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This is a sample of my work. Strategy, Research, and Planning.

This is a sample of my work. Strategy, Research, and Planning.

Published in Health & Medicine , Technology
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  • 1. MARCELINA WARD m.wArt School Planner With A Passion For Account Management
  • 2. Table of ContentsContact InformationMy ResumeMy StoryAbout MeMy Work Brand Book Jack Link’s Superfood Report Abba-Zaba Alcatraz Media Plan Trend ReportCredits
  • 3. Contact InformationAddress: 1900 Eddy Street #2, San Francisco, Ca 94115Mobile: (650) 678-2463Email: mward0118@gmail.comLinkedIn: @m_wardFood Blog:
  • 4. My ResumeObjective A position in an advertising agency where I can use my interpersonal skills to work alongside clients and creativesStrengths Communication Time Management Resourceful Multi-Tasking Detail Oriented Analytical Problem Solving Organized CuriousProfessional 2008 - Present ANNE SYMON INTERIORS, San Francisco, CaExperience Design Assistant Deal with one specific client and doing whatever he asks (it’s weird stuff that I can’t even describe, ask me about it) 2007 - 2008 STEPPING STONES CENTER FOR AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDERS, San Mateo, Ca Senior Behavioral Therapist/Program Assistant Provided one-on-one therapy with in-home clients (ages 2-10) and assisted in class room setting with clients (ages 18 months to 3 years old) Recorded and maintained consistent data during sessions Assisted in curriculum planning and program development Completed weekly progress reports for up to 3 clients at a time Communicated daily with supervisors and parents of clients 2003 - 2007 CITY OF SAN MATEO, San Mateo, Ca Recreation Specialist III/Gymnastics Instructor Taught and lead classes for children (ages 18 months to 15 years old, some with autism or other developmental disorders) Communicated with parents on a daily basis Developed lesson plans for each week and implemented activities Assisted in program planning and developmentEducation Master of Fine Arts, Advertising - Account Planning, May 2011 Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Ca Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, Psychology, December 2006 Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, CaReferences Alan Stout (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) Jeff Squires (PSFK) Cameron Maddux (Academy of Art)
  • 5. My StoryMy background is not grounded in traditional arts or design or anything close to the field of advertising.I grew up loving sports and dreamt of playing professional basketball. I prided myself on being the best female athlete of my class, as well as oneof the best among my male classmates. When playing sports during recess and lunch, I was always one of the first chosen. At this point I wasconvinced that I would one day go to Stanford and make a name for myself as their star player. I made varsity and was also a starter all in myfreshman year of high school, but my dreams were short-lived when I encountered numerous injuries in my sophomore year. For the rest of highschool, I was lost and didn’t really know who I was without basketball.I moved to Santa Cruz, started college, and accomplished nothing in terms of school. I met new people and learned a lot about myself, which isprobably why school took a backseat. For two years I enjoyed life and living on my own, while also experiencing a sense of freedom that I had neverfelt before. My time in Santa Cruz was full of adventures and life lessons that were worth being on academic probation from the time I started to thetime I left.It was time to grow up and focus my energy on my academic career. I moved back home to continue college but this time with a fresh start and anew major. After 3 years of hard work, I graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology while concurrentlyenrolled in their Master’s Program for Clinical Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy. I was also working as a Behavioral Therapist for childrenwith autism, but quickly found out that this was not my ideal career.It was time again for another major shift in life. Basketball didn’t work out and this wasn’t either. I quit my job and Master’s Program and spent thenext few months figuring out who I was and what I wanted from life, which is easier said than done. I decided that I wanted to go back to school,but it had to be the complete opposite of what I had done in the past. That’s how I ended up in the Advertising Program at the Academy of Art. Iconcentrated my studies on Account Planning and learned as much as I could, while not learning as much as I could at the same time. During mysecond to last semester I was lucky enough to meet an Account Supervisor who gave me a glimpse into this part of advertising. From this encounterI realized that this is what I had been searching for the entire time. I now know that this is where I belong in an agency. So here I am...
