social media
  27. 27. Openness and social media blur boundaries between formal/informal, personal/professional, book/course, institution/general public
  28. 28. Complementary process link links promotes automatic publish comments subscribes discusses retweets
  29. 29. The role of the networked librarian • To be the best node in the network? • To act as a useful filter • Community building • Bringing relevant material to debates • Having an appreciation of openness & social media are key
  30. 30. To discuss… • Do you agree with the notion that open education is significant direction? • Has openness won? • Does social media underlie openness? • Thoughts on the networked librarian?
  31. 31. Gold route OA
  32. 32. OER Uptake
  33. 33. Innovation is the important element of openness • Open is not just ‘zero cost’ • Openness can allow: – New business models – New entrants – Reputation enhancement – Democratisation of learning – Outreach – Increased access • Open allows experimentation