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Sortis group presentation 20130209 en

  1. 1. SORTIS GROUPCorporate Presentation Sofia, Bulgaria February 2013
  2. 2. Companies in SORTIS Group Investment Banking Real Estate Investment Credit and Leasing Hospitality Asset Boutique Management Advisory ManagementFinancial advisory Sources and structures Advisory services to Hospitality assetservices to companies individual and companies and management services:and fund managers: collective investment individuals: schemes:  Hotel asset Private equity and  Mortgage loans management venture capital  RE investment  Investment loans  Hotel turnaround Corporate finance advisory management  Consumer loans Mergers and  RE portfolio  Market positioning  Leasing acquisitions management  Branding  Property fund Partnership EU grants funding  Operational management agreements with the Fundraising for fund leading banks, non- analysis and managers (GPs)  Mezzanine RE assessment financing banking and leasing financial institutions in  Financial analysis Active in all major real Bulgaria Active in all industry estate sectors sectors SORTIS Group Presentation 2
  3. 3. SORTIS Invest SORTIS Invest is a financial and investment advisor to businesses, venture capital & private equity funds, institutional and individual investors. SORTIS Invest structures investment schemes that enable:  Investors to benefit from attractive business opportunities  Entrepreneurs to implement their investment plans Areas of expertise Private Venture Corporate Mergers & Fundraising EU Grants Equity Capital Finance Acquisitions Funding Experienced team in equity investments, investment banking, corporate strategy and restructuring projects in Bulgaria and internationally Proven reputation and professional ethics SORTIS Group Presentation 3
  4. 4. SORTIS Invest: Services  Private equitySORTIS Invest assists entrepreneurs in  Venture capitalselecting and securing the most  Mezzanine loansappropriate type of financing for their  Bank loans and other debt capitalinvestment plans through  Leasing  EU grants funding  Mergers & acquisitionsInvestment banking services to  Corporate financecorporate clients  Company restructuring  Identifying attractive investment opportunities in various sectors such asAdvisory services to private equity fund TMT, Energy, Financial services, Retail &managers Trade, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, etc.  Private placement / fundraising services SORTIS Group Presentation 4
  5. 5. Approach Before taking a mandate SORTIS Invest makes an internal assessment of the project in order to determine its:  Feasibility  Bankability and finance-ability  Project Sponsor’s creditworthiness SORTIS Invest accepts to work only on projects that receive a positive appraisal on each of the above criteria SORTIS Invest suggests a financing structure, which best serves the interests of the entrepreneur and also meets the investment policies and requirements of potential investors Credibility and trust are a main factor in the decision making process of all financial investors Investors heavily rely on the discretion of SORTIS Invest in selecting and proposing them high-quality projects SORTIS Group Presentation 5
  6. 6. Investment Funds Network  SORTIS Invest has an extensive network of 250+ investment funds in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia that cover a broad range of investment situations: Equity Investment Sectors on Ownership TransactionInvestment Horizon Focus Stake Types Size Telecom Buy-outs MediaFrom deals of Growth capital IT less than Usually 3 to 7 Seed capital Energy Controlling, € 1mln equity years, Early stage Financial Services majority or to large maximum of Special situations Food & Beverages minority stakes transactions 15 years Mezzanine Healthcare of € 150+mln Secondaries Retail etc. Manufacturing SORTIS Group Presentation 6
  7. 7. Strategic Investors Network SORTIS Invest has also created a broad network of strategic investors that could bring substantial benefits to companies and businesses:  Adding value to investments  Industry and business know-how  Brand name recognized in many countries  Marketing, operations and sales expertise  Training to company employees and management  Industry and personal connections beneficial for bringing in additional capital and/or assisting with the sale of the companys products and services Strategic partners operate in major industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, technology, retail, food processing, beverages, transportation, etc. SORTIS Invest operates a worldwide network:  140+ partnering investment banking firms  45+ countries on 6 continents. For large transactions, in value of EUR 150 mln and more, SORTIS Invest works in cooperation with some of the largest investment banks in the world. SORTIS Group Presentation 7
  8. 8. SORTIS Real Estate SORTIS Real Estate is a real estate investment company focused on providing advisory and asset management services to client-investors for their real estate related activities in Bulgaria. Areas of expertise Real estate Real estate Mezzanine real Property fund investment portfolio estate management advisory management financing Strong management team experienced in real estate and private equity investments in Bulgaria and internationally Applying best international corporate governance practices SORTIS Group Presentation 8