  • 6. My Story
  • 7. About MeI am a rock climber.Since I don’t play basketball anymore, I needed to find a newphysical activity. Four years ago my best friend and I decided tostart indoor rock climbing. I was hesitant at first, but now I’m prettymuch obsessed. I spend way too much time at the gym, but it’sworth every minute. Fitness equipment and weights are boring;climbing is a more exciting way to work out.Rock climbing is all about strategy. What’s your next move. Howcan you position your body most effectively. Without strategy youwill never make it up the wall and if you do it’s purely luck or justbrute strength. Some climbs are easy and I succeed on my firsttry, but others are more difficult and require a lot of work, patience,and determination to finish.My strategy and problem solving skills have vastly improvedfrom being a climber, and it carries over into my work and how Iapproach life. I’m ready for any challenge thrown my way.Climb on....
  • 8. About MeI am a baker.Who doesn’t love to eat? Even better, who doesn’tlove to eat tasty treats. Dessert is my favorite mealand my philosophy is that there is always room fordessert.But first let me be clear about one thing - I can’t cook.I’m notorious for burning things, and I somehowmanaged to set bread on fire in a toaster oven. I don’tknow how this is possible, but aside from that I canbake, and that’s more important. And I baked all thesetreats on the right.Following Directions, Detail Oriented, Accuracy, andPrecision. That’s why I can bake. Maybe I’m a littleobsessive compulsive, maybe it’s my left brain at it’sbest. But whatever it may be it’s working and it tastesgreat.My approach to baking mimics my work ethic. Justgive me the right ingredients and I’ll make it delicious.
  • 9. My Work These are projects that I worked on during my time in school. Some are group projects and some I completed on my own. A lot of time, research, and strategy went into these projects, some an entire semester long. For the group projects I even took on the role of account/project manager and had to make sure that my team was working together effectively and meeting deadlines. I also dealt with disagreements between creatives and those between creatives and planners, as well as advocating and defending the group beliefs. That’s me hard at work.
  • 10. Brand BookCreated for and guided by Paul HuberFall 2009For this project my group was given a fictitious car and instructed to create a brand book from scratch. I was one of two account planners on thisproject, but also took on the responsibility of copywriter along with one other student. I also had a role in design and art directing the final layout.My group branded an electric car that we named Sparc. I came up with the big idea that centered our entire brand identity and image. The conceptfocuses on reminiscing about the joy of driving, before it became a stressful part of our lives. The Joy of Driving Remember a time when driving was more than just going from A to B. When it was more Sparc is the only car that brings you back to that time in your life when all that mattered about experiencing life and escaping the stress of your everyday routine. Before skyrocketing was driving. Distance and destination were insignificant, it was all about the drive. With Sparc gas prices and never-ending traffic, driving was a pleasure, not a hassle. Sparc is reconnecting comes a unique nostalgic experience, in a time when you thought it had been lost. Get in you to that joyful experience. touch with your inner driver and regain the joy of driving. 03 | Sparc Sparc | 04
  • 11. Brand Position Sparc offers high quality, affordable, innovative automobiles. They highlight the individual driving experience, and the pleasure it brings. What sets Sparc apart from it’s competitors is the personal attachment the driver forms with the brand. Driving a Sparc car evokes a type of joy and nostalgia that no other car can. It has the reliability of a Honda, the comfort of a Lexus, and the social impact of a Prius. However, Sparc is its own one of a kind experience.07 | Sparc Sparc | 08 Logo Road: connects the consumer with the road; it is specifically angled to the left to Star: signifies the spark of serve as a reminder emotions that are associated of the joy of driving with the brand and driving and to bring back past driving memories Color: the sepia tone demonstrates the sense of Shield: gives the overall nostalgia a person feels when feel of a automotive connecting with the brand company, but at the same time pronounces a simplistic, yet joyful feeling towards driving13 | Sparc Sparc | 14
  • 12. Car Models Mentum Mentum SE • Style: 4-door, front-wheel drive sedan • Style: 2-door, rear-wheel drive sport coupe • Seating Capacity: five • Seating Capacity: four • Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds • Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds • Top Speed: 95 mph • Top Speed: 115 mph • Range: 500 miles • Range: 500 miles • Expected Battery Life: Eight years or 150,000 miles • Expected Battery Life: Six years or 110,000 miles • Battery: Custom microprocessor-controlled lithium-ion battery • Battery: Custom microprocessor-controlled lithium-ion battery • Charge Time: 3 hours • Charge Time: 3.5 hours29 | Sparc Sparc | 30
