Phase III preferred scenario review 2


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Phase III preferred scenario review 2

  1. 1. Steering and PlanningAdvisory CommitteesCenter for Regional CooperationOctober 17, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• Status Update• Review of the Concentrated Development Vision• Discussion
  3. 3. StatusUpdate
  4. 4. Public Open Houses• Held in 5 locations in August, 2011• Purpose • Share and solicit input on the Preferred Scenario – Concentrated Development Vision • Present and solicit input on the draft 2040 Regional Growth Framework
  5. 5. Virtual Open House• Available at:• Three presentations: • The Preferred Scenario • Concentrated Development Vision – Analysis • Concentrated Development Vision – Implementation
  6. 6. Information Sharing• Presentations to local jurisdictions and other organizations to share the latest information • Seven alternative scenarios • Four principles of the Preferred Scenario – Concentrated Development Vision • Draft 2040 Growth Framework map
  7. 7. ConcentratedDevelopment Vision Review
  8. 8. The goal of the GoingPlaces initiative has been towork with the public to build a collective vision for thefuture of land developmentin the Miami Valley Region
  9. 9. RumorMVRPC staff is trying to direct where futureland development should or should notoccur. FactMVRPC has no legal authority over localland use decisions nor does it have anyintention of superseding any local authorityon this issue - using the information from theGoing Places is voluntary.
  10. 10. RumorThe Going Places outcome will be tied to thefederal transportation funding. FactNeither Staff nor the Committee has madeany recommendation on this matter. If andwhen the recommendation is made, theMVRPC Board of Directors will have thefinal say.
  11. 11. RumorThe 2040 Growth Framework map has beenfinalized. FactThe current version is a draft. Staff plans tosend a formal request to local communitiesfor their review and comments over the nextseveral months. We will then incorporate allthe input and address any concerns.
  12. 12. We heard severalthings from you at our last meeting
  13. 13. You needed more time
  14. 14. You wanted to know theimplementation plans
  15. 15. We can’t plan the trip unless we have decided where to go…
  16. 16. Vision : PlanConcentrated 2040 GrowthDevelopment Vision : Framework
  17. 17. The 2040 Growth Frameworkwill be a package of tools for our local communities to use asthey adopt their own future landuse policies and implement their own land development efforts
  18. 18. We don’t have animplementation plan yet.We will need your help to develop it.
  19. 19. We are asking for your endorsement of the ConcentratedDevelopment Vision
  20. 20. The Concentrated Development Vision is aconceptual representation of the results of the Phase II workshops and the Phase III voting process
  21. 21. These threescenarios received82% of the votes
  22. 22. The ConcentratedDevelopment Vision is NOT a land use plan
  23. 23. The Vision Map
  24. 24. FourPrinciples
  25. 25. Building on theRegion’s many assets Troy
  26. 26. Making use of theRegion’s existinginfrastructure
  27. 27. Preserving the Region’sagricultural land and otheropen spaces
  28. 28. Encouraging morecooperation between theRegion’s communities
  29. 29. Support for these four principles was also evident in the CUPA phone surveyconducted last spring
  30. 30. How is this different from what isalready planned forfuture development in the Region?
  31. 31. Many peoplewill choose tolive closertogether Near University of Dayton
  32. 32. More people will live closer tothings like schools, libraries, shopping centers and parks Oakwood
  33. 33. Land uses like housingand shops will be mixedtogether The Cannery – Dayton
  34. 34. More people may choose to take transitMain St. – Dayton
  35. 35. If we can all work towards acommon vision…
  36. 36. We can… Reducevacancies Brookville
  37. 37. We can…Reduce costs
  38. 38. We can…Create a morevibrant region Riverscape – Dayton
  39. 39. With your endorsement, we would like to ask the MVRPC TechnicalAdvisory Committee and Board of Directors fortheir endorsement of the Vision
  40. 40. In order to make this vision a reality, we need help…
  41. 41. We need your leadership
  42. 42. The investment does not have to be huge…
  43. 43. Working with you, we would like to develop a package of tools we arecalling the 2040 Regional Growth Framework
  44. 44. The tools would include:• MVRPC Staff• Four Questions• The 2040 Regional Growth Framework map• A list of potential policies• A list of existing funding opportunities
  45. 45. MVRPC staff is a partnerand a resource
  46. 46. Four Questions• Do the plans take advantage of the community’s assets?• Do the plans make use of existing infrastructure?• Does this plan preserve farmland and other open spaces?• Has the community or the developers cooperated with other communities in the Region in developing this plan?
  47. 47. The 2040 GrowthFramework Map – a long-term landdevelopment strategy
  48. 48. The 2040 RegionalGrowth Framework mapis intended to serve as aguide and reference for our local communities
  49. 49. Six resources were used in developing the map:• 2005 Open Space Inventory• An inventory of developed land• Land Development Suitability Assessment• Zoning maps• The Concentrated Development Vision• The 2000 Urban Area
  50. 50. This map isonly a draft
  51. 51. Staff plans to send a formal request to our localcommunities for their reviewand comments over the nextseveral months. We will thenincorporate all the input and address any concerns.
  52. 52. Staff is developing a list of potential policies and existing funding opportunities for our communities to take advantage of
  53. 53. We will be asking for your help indeveloping this list
  54. 54. What’s Next• Sharing the Concentrated Development Vision and asking for endorsements• Presenting and refining the draft 2040 Regional Growth Framework map• Developing a list of potential policies and existing funding opportunities
  55. 55. We plan to present the 2040Regional Growth Framework tothe MVRPC Technical Advisory Committee and Board of Directors in March/April 2012
  56. 56. Discussion