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November 4x






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    November 4x November 4x Document Transcript

    • JACK STUART SCHOOL Phone #: 672 672-0880 Voice Message #: 672-0898 November 4, 2010 Issue #7 Tasty Treat by Holly McIndoe CLASSROOM NEWS Tasty Treat will be on November 23rd (not November Class 2Han by Jonathon F. 16th). The treat will be Granola Marshmallow Treats and ranola We are done patterns in Math and we the cost will be 75¢ each. An order form will be sent are moving on to numbers to 100. We are learning about next week. Please note: no late forms ordinal numbers. It is almost Remembrance Day. We’re will be accepted and extras will not also doing Operation Christmas Child and collecting be ordered. toys for a boy from 5-9 years old. Important Dates Parent Volunteers November 8 Lifetouch Photo Retakes Ryder’s grandma, Carissa Knockleby-Cornell, Holly Cornell, November 10 Remembrance Day Service – 10:30 am McIndoe, Cathy Pacholek, Jen Schneider, Sarah Baker, November 11 Remembrance Day – No School Mrs. Schoenberger. November 12 Day-In-Lieu of August PD – No School Lieu November 15 Day-In-Lieu of Interviews – No School Lieu Reminder: There is a Parent Council Meeting November 16 Staff Meeting – Noon Dismissal on Wednesday, September 17th, in the school November 17 Parent Council Meeting – 7:00 pm staffroom. Everyone is welcomed to attend. November 18 Hot Lunch – CMSA November 19 Report Cards November 20 Volleyball Fun Day – Grades 5 & 6 ll Library News by Ms. Hanson November 23 Tasty Treat Tuesday Used book sale will be held Monday, November 29 and Tuesday, November 30. ** Next Newsletter The sale will start at 12:15pm both days. All November 18, 2010 books will be 25¢ each. Parent Teacher Interviews Student report cards will be sent home on Friday, November 19th. Parent-Teacher interviews, kindergarten through Teacher grade six at Jack Stuart School will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, November 23rd and 24th. Interviews will be conducted in the teacher’s own classroom. Please note that interview times will be scheduled between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. Interviews are scheduled every ten minutes and are intended to be a discussion about student learning. If you have other items to discuss that require more than ten minutes, please make arrangements for a different time. We expect that there will be questions about the new assessment procedure and report cards; we are happy to answer them as best we can. The ten minute interview time is not for this purpose. In addition to the updates that have been provided in the newsletters and at the parent night, more information will be made available on interview nights. Another parent information night is also being considered. Please record in the space provided on the bottom of this page, the name of your child(ren), the homeroom, and your preference for the date of the interview(s). We will make every attempt to accommodate your request. accommodate Return this form to the school by Mon Monday, November 8, 2010. A note will accompany the student report, indicating the date and time of your scheduled interview(s). We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress to this point in the school year. Parent Interview Request - November 2010 Person completing this form: __________________________ Student(s) Homeroom Preferred Date
    • BRSD Safety Information November is Pedestrian Safety Month Both drivers and pedestrians are responsible for safety. Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, but also have the responsibility to cross safely. Drivers: • When approaching an intersection or crosswalk be alert for pedestrians. • Watch for vehicles stopped or slowing in the lane next to yours. They may be yielding to a pedestrian. • Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk carries a fine of $575 plus four demerit points. • Stay alert and slow down on residential streets, and through school and playground zones. Caution when backing up in school parking lots. layground • Do not be a distracted driver! Pedestrians: • POINT, PAUSE and PROCEED Be alert at intersections and PROCEED. always look out for danger when crossing the street. • Make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street. • Be seen! Wear bright coloured or reflective clothing especially when it is dark. • Don’t text/phone or listen to music while walking in parking lots or crossing s streets. • Follow traffic signs and signals. They are in place for your safety. Be careful out there! Police Officers in Alberta have been directed to be extra vigilant been about giving tickets for crosswalk violations and jaywalking during Pedestrian Safety Mo Month.
    • ASSESSMENT AND REPORT CARD UPDATE You will have noticed updates in our newsletters regarding assessment and reporting in Battle River School Division. SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO REPORT CARDS FOR 2010-2011: • In BRSD, kindergarten achievement will be reported as Beginning, Developing and Achieving. LEVEL DESCRIPTION Think of it as a (ECS) progression from… Beginning Skill / learner outcome is emerging with direct support. Evidence Getting started BEG indicates a beginning level of understanding. Developing Skill / learner outcome is emerging with minimal support. Evidence Starting to get it DEV indicates a basic level of understanding. Achieving Demonstrates skill / learner outcome independently and consistently. Got it ACH Evidence indicates a solid level of understanding. Not Yet Assessed Skill / learner outcome has not yet been introduced and/or assessed. NYA • In Grades 4-6 achievement will no longer be reported in percentages and there will be no class averages. Achievement in Grades 1-6 will be communicated in 4 levels: Beginning, Developing, Achieving and Excelling. LEVEL DESCRIPTION Think of it as a Grade 1-9 progression from… Beginning At this level, the evidence of learning shows a student has beginning Getting started understanding of the learner outcomes. Evidence shows there is not BEG yet full understanding or ability to apply the concepts being taught. The evidence does not yet meet the standards for grade level. Developing At this level, the evidence of learning shows a student has a basic, Starting to get it developing understanding of the learner outcomes. Evidence shows DEV the student is not yet demonstrating a complete ability to apply the concepts being taught. The evidence meets the acceptable standard for grade level. Achieving At this level, the evidence of learning indicates a solid understanding of Got it the learner outcomes. Evidence is accurate and well thought out. The ACH evidence capably demonstrates the acceptable standard for grade level. Excelling At this level, the evidence of learning indicates a convincing, in-depth Really got it! understanding of the learner outcomes. Evidence is perceptive and EXC indicates an ability to apply the learning in varied situations. The evidence skillfully demonstrates the acceptable standard for grade level. Missing Evidence This statement indicates that there is not enough evidence or the evidence is too incomplete MEV for assessment to take place. Please be patient with us at the school as we embark on our own learning journey of putting these changes into effect. We are at the BEGinning level of this process ourselves but are working hard to implement these changes and make it work.
    • BEGinning I’m having trouble with this I need help to get it right I don’t usually get this on my own I am still working on it DEVeloping I am starting to understand Most of the time I need a little bit of help I sometimes get this right This is still a little confusing to me ACHieving I understand I can do this without help most of the time I usually get this right Sometimes I need a reminder of what to do EXCelling I understand this really well I can do this without help I can do it every time I can explain how I got my answer I could teach it to someone else