  • 13. The Dealership (continued) Office Architectural Design The Vibe The last thing we want to do is make The Sparc showroom is unlike any other. the consumer feel crowded and It truly allows the consumer to examine overwhelmed. Therefore, the dealership’s and explore their potential vehicle design is very open and spacious. The without a commission hungry salesmen building is two-stories, with the garage on breathing down their neck. In fact, there the first floor and the showroom on the are no salesmen at all in our showrooms. second floor. The showroom is divided Sparc completely separates the business into two sections, the model showcase of buying a new car from the pleasure and purchasing offices. A 360-degree of the new car experience. Everything full panoramic window around the a consumer may need from a salesman, show room makes the consumer feel including requesting a test drive, can as though they are floating stress free all be accessed from the information among the clouds. computer located next to each model. We want the consumer to relax and explore this car as though they are researching it from their home computer, except here they can physically touch it. Showroom39 | Sparc Sparc | 40 The Dealership Sparc cars are unlike any other on the Customer Service road. Therefore, they cannot be sold The Sparc sales team is there for you, like any other car. To give the potential and you only. Because their salaries customer a true feeling of choosing are not commission based, there is no a unique vehicle, Sparc has created a unneeded pressure, or shady business unique dealership. transactions. They are there to help you with any additional questions, financing Location plans, and maybe an additional laugh or Sparc dealerships are located in non- two. traditional dealership areas where the environment is scenic and relaxing. Never will you find a Sparc Dealership within a strip of other car dealerships. 37 | Sparc Sparc | 38
  • 14. Jack LinksCreated for and guided by Elisha Greenwell & Eric Solomon (Venables Bell & Partners)Fall 2010I was part of a group that was given the task of creating a strategy to position Jack Link’s Portion Control Beef Jerky. We came up with the idea totarget mom’s with school age children since the beef jerky market is oversaturated with dominant male advertising and targets. Through quantitativeand qualitative research we created a brief and deck, and we even had the opportunity to brief a creative class. Our ultimate goal was to changemothers’ perspectives of beef jerky and position it as a healthy snack for their children without alienating and turning off the original male target.
  • 15. King of 2%
  • 16. Bobin Kim Marcelina Ward Renee ZallesCreative BriefWhat is the business context in which the brand is operating? What is the context in which it should beoperating?The beef jerky market is currently overrun with masculinity. Jack Link’s should open up the conversation to othermarkets. A sole focus on young males severely limits the brand’s potential for growth.Who is the audience and what are they like? What is the role of the brand in their lives?The audience is moms with children between the ages of 5 and 16. They value convenience, price and health,all of which are strong equities that Jack Link’s can leverage in order to communicate to this new market.In one simple sentence or phrase, what do we need to communicate?Jack Link’s is a healthy snack disguised as an edgy treat.Why should people believe it?• The product is affordable• The product is pre-packaged, which makes it very easy to pack in a kid’s lunch.• Portion Control packs contain only 100 calories.• Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is a leaner form of protein.• Jack Link’s is a healthier, longer-lasting alternative to other salty snacks like chips, which don’t fill you up the way beef jerky can.• Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is low is carbs, unlike other salty snacks.• Sodium provides a good source of electrolytes, which all active kids need.How and where are we going to bring this to life?• The product should undergo a packaging change that appeals more to moms but also maintains the edginess of the current packaging/marketing so as not to loose appeal to current market and to gain appeal with kids.• The product should be re-positioned in the grocery aisles near healthier snacks such as nuts, pro tein bars, etc.• TV, print, and internet are all valid media through which we can reach moms. Consider mom blogs when targeting the online audience.What does success look like?1. Moms start buying Jack Link’s for their kids.2. Kids start asking moms to buy Jack Link’s.3. Moms start buying it for themselves.4. An overall shift in consumer perception of beef jerky occurs, causing other companies to follow suit.ToneThe campaign should communicate to moms by educating them about beef jerky’s assets but it should not takeon a typical “mom” tone. We need to find a balance between the edginess of the current campaign/consumerperception and the mom commercial so that we effectively communicate to moms without turning kids off to theproduct or alienating the current market.
