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  • Vf Context, Spirituality, Collaboration, Challenges

    1. 1. Why a family? Reflections on context, spirituality, collaboration, and challenges
    2. 2. 1. Situation of poverty 2. Heart of our Vincentian response: Vincentian Spirituality 3. Method of our response 4. Challenges
    3. 3. OUR CONTEXT: POVERTY IN THE WORLD TODAY March 14, 2005 issue
    4. 4. POVERTY IN THE WORLD Jeffrey Sachs Head of Earth Institute – Columbia University (New York) OUR CONTEXT: UNITED NATIONS Millennium Development Goals Reduce worldwide poverty TODAY into half by 2015
    5. 5. POVERTY IN THE WORLD 8+ million people die each year because they are too poor to stay alive OUR CONTEXT: TODAY
    6. 6. POVERTY IN THE WORLD 1.1 billion people live in OUR CONTEXT: extreme poverty More than 1/6th of the 6 billion people in the world today TODAY AIDS, drought, isolation, civil wars, government corruption, etc.
    7. 7. POVERTY IN THE WORLD 2001: East Asia – 200 M + South Asia – 400 M + Africa – 250 M + OUR CONTEXT: Africa: nearly half of its population live in extreme poverty – live on less than $1 a day TODAY
    8. 8. POVERTY IN THE WORLD Suggested means to cut worldwide poverty in half by 2015: OUR CONTEXT: More aid to extremely poor countries especially in sub- saharan Africa; debt relief; more trade, and TODAY new taxes
    9. 9. POVERTY IN THE WORLD Is there anything that the Vincentian Family can do in the face of such extreme need? What would this (these) be? How would it (they) be to those OUR CONTEXT: offered by other people? What needs to be done on the short term as well as the long term in TODAY order to give an effective, long- lasting response?
    10. 10. POVERTY IN THE WORLD 1. What the data imply The kind of response we give depends on how we view poverty. Is it evil? Is it something that will always be with us? OUR CONTEXT: Is it economic? Political? Social, cultural, moral, or even TODAY spiritual?
    11. 11. POVERTY IN THE WORLD 2. Collaboration is the method with which to address poverty today Is it to be presumed or encouraged, nay institutionalized? OUR CONTEXT: TODAY
    12. 12. VINCENTIAN SPIRITUALITY: THE HEART OF OUR SERVICE TO THE POOR 1. Vincent de Paul always looked at the human person as a whole – as much a spiritual, moral, as a political, social, cultural entity, with aspirations that include also the economic.
    13. 13. VINCENTIAN SPIRITUALITY: THE HEART OF OUR SERVICE TO THE POOR  St. Vincent de Paul – Poverty is not the will of God.  It defaces the dignity of every poor person and the image of God in them.  Gordon Brown - one moral reason for fighting poverty: no child should die if it is avoidable.
    14. 14. VINCENTIAN SPIRITUALITY: THE HEART OF OUR SERVICE TO THE POOR 2. St. Vincent de Paul - Poverty is also a possible event of salvation.  Vincent saw in the poor the very person of Christ.  “In the person of the poor, you serve Jesus Christ. . . You serve Christ in the person of the poor”
    15. 15. VINCENTIAN SPIRITUALITY: THE HEART OF OUR SERVICE TO THE POOR 3. Vincent experienced how the poor brought him to God. The poor, to put it in contemporary terms, evangelized him.  “the net result of my experience on the matter is the judgment I have ever formed, that true religion – true religion, Gentlemen, is to be found among the poor. God enriches them with a lively faith; they believe, they touch, they taste the words of life. . .”
    16. 16. VINCENTIAN SPIRITUALITY: THE HEART OF OUR SERVICE TO THE POOR  We thought we went to help. We ended up receiving more than we have given.  the poor are an integral part of our Family and not merely recipients of our benevolence and charity.
    17. 17. THE ENGINE OF VINCENTIAN There is need for collaboration all over the world to rally around this project. COLLABORATION: MINISTRY
    18. 18. THE ENGINE OF VINCENTIAN The Vincentian Family tries to unite groups trying to address poverty. But we are not the only one. There are many others, with whom we can collaborate, synchronize, network. COLLABORATION:  Individual charities and foundations MINISTRY would not be sufficient.
    19. 19. COLLABORATION: THE ENGINE OF VINCENTIAN MINISTRY difference. Collaboration can make a world of
    20. 20. THE ENGINE OF VINCENTIAN Networking, synergizing, global cooperation, etc. Vincent, Louise de Marillac, and Ozanam discovered this several COLLABORATION: centuries ago MINISTRY
    21. 21. THE ENGINE OF VINCENTIAN AIC: “Against all forms of poverty, we are to act together.” St. Vincent de Paul: COLLABORATION: “Today the poor continue to multiply in number, their cry goes up to heaven. God calls us to MINISTRY serve them, but he wants that we do it together.”
    22. 22. THE ENGINE OF VINCENTIAN Poverty is a social, political, economic and moral issue.  The only way to fight it and to help the poor is to bring together economists, COLLABORATION: politicians, and social scientists, religious men and women, etc. MINISTRY
    23. 23. THE ENGINE OF VINCENTIAN Vincentian Family  Collaboration on the international level  On the national level, only in some countries. COLLABORATION: MINISTRY
    24. 24. CHALLENGES OF TODAY 1. Deepen our Vincentian Spirituality. 2. To make direct contact with the poor.  caring presence, and help and assistance.
    25. 25. CHALLENGES OF TODAY 3. To promote formation of directors 4. To intensify collaboration  Appreciate the need today to coordinate, network, and collaborate with other government, non- government agencies, national and international organizations such as the U.N.
    26. 26. CHALLENGES OF TODAY 5. To involve the young  Vincentian Family focus: being present to the world of the youth  International Meeting of the Vincentian Marian Youth (JMV) – Paris in August 2005