Welcome to the New Age                                    The time for variations on existing database themes is over. If ...
NuoDB Product Brochure              Welcome to the New Age                                       Welcome to the New Age   ...
NuoDB Product Brochure              Welcome to the New Age                                       Storage nodes can leverag...
NuoDB Product Brochure            Welcome to the New Age                                     Run-time            Pro Editi...
NuoDB Product Brochure              Welcome to the New Age                                       Required Software        ...
NuoDB Product Brochure             Welcome to the New Age                                      Maintains Maximum Resource ...
NuoDB Product Brochure   Welcome to the New Age                            In contrast, NuoDB’s installation, configuratio...
Summary                                      NuoDB is a complete re-think of relational databases with innovative support ...
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NuoDB Product Brochure


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NuoDB Product Brochure

  1. 1. Welcome to the New Age The time for variations on existing database themes is over. If databases are going to scale in the cloud, a whole new approach is needed; one unsaddled by ancient assumptions. We have kept the best of 20th century RDBMS. Then we re-wrote the rules to create a completely new Cloud Data Management System for the 21st century. Welcome to the New Age. Dig in. Scale out. With widespread adoption of cloud computing, the game has changed dramatically. To fully leverage all the flexibility and economies of the cloud, you need a new kind of database. NuoDB has created just what the cloud requires: a brand new Cloud Data Management System (CDMS).Is this you? NuoDB is a complete re-think of relational databases. We’ve re-written the rulesNuoDB downloaders run the to define a New Age for relational databases with full SQL and ACID reliabilitygamut and the globe from and unique support for the cloud’s asynchronous nature. All in a shared-nothing,hotshot developers to multi- distributed architecture that scales elastically; supports your existing SQLnational conglomerates. All doing expertise and is amazingly simple to use.innovative things with scaling Elastically scale your application to handle millions of transactions per second;databases in the cloud or on serve a global village of concurrent users and handle the biggest Big Data …at apremise. moment’s notice. NuoDB offers two editions to meet the scalable SQL database requirements of every kind of developer and every application. Before NuoDB Watch our 90-second New web-scale applications have operational requirements that can’t be easily overview video: met by traditional relational database technologies. Big data, highly variable www.nuodb.com peak loads, geographically distributed loads, commoditized datacenters, and 100% uptime requirements for high volume web applications have pushed traditional operational databases to their limits. Today’s SQL database technology is 30 years old. It was never designed to address modern cloud-based compute and storage resources. You can make it work in the cloud but you will be sharding, caching, replicating, and spending a lot of time and money to get where you want to go. Or, you can try a database solution built to handle today’s demands for elastic scalability, reliability and simplicity. NuoDB. With NuoDB, you get a database that behaves like any other traditional SQL database and provides all the benefits you have come to expect from standards- based SQL solutions, including guaranteed ACID transactions but... It also scales out and in elastically and simply.