  • 17. Superfood ReportCreated for Crystal Roubadeaux (BBDO) & Guided by Alan Stout (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners)Spring 2010I was given these questions - How are consumers responding to superfoods? Are they interested in them? Why (or why not) is it fashionable?I spent hours researching and sifting through information. I found that consumers are increasingly aware of superfoods, and are more aware of theirdiets and improving this area of their health. Media and celebrity influences were also factors in consumer’s knowledge of superfoods. I created thisspread along with a document containing further information and links to reports and sources. Consumer Segments SUPERFOOD With the exception of Eat, Drink & Be Merries group, all others demonstrates that they are responsive or at least open to the superfood/functional foods trend [Nielsen analysis of National Marketing Institute Data] A food that contains phytonutrients, are-healthy-spenders-12507/ antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more... Fence Sitters (17%) follow the latest trends, Food Actives (18%) So is this just another food trend that will soon disappear mainly into ways to loss mainstream health pursuits, weight; influenced by or is there actual consumer belief in this health craze? live on moderation, consume social media and eco- Is this something that they are interested in? Is it typical healthy food, rather friendly tactics than organics, supplement, fashionable to take part in this food hype? etc. Consumer Interest: Well-Beings (19%) Food Can Be most health proactive, consume the most organics, Fashionable use supplements, and pursue holistic methodsMedia & Celebrity influenCe: Magic Bullets (24%) believe supplements Current Fashion Magazines praising the benefits of Superfoods and related items will Superfoods used by models to prepare for runway shows Eat, Drink & Be Merries (22%) provide healthy benefits; [Vogue “Backstage Buzz: Superfood for Surviving the Shows] younger shoppers, concerned cook and exercise less with taste, but saving money; not concerned with prevention, least Trendy magazines for teens and young adults are already influencing this age group to be health-active group health conscious through use of celebrities [Seventeen “Celebs Go Green!”] Consumer Response Mainstream news sources playing up the Superfood/Functional Food trend and suggest you Consumers increasingly making changes to improve the healthfulness of their diet start following it too Consumers believe in the benefits offered by food and beverages (improving health, improving stamina, [CNN “5 Healthy Food Trends Worth Following”] improving immune function, reducing risk of disease, higher levels of satiety) Americans are interested in consuming foods and beverages that contain added benefits Celebrities and Athletes are always endorsing new supplements and products that they believe Consumers are now conscious of items that are more healthful and this is now a major contributing factor to to be extremely beneficial and nutritional purchasing [] [International Food Information Council - 2007 Consumer Attitudes towards Functional Foods/Foods for Health: Executive Summary] the_know_drink_acai_juice.html
  • 18. Abba-ZabaCreated for and guided by Alan Stout (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners)Summer 2010I worked on this project once before and felt that it was going nowhere. Alan helped me develop a totally new idea around this boring, not so popularcandy. My strategy was to target hipsters and get them to adopt this candy into their lifestyle since it would be so ironic. By focusing on this target,there is potential to eventually reach mainstream culture. Just set the bait and the hipsters will grab and bite.
