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Satellier BIM Services Overview

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Satellier Master Company Brochure, Us

  1. 1. SATELLIER<br />Work-Share& Virtual Design Construction (VDC) Services<br />.<br />
  2. 2. Who Are We<br />ABOUT US<br />Satellier is the leading provider of global workshare solutions, providing building information modelling (BIM), design documentation and Construction Sequencing support to the architecture, engineering and construction firms and owners (AECO)<br />Founded in 2000, Satellier has focused in defining best practices for global collaboration. Our vision is rooted in an uncompromising commitment to excellence of service, quality, and technology.<br />
  3. 3. KEY FACTS<br />Started in 2000 by CEO Michael Jansen<br />Offices: Delhi, Chicago, Shanghai, London, <br />Global workforce of 200 professionals<br />Experience across sectors, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Retail, commercial, transportation<br />Global project experience, North America, Europe, ME,<br /> Asia, North Africa<br />Pioneer in providing BIM work-share services to the AECO world<br />Pioneer in VDC in India<br />Clients include 25 of the world’s top 50 AECO firms<br />A Sequoia Capital Company <br />ABOUT US<br />
  4. 4. OUR PEOPLE<br />THE TEAM<br /> Our work-share professionals (200+) are experienced with international design standards and construction technology practices, and are affiliated with the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), and other leading organizations serving the global architecture, engineering, construction, and owner communities<br />
  5. 5. BUSINESS MODEL<br />Key Advantages from our Partnership<br /><ul><li> Reduce cost
  6. 6. Increased resource flexibility
  7. 7. Shorter time to market
  8. 8. Faster business growth
  9. 9. Explore & Engage in new markets
  10. 10. Sound Quality Governance
  11. 11. Construct the RFP to differentiate competitors
  12. 12. Select using “testable” & “measurable” criteria
  13. 13. Regional knowledge of statutory regulations</li></ul>Virtual Extension of your firm…<br />
  15. 15. TRACK RECORD<br />OURCLIENTS<br />Architects & Engineers<br />Adamson Associates<br />Anshen Allen<br />Skidmore Owens & Merrill<br />Bassetti Architects<br />Kohn Peterson Fox<br />Callison<br />Cannon Architects<br />Cheryl Rowley Design<br />Omicron<br />Keppie Design<br />Harley Ellis Devereau<br />Swanke Hayden Connel Architects<br />RMJM Hillier<br />Perkins+Will<br />Anshen+Allen<br />Spagnolo Gisness & Associates<br />Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo<br />HFS Architects<br />Leo A Daly<br />Judd Brown Designs<br />Treanor Architects<br />WHR Architects<br />Dexter Moren Associates<br />G+G Partnership<br />Cohos Evamy<br />FX Fowle Associates<br />Daroff Design Inc. + DDI Architects<br />aTRM<br />ZAS Intenational Architects<br />VCBO Architects<br />MulvannyG2 Architecture<br />OmniPlan<br />. . . . . . . . <br />Interior Designers<br />Wilson & Associates<br />Kirk Nix & Associates<br />Gettys<br />Clausen Chewing Interior Designers<br />Design 360<br />David Easton<br />Mackay Wong<br />Design Continuum<br />Looney & Associates<br />BG Studio<br />DiLeonardo<br />BAMO<br />BBGM<br />. . . . . . . <br />Contractors/Builders<br />Bazis International<br />DPR Construction<br />TOCCI Construction<br />MillTech<br />Mortenson<br />Hess Construction<br />Whiting Turner<br />. . . . . <br />Owners<br />Starbucks<br />T-mobile<br />Facility One<br />FMC Group<br />
  16. 16. SOLUTION<br />SATELLIER’s BIM ADVANTAGE<br />Our People<br /><ul><li>200 architects and engineers
  17. 17. 6+ years of BIM experience</li></ul>Our Experience<br /><ul><li>More than 400 completed BIM projects with Architects, Engineers, Owners, etc.
  18. 18. Diverse project experience- residential, mixed-use, commercial, healthcare, educational, retail, interiors.</li></ul>Our IT setup<br /><ul><li>State-of-the art IT setup.
  19. 19. Good connectivity and hardware..