  9. 9. Approach SORTIS Real Estate structures individual and collective investment schemes that enable its client-investors to benefit from the real estate opportunities the Company has secured in Bulgaria. Our close relationship with leading brokerage companies results in sourcing attractive investment opportunities despite the challenging business environment. We aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investor partners over the pre-agreed investment horizon. We create robust investment structures in conjunction with assessing, managing and, where possible, mitigating risk. We are active in all major real estate sectors: Hotels Industrial Office Residential Retail SORTIS Group Presentation 9
  10. 10. SORTIS Real Estate: Services  Providing investors with professional advice in identifying and implementing the most suitable strategy for realReal estate investment estate investments in Bulgariaadvisory  Investment proposals are based on extensive market analysis, financial modeling and risk assessment  Comprehensive capabilities from determining Client’sReal estate portfolio risk-return objectives through deal sourcing and closingmanagement to exit  Services to both institutional and individual clients  Structuring and managing regulated and unregulatedProperty fund management investment vehicles  We structure mezzanine financing deals to supportMezzanine real estate experienced developers in all real estate sectorsfinancing  Attractive risk-adjusted returns to investorsDistressed investment  Taking advantage of current market situationopportunities  Focus on quality real estate projects with distressed vendors SORTIS Group Presentation 10
  11. 11. SORTIS Credit SORTIS Credit is a consulting firm that advises clients on the various financial products offered by banks and non-banking institutions. SORTIS Credit assists customers in selecting and obtaining the best product on the market for their individual needs. Services to both corporate and individual clients Client’s need identification, creditworthiness analysis, solution selection, application preparation and submission, negotiations with financing institutions Partnership agreements with the leading banks, non-banking and leasing financial institutions in Bulgaria Areas of expertise Loans for OperationalInvestment Mortgage Working Refinancing Housing Loans and Financial Loans Loans Capital Leasing SORTIS Group Presentation 11
  12. 12. SORTIS Hospitality SORTIS Hospitality is a hospitality asset management company based in Bulgaria. A Joint Venture between SORTIS Group and Tracklayer, it was established to address the needs for professional management of business and leisure tourism assets in South-Eastern Europe. Clients: owners of business hotels, leisure hotels and other leisure centers looking to improve the financial results of their properties and to increase their value. Areas of expertise Hotel Operational Hotel Asset Management Market FinancialManagement Branding Analysis and Turn-Around Positioning Analysis Assessment SORTIS Group Presentation 12
  13. 13. Hospitality Market SegmentsSORTIS Hospitality serves the following market segments:  City and business hotels of any size, subject of being in a situation and location which allows us to bring an international brand to the property.  Leisure hotels and leisure hotel-apartment complexes.  Mixed-use (leisure, conference and sport oriented) hotels and hotel- apartment complexes.  Regional clusters of hotels, including those of different ownerships but capable to be united.  Camp sites which we can upgrade to European (ADAC) standards  Accommodation and service installations of golf clubs and marinas (leisure and yacht ports). SORTIS Group Presentation 13
  14. 14. SORTIS Group Owner Mr. Martin Paev, CFA Born 1975, Bulgarian Chairman, SORTIS GROUP 13 + years of investment banking, M&A Educated in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and asset management experience and Germany ING Barings - Frankfurt/Main (Germany) Master’s degree in Banking and Finance ETEBA - investment banking arm of Bachelor’s degree in Business National Bank of Greece AdministrationBalkan Advisory Company - independent CFA® Charterholderinvestment banking boutique in SE Europe Served two mandates as Board member TBI-BAC REIT - structured the first Real of the Bulgarian CFA Society Estate Investment Trust in Bulgaria and acted as the REIT’s Executive Director Board Member of the Alumni Club at Faculty of Economics and Business ADDRESS Invest – Executive Director Administration of Sofia University Real estate investment management Regular speaker at European private Established SORTIS Group in 2006 equity, investment and data center conferences. SORTIS Group Presentation 14
  15. 15. Contacts Mr. Martin Paev, CFA Chairman E-mail: Cell: +359 88 50 50 20049 Madrid Blvd., Floor 1 Tel: +359 2 943 90 70Sofia 1505, Bulgaria Fax: +359 2 943 90 71 SORTIS Group Presentation 15