  • 19. Target “...Hipsters are sold what they think they invent and are spoon-fed their pre-packaged cultural livelihood.” -Douglas Haddows in Adbusters“You  used  to  be  able  to  tell  the  difference  between  hipsters  and  homeless  people.  Now,  its  between  hipsters  and  retards.  I  mean,  either  that  guy  in  the  corner  in  orange  safety  pants  holding  a  protest  sign  and  wearing  a  top  hat  is  mentally  disabled  or  he  is  the  coolest  fucking  guy  you  will  ever  know."          -­‐  Chuck  Klosterman   Personality In A Bag
  • 20. How To Reel Them In ✓  They  have  to  think  that  they  are  the  ones  making  something  cool   ✓  There  can3t  be  any  tradi6onal  adver6sing   ✓  Product  type  &  placement  important  The Perfect Pair “Less  a  subculture,  the  hipster  is  a  consumer  group  –  using  their  capital  to  purchase   empty  authen6city  and  rebellion?@    -­‐  Douglas  Haddow  in  Adbusters  
  • 21. Alcatraz Media PlanCreated for and guided by Kelly BurkeSpring 2011My task was to create a media plan for a fictional concert, “Rock the Rock Music Festival,” that would take place at Alcatraz. I created a targetprofile, as well as all the necessary information needed for a media plan (goals, objectives, strategies, planning parameters). I also included myrecommended site list along with my justification for each site. A separate excel sheet holds all the actual numbers and information for the mediaplan, which includes detailed placements for each site, budget breakdown, and cpm. SITE BUDGET IMPRESSIONS CPMs CNN Entertainment $195,000 14,000,000 $13.93 Yahoo! Music $225,000 12,649,000 $17.79 Ticketmaster $50,000 4,445,000 $11.25 New York Times $175,000 9,945,000 $17.60 Spin $175,000 13,248,000 $13.21 CNN Entertainment Daily Candy $180,000 11,967,000 $15.04 Reach/Coverage: 907,000/10.7 Comp/Index: 15.7/299 TOTAL $1,000,000 66,254,000 $15.09 • Site reaches affluent, business minded individuals and is on point with target psychographics and demographics • Reaches target when they are specifically browsing or search for entertainment type news • CNN Entertainment delivers factual entertainment news along with celebrity gossip which is more relevant to the target R o c k T h e R o c k M u s i c F e s t i v a l J u n e 9 - 1 0 , 2 0 1 1
  • 22. Planning Parameters Budget: $1 Million Target Audience: Research Target - A25-54 HHI $75K+ Purchased event tickets in last 6 months Expanded Target - A25-54 HHI $250K+ Live in wealthy area/neighborhoods Work in corporate world Married with children Belong to exclusive clubs Drive expensive, luxury cars Travel frequently Attends charity and high profile events Buys designer and high end brands Dines and seeks out fine restaurants, bars, and venues Season ticket holder (sports, music, cultural) Flight Dates: January 1, 2012 - February 15, 2012 (build awareness of event) February 13, 2012 - June 9, 2012 (high impact launch for ticket sales, continuity)Goals Geography: National (emphasis on west/east coast and major cities)• Sell tickets to the “Rock The Rock Music Festival” Media Vehicle: Online Ad Units: Leaderboard, Medium Square, Roadblock, Pre-Roll, Wallpaper, Custom ContentObjectives R o c k T h e R o c k M u s i c F e s t i v a l J u n e 9 - 1 0 , 2 0 1 1• Drive sales online• Build awareness of event and charity• Drive donations to charity• Create buzz around event, bands, celebritiesStrategies• Partner with sites that match and reach out to target audience• Reach consumers that regularly make charitable donations• Reach consumers that have recently purchased event tickets within last 6 months• Reach consumers that regularly attend high profile events• Reach consumers when they are in a music mind set (listening to music, reading music news, etc.)• Reach consumers when they are browsing onlineR o c k T h e R o c k M u s i c F e s t i v a l J u n e 9 - 1 0 , 2 0 1 1
  • 23. Research to Support Target Out-of-home entertainment spending on the increase for families with children (October 2010) article105.shtml Bundle: How America Spends - Entertainment spending-in-the-big-12093 SpinR o c k T h e R o c k M u s i c F e s t i v a l J u n Reach/Coverage: 75,000/0.9 e 9 - 1 0 , 2 0 1 1 Comp/Index: 25.6/487 • Targets people when they are in the mind set of music and music related news and content • Reaches target geography and purchase habits • Reaches out to younger half of demographic (25-54) • While delivering content similar to other music news sources, Spin has a edgy, outgoing attitude that relates to its consumers R o c k T h e R o c k M u s i c F e s t i v a l J u n e 9 - 1 0 , 2 0 1 1