  20. 20. SaaS DMS should you require it.</li></li></ul><li>SATELLIER’s BIM SERVICES<br />SOLUTION<br />CAD to BIM Conversion<br />Renderings & Animations<br />Content Creation<br />ASMEPF Modeling and Coordination<br />Clash Detection<br />Material Take-off<br />Model Enrichment & Documentation<br />Integrated Project Delivery using BIM –Design, Construction, FM<br />
  21. 21. SOLUTION<br />BIM PLATFORMS<br /><ul><li>Autodesk Revit Architecture®
  22. 22. Autodesk Revit Structure®
  23. 23. Autodesk Revit MEP®
  24. 24. Graphisoft Archicad®
  25. 25. Vico software
  26. 26. Bentley Systems MicroStation®
  27. 27. Google Sketchup
  28. 28. Autodesk NavisWorks® Manage
  29. 29. Ecotect®</li></li></ul><li>SOLUTION<br />END-TO-ENDWORKSHARESOLUTIONS<br />0 100<br />Pre-Design<br /><ul><li>Program Schemes
  30. 30. Design Schemes
  31. 31. Massing study
  32. 32. 3D Presentations
  33. 33. Marketing material</li></ul>Schematic Design<br /><ul><li> 3D Design Intent
  34. 34. Early conflict resolution
  35. 35. Embedded product info.
  36. 36. Energy analysis</li></ul>Design<br />Development<br /><ul><li> ASMEP coordinated
  37. 37. Information carry forward
  38. 38. Ready availability of sections, etc.</li></ul>Construction<br />Documents<br /><ul><li> Easy extraction of 2D documents from model
  39. 39. Schedules, quantities, area reports, etc.
  40. 40. Value engineering</li></ul>Bid Stage<br /><ul><li> Procurement tracking
  41. 41. Instantly verify data
  42. 42. Track budget
  43. 43. Accurate specifications</li></ul>Construction<br /><ul><li> Monitor progress
  44. 44. Speedy fabrication process
  45. 45. Sub-contractor coordination
  46. 46. Change mgmt. process
  47. 47. As-builts</li></ul>Facility Mgmt.<br /><ul><li> Double ‘Digital’ asset
  48. 48. User training
  49. 49. Maintenance mgmt.</li></li></ul><li>PROCESS<br />SATELLIER PROCESSES<br />
  50. 50. PROCESS<br /> SAT - Project Manager<br />Sr. Intermediate/ <br />Architect<br />Sr. Engineer<br />Architect<br />Architect<br />Architect <br />Engineer<br />Mech.<br />Engineer<br />Elec.<br />Engineer<br />Struc.<br />Project Management<br />Project Team<br />COMMUNICATION HIERARCHY <br />Client<br />Project Manager<br />Project Coordinator,<br />Primary Contact Person<br />Studio <br />Manager<br />Architectural Team<br />SMEP Team<br />
  51. 51. PROCESS<br />BIM SERVICES MENU<br />
  52. 52. PROCESS<br />BIM Process for Contractors<br />
  53. 53. PROCESS<br />Client Communications<br />“85% of project management time is spent on communications”<br />Helping clients manage….<br />File Transfer/ Collaboration tools: FTP/Buzzsaw/Project-Wise/Newforma/<br />Primavera Expedition<br />Review/Mark-ups tools:<br />Bentley Viewer, Bentley Redline, Autodesk DWF, 3D pdf, manual<br />Communication tools:<br />GoToMeeting, Audio/video conference, RFI logs<br />
  54. 54. MEDIA<br />INDUSTRY RECOGNITION<br />Satellier’s CEO - a key member of the AIA Offshore Outsourcing Task Force examining licensing policy for the industry going forward.<br />Satellier supports AIA150 – the 150th Anniversary celebration of the American Inst. of Architects.<br />Satellier’s CEO awarded by Building Design+Construction magazine with ‘40 Under 40’ Award.<br />Satellier supported a Harvard University Research Studyon Outsourcing of Architecture Services.<br />
  55. 55. Next Steps!<br /><ul><li>Explore the project opportunities and identify a project
  56. 56. Determine support model option, based on construction stage
  57. 57. RFI to prepare proposal- scope, drawings, schedules..
  58. 58. 3-day turn-around for proposal
  59. 59. Initiate the relationship and customize the services…and form a dedicated relationship.</li></ul>Prospective client identifies a pilot project <br />Client fills RFP checklist & uploads information to Satellier through an FTP site or other file management platforms<br />Review and RFI process by SAT<br />Finalization of scope<br /><ul><li>Current drawings
  60. 60. Scope of work with clear instructions and task list
  61. 61. Sample package to set expectations [graphic and notational quality]
  62. 62. Cad standards</li></ul>Fee Proposal &Contract<br />
  63. 63. Thank you!<br />SATELLIER<br />Questions / Comments?<br />Work-Share& Virtual Design Construction (VDC) Services<br />Melvinwallace 803.448.9434<br />