  2. 2. NuoDB Product Brochure Welcome to the New Age Welcome to the New Age NuoDB is a complete re-think of relational databases based on a patented“NuoDB is proving that it can emergent architecture. It was designed to operate in an elastic cloud of computers rather than a single computer system. It is object-oriented, highlydeliver a scalable, elastic and decentralized, and asynchronous.ACID compliant databasesolution I can seriously This means you can run a far greater number of databases on inexpensiverecommend to clients.” commodity hardware with 24 by 7 uptime and minimal database administration.Ian Mariano, Software ArchitectNorthPoint Solutions, a leading NuoDB Deployment Architecturebusiness and technologyconsulting firm specializing in Broker Agent Console Managementcustom business applications. Cloud LINUX Transaction Engine Transaction Windows Datacenter Storage Manager Storage Experience NuoDB Apple www.nuodb.com/ Persistent download Hybrid File System S3 HDFS Storage Figure 1: NuoDB Architecture Using NuoDB NuoDB behaves just like any other SQL database as far as your applications are concerned. It is ANSI SQL92 compliant with SQL99 extensions and works with many popular ORM tools such as Hibernate, PDO, Active Record… and ships with a set of JDBC/ODBC drivers. However, for just a few minutes, forget everything you believe is true of an OLTP database and dig into the core components of NuoDB. There are three core components that make NuoDB so powerful, performant, and simple to deploy, anywhere, any time: The NuoDB Transaction Engine (TE), which is comprised of one or more processes (transaction nodes) running on (diskless) compute nodes. These in-memory processes execute the SQL layer by operating on database atoms, listen for changes, and communicate changes with peers. You can learn more about Atoms on the NuoDB How it Works page. The NuoDB Storage Manager (SM), which is a specialized Transaction Engine that knows how to store and retrieve data on disk. Adding a new storage node automatically creates a copy of the entire database, which increases both performance and resiliency. 2
  3. 3. NuoDB Product Brochure Welcome to the New Age Storage nodes can leverage virtually any type of data storage that can manage a key-value store, for example a local file system, Amazon S3, Hadoop HDFS, or a SAN. A NuoDB Broker is a process running on at least one node (host) that provides“NuoDB is a game changer.” applications SQL/JDBC access to the database. NuoDB enables you to configure and manage one or more databases withinMarcus Ross, SQL Trainer/ an administrative domain, referred to as the NuoDB Domain. Each NuoDBConsultant database within a domain can be as simple as a single transaction node, a singleZahlenhelfer Consulting, an storage node, and a broker. Each database can be configured to run a numberapplication consulting firm in of transaction engines and storage managers across hosts in a datacenter, in theHamburg, Germany cloud, or a combination of the two. NuoDB ships with a graphical administrative tool, the NuoDB Console, which centralizes monitoring of your decentralized database through an easy-to-use configurable Web app. The console allows you to manage databases within a domain, to start and stop each database, add additional resources to your database such as transaction and storage nodes, and monitor your database in real-time. Scaling out is achieved by simply adding nodes. Scaling in is achieved by removing nodes. As long as a single transaction node, a storage node, and a broker exist, the database continues to operate. NuoDB Editions To meet the needs of independent developers, small firms and global enterprises focused on delivering traditional database apps or Software-as-a- Service products, NuoDB is available in two distributions – the Developer and Pro Editions. The NuoDB Developer Edition lets users develop NuoDB apps at full throttle without restrictions on data size or number of hosts. Developers can push their applications up to (and beyond) real-world scenarios at no charge. Design, develop and test applications on the Developer Edition to get a true understanding of the resources needed to achieve necessary transactional throughput and data size for pre-production applications. When your app is ready for primetime, commercial deployment, move to the Pro Edition. Use NuoDB Pro Edition for free until your apps need to scale. Then go faster, scale at a moment’s notice, or handle big data by upgrading your Pro Edition. You will have additional hosts and you can add as much storage as you need. NuoDB allows you to scale out in production like no other database solution can. Its unique, patented architecture gives you the built-in elasticity, multi- tenancy and geo-redundancy capabilities to take your application global in a hurry. The Pro Edition can handle millions of transactions per second, a global village of concurrent users and Big Data… all at a moment’s notice; all on commodity hardware. 3