  • 24. Units (Impressions,Site Name Placement Ad Unit Size Start Date End Date Cost Method clicks, plays, views) Rate Net Cost Creative TypeCNN Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12; 2/13/12 2/15/12; 6/9/12 CPM 5,000,000 $10.00 $50,000 Rich Leaderboard 728x90 1/1/12; 2/13/12 2/15/12; 6/9/12 CPM 4,000,000 $16.25 $65,000 728x90 Skyscraper 160x600 1/1/12; 2/13/12 2/15/12; 4/13/12 CPM 5,000,000 $16.00 $80,000 Rich 14,000,000 $13.93 $195,000YAHOO! Leaderboard 728x90 1/1/12; 4/13/12 2/15/12; 6/9/12 CPM 1,200,000 $15.63 $18,750 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 975,000 $15.38 $15,000 Rich Wallpaper 1280 px (minimum width) 2/12/12 5/13/12 CPM 840,000 $11.90 $10,000 Rich Leaderboard 728x90 3/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 1,000,000 $18.75 $18,750 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12; 2/13/12 2/1/12; 6/9/12 CPM 930,000 $10.75 $10,000 Rich Roadblock 728x90, 300x250 2/13/12 6/9/12 CPM 995,000 $22.61 $22,500 728x90 Flash, Rich…. Custom Content 640x360 1/1/12; 2/13/12 2/1/12; 4/13/12 CPM 5,750,000 $19.57 $112,500 Rich Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12; 3/13 2/15/12; 4/13/12 CPM 959,000 $18.25 $17,500 Rich Media 12,649,000 $17.79 $225, Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 4/1/12 CPM 1,500,000 $12.50 $18,750 Rich Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 6/9/12 CPM 960,000 $11.72 $11,250 Rich Leaderboard 728x90 2/13/12 6/9/12 CPM 785,000 $9.55 $7,500 728x90 Leaderboard 728x90 2/13/12 5/13/12 CPM 1,200,000 $10.42 $12,500 728x90 Flash 4,445,000 $11.25 $50,000NEW YORK Leaderboard 728x90 2/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 510,000 $6.37 $3,250 728x90 Pre-Roll (15 sec) 300x250 1/1/12 2/15/12 CPM 3,950,000 $25.32 $100,000 Roadblock 728x90, 300x250 2/13/12 3/13/12 CPM 2,975,000 $12.61 $37,500 728x90 Flash, Rich Leaderboard 728x90 2/13/12 6/9/12 CPM 521,000 $9.60 $5,000 728x90 Flashnytimes/com/travel Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 6/9/12 CPM 989,000 $15.17 $15,000 Rich Medianytimes/com/style Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 1,000,000 $14.25 $14,250 Rich Media 9,945,000 $17.60 $175, Leaderboard 728x90 1/1/12; 5/1/12 1/20/12; 6/9/12 CPM 689,000 $10.89 $7,500 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 1/21/12; 3/14/12 2/15/12; 4/30/12 CPM 1,000,000 $12.50 $12,500 Rich Roadblock 728x90, 300x250 2/13/12 3/13/12 CPM 1,190,000 $16.81 $20,000 728x90 Flash, Rich Leaderboard 728x90 2/13/12 3/13/12 CPM 513,000 $9.75 $5,000 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12 2/15/12 CPM 1,210,000 $10.33 $12,500 Rich Skyscraper 160x600 3/14/12 6/9/12 CPM 775,000 $9.68 $7,500 Rich Pre-Roll (15 sec) 640x360 2/13/12 5/13/12 CPM 2,790,000 $18.82 $52,500 Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12 2/15/12 CPM 1,190,000 $10.50 $12,500 Rich Leaderboard 728x90 1/1/12; 5/1/12 1/20/12; 6/9/12 CPM 700,000 $10.71 $7,500 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 1/21/12; 3/14/12 2/15/12; 4/30/12 CPM 1,091,000 $11.45 $12,500 Rich Skyscraper 160x600 2/13/12 3/13/12 CPM 2,100,000 $11.90 $25,000 Rich Media 13,248,000 $13.21 $175,000DAILY Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 592,000 $12.67 $7,500 Rich"city" Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 786,000 $14.31 $11,250 Rich Roadblock 728x90, 300x250 2/13/12 3/13/12 CPM 1,395,000 $28.67 $40,000 728x90 Flash, Rich Leaderboard 728x90 3/14/12 4/30/12 CPM 347,000 $14.41 $5,000 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12; 5/1/12 2/12/12; 6/9/12 CPM 573,000 $13.09 $7,500 Rich Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 998,000 $11.27 $11,250 Rich Roadblock 728x90, 300x250 2/13/12 3/13/12 CPM 2,537,000 $11.82 $30,000 728x90 Flash, Rich Leaderboard 728x90 3/14/12 4/30/12 CPM 896,000 $9.77 $8,750 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12; 5/1/12 2/12/12; 6/9/12 CPM 827,000 $13.60 $11,250 Rich Medium Square 300x250 2/13/12 4/13/12 CPM 412,000 $18.20 $7,500 Rich Roadblock 728x90, 300x250 2/13/12 3/13/12 CPM 1,427,000 $17.52 $25,000 728x90 Flash, Rich Leaderboard 728x90 3/14/12 4/30/12 CPM 584,000 $12.84 $7,500 728x90 Medium Square 300x250 1/1/12; 5/1/12 2/12/12; 6/9/12 CPM 593,000 $12.65 $7,500 Rich Media 11,967,000 $15.04 $180,000TOTAL 66,254,000 $15.09 $1,000,000
