Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. How old are you? From my questionnaire I have discovered that the Under 15 majority of people were in the age gap of 16-25. 16-25 So my target audience will be aimed at 26-35 teenagers/young adults. 36-40 40+How often do you buy a magzine? From discovering that my target audience buy a magazine mostly every month, I will consider to release my issue monthly as I want to please my Weekly target audience and follow conventions. Monthly Daily RarelyWhich of the following are your favourite Many of the participants liked many different types types of music? of music ranging from chart/pop to house music o even classical and reggae. The 3 most popular genres were Drum & Bass, House music and Dubstep. All Chart/Pop these three genres will be included in my magazine. Rap RnB/HipHop Drum & Bass House Music Dubstep
  2. 2. Out of the participants answering this question, Which of these live four people hadn’t actually been to a festival butgigs/festivals have you said they enjoy house music. This has still made me been to? want to include festival/gig information to entice Reading readers to experience the festival life. On the other Global hand, the most popular visited festivals are gathering reading, T4 on the beach and UTR on the beach, so Glastonbury I will therefore include these favourite events. Bestival T4 On the beach UTR On the beachHow much would you be willing to pay for a high quality music magazine? The majority of people have chosen to pay £3.00 for a high quality music magazine. Due to this fact I will £2.00 or under consider having a reasonable £3.00 price for my magazine. £2.50 £3.00 £3.50 £4.00 £5.00 or over
  3. 3. Do you think music plays a big I wanted to find out just how part in your life? If so please passionate my audience were about explain music so I could find out how much content about music I will need to include. The people who said yes all had specific reasons such as the radio influencing it due to hearing Yes music every day, music changes their mood, relaxation, boredom, No helps them concentrate when doing Reasons why work, helps them sleep and of course partying.What features would you like tosee in a music magazine if you From my research I have found that the most popular features my were to purchase one? audience will want to read are, interviews with artists of the genre, Interviews wih artists articles on specific genre’s, of the genre gossip/news about favourite artists Album/single reviews and information on upcoming gigs/festivals. I will make sure all this Info on upcoming gigs/festivals information is included within my Gossip/news about magazine. favourite artists Fashion Articles about specific genre/artists
  4. 4. What would be your ultimate rave/festival line up? My audience have selected as their top favourite artists they would like Chase & Status to see at a rave/festival. As there Skrillex were many to choose from i made the question open so the audience Example could choose their own artists. The Nero most popular artists that came up Annie Mac were Chase & Status, Avicii, Annie Avicii Mac, Swedish House mafia and Calvin Harris Netsky. This will help me when Sub Focus deciding what artists I need to write Swedish House Mafia information on in my magazine. Netsky Deadmau5