  4. 4. NuoDB Product Brochure Welcome to the New Age Run-time Pro Edition Developer Pro Edition Configuration Free Edition Hosts 2 2 or more No Restriction Storage 4GB 16GB or more No Restriction Databases No Restriction No Restriction No Restriction Transaction No Restriction No Restriction No Restriction“With NuoDB I’m already in Enginesthe cloud, with little or no Storage Managers No Restriction No Restriction No Restrictioneffort - a cloud that manages File System YES YES YESto be backwards-compatible.” Amazon S3 YES YES YES HDFS NO OPTION YESEduard Suica, Workaholic Developer SupportRadGs Software, a software ORM Support YES YES YEScompany located in Romania ERD Support YES YES YES ODBC/JDBC YES YES YES Licensing and Support Production YES YES NO Deployment Software License FREE COMMERCIAL FREE Term PERPETUAL ANNUAL ANNUAL Technical Specifications Operating System Version OS X 10.7 or later Windows Win7 x32 Win7 x64 Linux RHEL 5 (x64) RHEL 6 (x64) SuSe 10 (x64) SuSe 11 (x64) Ubuntu 10 (x64) Ubuntu 11 (x64) Ubuntu 12 (x64) Solaris (Intel) Solaris 11 (x64) Joyent Smart OS Cloud Amazon Basic EC2 (x64) 4
  5. 5. NuoDB Product Brochure Welcome to the New Age Required Software Name Version Mac JDK Java 1.6 or Later Open JDK Java 1.6 or Later Oracle JDK Java 1.6 or Later“NuoDB offers the scalabilitymy application requires and Recommended Minimum Hardwaredoes so in a more affordable,more easily implemented CPU Dual core, x86_64 processor 64 bit, 1.6GHzmanner than any other Memory 4 GBcompetitive solutions I haveinvestigated.”Idan Schechter, application NuoDB Benefitsdeveloper, Israel NuoDB delivers a powerful set of business benefits that increase IT flexibility like no other database. It’s the first and only elastic cloud database. Welcome to the new age. Elastic scalability and lower costs. With NuoDB it is simple to provision new nodes to scale out; take them away to scale back in. NuoDB takes care of the rest. Because the database scales out as nodes are added, you just add low cost servers (not bigger servers) to increase throughput and performance. Or you can even run NuoDB on a laptop! Delivers Breakthrough Performance NuoDB delivers capacity on demand by adding or deleting computational and storage resources in a running database. It’s designed for elastic scale-out to very high transaction volumes – in the millions of transactions per second (TPS) – and graceful scale-in when resources are no longer needed. Improves Deployment Flexibility Deploy to the cloud, on-premises resources, or both (hybrid), and dynamically scale out, and in, as needed. Delayed or “just-in-time” provisioning, and flexible resource utilization (allowing processes to be assigned to different machines at different times) lowers your resource costs and increases your flexibility. Handles Traffic Spikes with Elegance Bad things can happen when traffic spikes unexpectedly. NuoDB lets you handle dynamic traffic loads, bursting traffic, and transient peaks by simply provisioning additional resources. The database does all the work. You Can Act Faster NuoDB allows you to implement client applications and capitalize on new opportunities faster. You can scale out if your projects are successful, and scale back as projects require less resources. 5
  6. 6. NuoDB Product Brochure Welcome to the New Age Maintains Maximum Resource Availability (even if machines fail) The ability to continue to run operations smoothly as nodes are brought up and taken down (or fail) delivers an important set of business benefits, including: • Minimizes risk of service outage • Delivers greater business continuity • Provides stronger SLAs and better SLA compliance • Increases database reliability“NuoDB is proof that • Makes your system resilient to network, machine, datacenter, (and other)innovation is continuing failuresapace in the database • Allows to perform ”hot” system (hardware/software) upgrades • Allows to perform “hot” datacenter movesmarket. Driven by seasoned • Low latency operations for geographically distributed trafficdatabase experts with animpressive track record, the Since NuoDB supports ACID compliant “Active-Active” operations incompany is now releasing a geographically distributed locations, it is ideal for applications that musthigh- performance SQL-based process transactions from worldwide visitors using geographically distributedlarge- scale-out transactional datacenters to ensure low latency regardless of the visitor’s location.database that runs happily oncommodity hardware. It will SQL Compliance and ACID Transactionslikely attract a good deal of Finally you can have SQL and ACID running effortlessly on the cloud.attention.” SQL is the de facto standard database language. It has been around since the 1970s. Your developers all know how to program in it, and your applications allRobin Bloor, Ph.D. interface with the database through standard SQL interfaces.Chief Analyst & Co-FounderThe Bloor Group ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable) transactions guarantee that the database tier handles the transaction processing