  • 25. Trend ReportCreated for and guided by Jeff Squires (PSFK)Fall 2010 Introduction Questions of Interest Food is a necessity of life, crucial to our survival in this • What are some of the current trends that are defining world. It is one of the things that we focus our day around. our food culture? However, our concept of food is very different from what • How are people being brought together through food? it was to our ancestors and even to people of the past century. • How has technology affected food culture? Food has moved beyond its literal meaning as something • What new ways are people experimenting with food? of sustenance. But one common aspect that it has held throughout time is the power to bring people together. • How can we work towards creating food practices that However, today this notion of togetherness is not as are environmentally friendly? traditional, such as the family dinner. People are uniting through food, but in unique and different ways that have moved passed the typical medium of table and kitchen. Moving Beyond the Table - Food continues to evolve as technological innovation thrives, along with the passions of chefs and food lovers An Analysis of Food Culture striving to push the boundaries of conventional food ideas and norms. 3My instructor assigned a trend report for our final project and I chose food as my topic. I wanted to steer away from the literal meaning of food andrather focus on how our idea of food has changed. I also kept a Tumblr blog to hold all of my research.My report includes 3 main trends each followed by 6 manifestations.- Food Discovery and Sharing- Food as Art- Food Convenience and Sustainability
  • 26. Sharing Food Ideas & DiscoveryTechnology, the internet, and mobile applications have enabled people to shareinformation quickly and easily. Food sharing sites and online communities havea large presence and allow people to share their ideas with millions of people ona daily basis. This sharing of information brings people together while technologyenhances our method of discovery. Website offers convenient way to track a city’s food trucks Zagat is now home to a food truck tracking site, which for now focuses on New York City. It is in beta form at the moment, but has plans to expand its location offerings. Users are able to view trucks alphabetically, by cuisine, or just simply browse the trucks that are in their geographic location. Although food truck information is readily available through Twitter and specific food truck websites, Zagat has brought all this information together and now houses it on their website. Now people are informed of various food trucks rather than just the ones they know, which gives them the opportunity to try new things. Zagat has found a simple way to share information about food trucks in one convenient location. So forget having to sift through your tweet feed or visiting several websites, Zagat has everything you need to find the perfect food truck meal. Simplified recipes in 140 characters or less Maureen Evans (or @cookbook as she is known on Twitter) came up with the idea of Eat Tweet since 6 she loves the idea of reducing recipes down to their simplest form. A blogger and amateur cook, 9 Maureen started tweeting recipes to her followers, who in turn started sharing their own recipes and tweeting them back to her. Maureen compiled 1,020 recipes into a cookbook titled “Eat Tweet” which showcases these unique 140 character or less Holiday food finding challenge that benefits the recipes. You might have a hard time at first trying to figure out the abbreviations, but don’t worry, it comes with a guide to decipher the Twitter lexicon. less fortunate Application that encourages social eating to help save energy Online food community and cookbook that allows users to showcase and share their skills, talents, and recipes Application to track the source of your food 7
  • 27. Food Is The New ArtFood is now the medium for many artists to express their creativity. No need for artand craft stores with food providing the perfect materials for any project. Using food asa means to create art has opened up a new world of creativity that let’s artist expressnew ideas in a fun and unique way. Fashion literally taking cues from food and cravings Fashion trends and styles are all over the place and find inspiration in everything these days. Ted Sabarese and Sung Yeonju are two examples of designers finding inspiration in food and actually taking this to the next level and using actual food to construct their pieces. Sabarese’s vision came from the cravings that models have but don’t necessarily get to satiate. His project, entitled “Hunger Pains” showcases models in completely edible garments, using items like breads, pastas, fruits and vegetables. He uses simple photography to truly highlight the unique food outfits. Korean artist, Yeonju, focuses on creating dresses that are made completely from food. Her project is titled “Wearable Foods” and she primarily uses food in its raw state to create these unique silhouettes. 13 16 Cookbook showcases ingredients in artful layouts IKEA is known for their furniture and unique take on Edible Pizza Flags to Document World Travels design, but they really stepped out of the box with their cookbook (Hembakat är Bäst - Homemade is Best). With photographer Carl Kleiner and stylist Evalina Bratell, each Recreating famous works of art with of the 30 recipes showcased in this book are shown in a way never seen before. Two images for each recipe show vegetables and a touch of absurdity the ingredients and the final product. But instead of simply listing out the necessary ingredients, they are shown as a visual with exact measurements depicted in the images. Sliced vegetables to create one of a kind bowls The ingredient pages alone are works of art, with the added and jewelry bonus of the final product being edible art. Beer that encourages musical creativity 14
  • 28. Convenience and Sustainability Environmental issues are at the forefront and we are constantly trying to figure out new ways to reduce our impact on the earth, along with teaching people how to live a greener lifestyle. We should alter our current food practices and make them more convenient and available. By doing so we make the transition easier for those looking Environmentally friendly way to deliver to adopt these practices into their daily lives. farm fresh food Farm fresh food delivery is not a new concept, but Minnesota based VeloVeggies, founded by Randall Dietell, is taking the idea one step further and is using a method that produces zero- emissions. VeloVeggies uses their VegBoxes to pack farm fresh produce to deliver to the doorsteps of their customers, but they are unique in that they deliver their boxes by bike. Even better, they bike deliver these boxes the same day that they are packed. And to top it all off, they also pick up compostable waste from Minnesota homes. They are truly an example of a company that support local and community agriculture along with their commitment to green practices. 20 24 Simple and smell-free way to compost in any home Composting is now required by law in many states, yet some people are still taken back by the idea or more so the smell of it. Fuccillo StudioPub adheres to strict rules to lower carbon has designed the perfect way to compost in the home. Made from non-toxic silicone, the freezerfootprint compost bin allows users to throw compostable items into the bin and then store it in the freezer. By doing so, this eliminates all the problemsCompost center recycling food waste into most people deal with when home composting.alternative energy and electricity The sleek and modern design of the bin also adds to the uniqueness of this product. No more flies, no more mess, no more smell, and the perfect way to compost.Insects as a possible source of food with a lowenvironmental impact http://fuccillodesign.myshopify.comCity garden visualizes and teaches foodsustainability 21
  • 29. CreditsBrand Book:Zack Browne - CopywriterIris Lai - Art DirectorRaza Durani - Art DirectorNui Kittisangvara - Account PlannerJack Links:Bobin Kim - Account PlannerRenee Zalles - Account Planner