in a consistent and reliable manner, freeing the application from managing these tasks (and freeing the application developer from having to code them into the application), while ensuring the integrity of the data in the database. SQL and ACID have been and remain to be critical requirements for a transactional database. The problem is that no database has been able to provide SQL and ACID capabilities, and scale elastically and effortlessly on the cloud. Until now, that is. NuoDB is the first and only database to provide SQL compliance and ACID transactions built to run on distributed, decentralized cloud-based resources. Effortless Administration and Shard No More What good is the cloud if you need a team of DBAs to get your database to run on it? Using a traditional SQL database with a Web application requires constant, ongoing tuning, and probably requires sharding to split the database into distinct sections to handle scale. Sharding limits flexibility (future changes may be inconsistent with the sharding logic) and creates complexity in the application (which shard has the data?). It may require caching strategies (e.g. memcached) to configure the database queries to hit the cache layer to lessen the load on the database. 6
  7. 7. NuoDB Product Brochure Welcome to the New Age In contrast, NuoDB’s installation, configuration, and administration are alarmingly simple. The database easily installs in minutes and requires minimal performance tuning and administration, reducing complexity and costs, even as your requirements grow. Built-in Data Replication Capabilities for Real-time, Operational Analytics You can configure NuoDB to serialize multiple, redundant instances of the dataDownload our free to meet your data protection requirements, or so that your analytic processesEdition available execute without touching the operational data, for example. NuoDB providesat www.nuodb.com storage flexibility: You can use various file systems (for example Amazon S3, Hadoop HDFS, local disk) as archives. No more moving data from an operational store to a datamart or data warehouse to run analytics. Eliminate the need to pull data out via an ETL tool, transform it, cleanse it and then analyze it. With NuoDB do that on the same database in real-time with major savings in time and cost. And, no need to purchase additional licenses for analytics purposes. Easy Support for Extreme Multi-tenant Applications Some companies must support a large number of databases, for example, if they are running multiple applications, or supporting a large number of customers with a SaaS application. One Infrastructure as a Service provider operates 300 70-node clusters, that each run 500 instances of a traditional SQL database. That means they are using 21,000 nodes are needed to support 150,000 database instances! NuoDB makes it easy for multi-tenant applications to efficiently share among pools of resources, to lower your costs and dramatically increase resource allocation. Plus no more custom schemas running on top of a traditional, 20th century database, where the underlying schemas are all stored in the same database, creating a major security risk. With NuoDB, the secure, multi-tenant environment means no two customers ever share the same database. There is always a clear separation and data isolation between any two customers. This is a key requirement for customers subject to compliance regulations like Sarbanes Oxley or HIIPA. And, you can sleep at night. Simple to Learn and Use NuoDB has a simple and intuitive development environment, and is fast and easy for developers to learn and use. Because it’s SQL compliant, you don’t need to educate yourself on something all new. NuoDB is based on what you already know very well. Affordability NuoDB is a revolutionary database that is designed to scale out and in on heterogeneous deployment environments. NuoDB is also affordable. It’s available as an unrestricted Developer Edition and an elastically scalable Pro Edition for commercial deployment. 7
  8. 8. Summary NuoDB is a complete re-think of relational databases with innovative support for the Cloud’s dynamic, asynchronous nature. Experience NuoDB NuoDB is a Cloud Data Management System (CDMS) that is: www.nuodb.com/ download • 100% SQL • 100% ACID • 100% Elastically scalable • 0% administrative hassle. All in a shared-nothing, distributed architecture that scales elastically; leverages your existing SQL expertise; provides blistering performance and is amazingly simple to use. Elastically scale your application to serve a global village of concurrent users and handle the biggest Big Data …at a moment’s notice. We’ve written the rules for 21st century relational databases and created a database that’s all about you and your application. Welcome to the New Age. To download our free edition follow this link: www.nuodb.com215 First StreetCambridge, MA 02142+1 (617) 500-0001www.nuodb.com© 2013 NuoDB, Inc., all rights reserved.The following are trademarks of NuoDB, Inc.: NuoDB, Nuo, and NuoConnect.